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Top 10 Best Restaurant Franchise Opportunities In India

Eating is a passion amongst Indians. We are inherently a gastronomic country who loves everything about food, from talking, to cooking to eating. Since it is one of the things we are most passionate about, restaurants are an amazing business opportunity in India.

Top Restaurant Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

They offer the best growth rate and are therefore one of the most profitable ventures when thinking of a business proposition. Most restaurant franchise are venturing in different towns and cities of India, providing entrepreneurs a wonderful prospect to be a part of the food and beverage industry in India.

We are one of the largest producer and consumers of food. The food industry is expanding exponentially, with markets expected to grow to around USD 70 billion. Great emphasis is being laid on turning entrepreneur and starting your own venture. What can be better than indulging Indians in their favourite pastime?

If you too wish to become a business person and want to have your own set up in the food industry, here is a compilation of top 10 best restaurant franchise opportunities in India.

1) Chawla’s

Requiring a space of 400-700 sq. ft. area and an investment of INR 20-30 lac, this is a profitable venture. Chawla’s has earned its name in the food and beverage industry, majorly due to their chicken delicacies. Its preparations are authentic and mouth-watering too, making it a huge hit among Non-Veg lovers!

2) Moti Mahal Delux

You are required to invest INR 30-50 lac for a 2000 sq. ft. area, to open a franchise of this well-known outlet. Moti Mahal has featured prominently in the best restaurants in town for a fine dining experience. Catering to the Indian taste buds, it offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, making it a popular eating joint.

3) Yo! China

If you prefer to invest in an authentic Chinese restaurant franchise, then Yo! China is the one for you. Requiring a capital investment of INR 2.6 lac only, it is one of the most popular Chinese eatery franchises.

4) Chotiwala Restaurant

This quaint restaurant from Rishikesh that started in 1958 has earned its name as a multi cuisine restaurant that serves great food. Branching across different cities, the investment required to open its franchise outlet is INR 1.5 crore and an area of 4000 sq. ft.

5) Pind Baluchi

This chain of restaurants is a hit anywhere, because they serve authentic Punjabi dishes, be it veg or non-veg. You too can be a part of this amazing food experience by opening its franchise in your city/town, Invest INR 1 crore and 3000-5000 sq. ft. area of space to be a part of this great experience.

Restaurant Franchise Business In India

6) Smokin Joe’s

Authentic pizza from Smokin Joe’s is a franchise that any pizza lover would love to introduce to their town. Requiring an investment of INR 20-30 lac, this is a safe sound investment. You are bound to get your returns within a few months, while earning the accolades of your customers.

7) Kathi Junction

Requiring a meagre investment of around INR 3 lac and a space of 100 sq. ft. this is one small business franchise that can earn you big bucks. It is a great venture for breakfast and mid meal snacks outlet. Any time hunger pangs can be catered by this wonderful eatery.

8) Bikano Point

The house of Bikaner wala has brought this wonderful multi cuisine restaurant for food lovers. Traditionally from Bikaner in Rajasthan, it has earned a name in the food and beverage industry and the franchise would require a space requirement of 1200-1500 sq. ft. and an investment of INR 2-5 lac only.

9) Indian Paratha Company

They are the pioneers of the Swiss Chalet dining concept in India. Requiring a floor area of 3500-5000 sq. ft. and an investment of INR 1.5 crores they plan to expand pan India giving you the perfect reason to invest in this franchise.

10) The Yellow Chilli

A restaurant franchise started by the well renowned master chef Sanjeev Kapoor, is a win-win offer. Requiring a capital investment of INR 90 lac-1 crore and a space of 2500-3000 sq. ft. this is going to be a profitable venture for its investors. 😊
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Starting New York Pizza & Fried Chicken (NYPFC) franchise: Investment, Support and application Process

For those of you who are looking for a relatively low on investment food and beverage franchise to invest in then NYPFC is the best option for you. Get to know about the investments required and learn more about the franchise and its scope in the Indian market, all of this comprised in this single article.


About New York Pizza and Fried Chicken (NYPFC)

New York Pizza & Fried Chicken (NYPFC) was started by Mr. Ram Atmakuri who came back to India from US to start one of the best food franchises to platter American recipes. Within 2 years of establishing NYPFC lead to more than 60 franchise units across India, Africa and now stretching to Australia. It now has more than 80 outlets and all are extremely successful. NYPC caters 50 varieties of pizza and a lot more including chicken, burgers, etc. that soothes the taste buds of people of all ages.

Cost and Investment

The investment needed to start NYPFC franchise is around 30 to 50 lakh rupees which is quite low than expected considering the popularity of the franchise. The advantage of the franchise is that it does not charge any franchise fee or royalty. The franchisee does not even have to share the profit earned from the franchisee. A service charge is taken by the franchise which is negligible considering the profits. A Master franchise of NYPFC considering the city will cost you from 50 lakhs to 1 crore whereas according to region it will be from 1 crore to 2 crores. There is no area requirement specified by the franchise though it must obviously be located in a highly commercial area. The ROI will largely depend upon the location of the franchise. In capitals and tier 1 cities you can expect to get your investment back in a time span of 8 to 12 months. The franchise agreement is for 5 years and can be renewed after this duration.

Training and Support

Descriptive manuals are provided to the franchisees with all the necessary requirements that are important to successfully start the NYPFC franchise. Franchise training is also provided to the franchisees as well as employees at the franchise outlet. NYPFC also helps the franchisee to select land area in order to ensure that the location of the franchise is profitable. Complete assistance will be provided in the establishing process of the franchise as well as with marketing to get the business started. Someone from the head office will be sent to the restaurant to provide all the necessary guidelines to the franchisee. The franchise will be equipped with the latest technology to ensure better performance.

Application Process

For those of you who want to apply for the NYPFC franchise can visit the official website of NYPFC that is You can also talk to the franchisees of any of the existing outlet of NYPFC to learn more about this franchise. The address of the franchise and other important contact details will be available at the following link: which you can use to get in touch with the head office and clear all your doubts regarding the franchise. NYPFC has its outlets in the following cities in India: Warangal, Hyderabad, Guntur, Nizamabad, Khammam and Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh, Kochi in Kerala, Dhanbad in Jharkhand, Mohali, Chandigarh in Punjab and Dehradun in Uttrakhand. Since pizza and chicken are quite popular throughout India you can opt for any city for starting the franchise but a franchise in North will be particularly profitable.
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Starting a Taco Bell Franchise in India: Cost, Training and application Process

Taco Bell is another one of the popular food chain franchises. It is owned by Yum! Just like Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It has been listed among the top 3 restaurant franchises in India. For all those who want to start a Taco Bell franchise you will find all the necessary information in this article. Read about the cost and investment required, application process as well as training and support provided by Taco Bell.

About Taco Bell franchise in India

Yum! is the name among the franchisees that erases all the doubts and second thoughts. It is the brand name with which everyone wants to get associated with. Taco Bell is also a part of Yum! therefore there is no scope of doubts. Taco Bell has more than 5500 units in US at present and provides a great menu comprising mostly Mexican platter and food. They have been known to serving 35 million customers every week. Taco Bell was initially started in Bangalore and gets an average of 2000 customers every day. The franchise is looking for expansion in India so there is a lot of scope for new businessmen to join the league.

Cost and Investment

Taco Bell is a franchise that requires a huge amount of investment. This large sum of money is not within the budget of every businessman but this franchise is an extremely option for those who want to expand their Restaurant business. Just like the investments the profits are also huge. $1,100,000 to $1,700,000 is the investment required to start a Taco Bell franchise as per the requirements in US. Considering the Indian lifestyle and standards, the investment required to start a Taco Bell franchise will be around 3 crores. Liquid assets worth of $360,000 will also be required with $750,000 net worth. The franchisee will also have to pay a franchise fee of $45,000, applicable only once. Royalty fee of 5.5% on gross sales is also given on an annual basis.

Training and Support

Taco Bell provides the franchisee with outstanding training and support programs. A basic restaurant management training program is provided to all franchisees for the franchisee as well as the restaurant manager. All franchisees including the managers must undergo this training program. Taco Bell requires that the franchisee and one manager successfully complete its training program. The program goes for a minimum of 7 weeks and can be longer depending of factors like location, number of restaurants or if the restaurant is multi-brand. Taco Bell's training program comprises of e-learning training and on-the-job and classroom training. Taco Bell also provides optional classroom training for which an additional fee is charged. The franchise provides all necessary support in managing the restaurant and all necessary advice is given to the manager to lead the business appropriately which may also involve visits by Taco Bell representatives.

Application Process

You can apply for Taco Bell franchise in India at the official website of Yum! Restaurants ( There you will have to accept the terms on the disclaimer. You will find the contact details from there which you can use to ask all the necessary queries. Once you have agreed to the terms you will receive an email which will have a link to the Taco Bell franchise application. Fill all the details that are asked in the application form and submit it. You will be contacted by the franchise once your application has been reviewed.
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Starting Pizza Hut Franchise in India: Cost, Training, application process and agreement details

Fifteen years have passed since the first opening of Pizza Hut franchise is pizza giant restaurant chain in India. This is one of the best food franchises that you can opt for. Pizza Hut was started in India in the late 1990s and has grown ever since showing great potential for business. It is owned by Yum! which also owns chain restaurants like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Taco Bell. Get to know all about Pizza Hut from the investment requited to the places where you can start this franchise unit.

Pizza Hut

Is Pizza Hut franchise in India is a good business initiative?

Most of you must be in a dilemma about Pizza Hut because of the huge investments required to start this franchise. Well no worries there! The investment is something that can be tolerated considering the profit that this franchise makes. The business Yum! corporation has increased so drastically in the past few years in India that it had to start to start the Yum! Restaurants India in the year 2011 to manage the business from a closer ground. The brand has more than 170 Pizza Huts throughout India at present along with 220+ KFC franchises. Pizza Hut has earned a reputation among the Indian People because of its quality and services and was ranked as the most trusted food franchise in India by The Economic Times. As the popularity of pizza grows in India the chances of the franchise flourishing are even more. Since Pizza Hut is not yet and exhausted franchise there is a lot of scope for expansion in the suburbs. so don’t delay apply now and you can own the next franchise unit of Pizza Hut.

Cost and Investment

Investment required to start a Pizza Hut restaurant varies from $350000 to $400000 in US. This amount will be around 2 crore rupees in Indian currency but keeping in mind the life style and cost of land the investment in India required will go down to 1.5 crores. The franchise fee is $25000 that will be around 14 lakh rupees in India considering the Indian standards. A royalty fee of 6.5% on the profit is also applied. The term of agreement is 20 years and there is presently no clause for renewing the agreement.

Pizza Hut has great return on investments therefore the huge investment can be compromised for the sake of huge profits. Being the leading pizza restaurant in India, Pizza Hut does great business. Mr. Niren Chaudhary, MD, Indian Subcontinent, Yum! Restaurants (India) Pvt. Ltd. said that business has double and is still growing. He also mentioned that Pizza Hut will now expand its business to achieve a top-line of 1 billion USD.

Training and Support

Training is provided to all the employees of Pizza Hut. The training offered is kind of a “blended approach” which is designed keeping technology and paper-based training materials in mind. On job training is also provided by the franchise. The training comprises of four steps and they are:
  • Prepare
  • Show/Tell
  • Guided Practice
  • Follow-Up
Web based learning system is also provided to the trainees as a part of technology which is optional. An Online Standards Library is also available. The learning system is provided for free for all the franchisees who have registered for the Pizza Hut Hiring Management System and Learning Management System Services and Support Agreement. Pizza Hut’s Training Department often organizes seminars and other training programs for trainees and franchisees which are optional and one may attend if they so wish. The training program is modified from time to time in order to maintain the effectiveness of the learning process.

Preferable locations to start new Pizza Hut restaurants in India

Since most of the metro cities already have several Pizza Hut units, the chance of another franchise working out well are quite less. Therefore you must target the suburbs. They have a lot of potential for new franchises. The people in suburbs are moving along with time and have adapted the cosmopolitan lifestyle. They take a keen interest in western food which is why restaurant chain franchises do well in suburbs. The important part is that the franchisee must adapt according to the food standards of the local people. For example, in areas where most of the people are vegetarians, the franchise must extend the vegetarian menu. Regardless of all this the primary thing is investment so apply ASAP.

Application process

You can get all the franchise application information at the official website of Pizza Hut. You can also fill the franchise enquiry form at to get all the information that you need to know about the franchise.
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How to start Kenny Rogers Roaster KRR franchise: Cost, support, ROI and contact details

Get to know all about Kenny Rogers Roaster (KKR) franchise which is one of the most loved rotisserie roasted chicken restaurant chain in India. The franchise was first started in the year 1991 in Florida and the idea of roasted chicken given by John Y. Brown, Governor of the state of Kentucky which is the origin of Kentucky Fried Chicken also known as KFC. Kenny Roager Roaster is known to acquir US based Nathan’s Famous Inc which is the parent chain. Getting a franchise of Kenny Rogers Roasters is a great idea as it is a name of global fame. Get to know all about the franchise with the following article.

Kenny Rogers Roaster KRR

About Kenny Roger Roaster KKR restaurant

Kenny Roger Roaster provides a great franchise support and is one of the most loved chicken restaurant chains in India. Being a franchisee you could not benefit more from the position and popularity of this website. As it is clear you don’t require any advertisements as the brand has its own advertisements with which all franchisees benefit. The franchise has also been awarded various awards including the Master franchise of the year by Malaysian Franchise Association three times and many others.

Cost and Investments

The franchise fee for Kenny Rogers Roaster restaurant is $25,000 with a royalty fee of 5%. Total cost to start this restaurant including franchise fee, interiors, architecture, etc will be approximately $250,000. In Indian currency the investment will sum up to 1 crores or a little more. Area required to start this franchise is 2500 square feet at a highly commercial area. ROI will depend upon the location of the restaurant. It will be most in metro cities. The agreement is signed for 15 years which can be further renewed.

Training and Support

All franchisees are provided with field assistance and help is provided to select the location and land. Assistance will be provided to you in establishing the franchise unit. You can contact the management for more details. Detailed operating manuals are also provided to the franchisees to ensure that the standards of the franchise are met.

Application Process

Since Kenny Rogers Roaster is looking for expansion in India it is a bright opportunity for all you franchise business aspirants to take a step forward and apply for this franchise. They are looking for capable entrepreneurs to take their business to further heights. You can easily apply for the franchise online at Fill in all your details and wait for the response.

Contact Details

For any queries related to this franchise you can write a letter with all your doubts and mail at the following address. You can also email or call the franchisers to get answers to your questions.

Kenny Rogers Roasters International
Lot 9-18, Level 9, East,
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel ephone no : +603 2119 9888
Fax : +603 2142 4085
Contact person : Ms Idhura Hamid
Department: Franchise Brand Department
Website :
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How to start KFC Franchise in India: Investments, Training, Support and Application Process

KFC is one of the leading franchises of food chains in the world and has been well-received by the people of India. Its non-vegetarian platter is loved by the Indian youth. KFC franchises are extremely successful all over India and make huge profits. Get to know all about starting KFC franchise in the following article.

KFC Franchise Cost & Fee

Why Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Starting a KFC restaurant might involve a lot of investment but it is shrewd business and franchisees have made a great deal of money with this franchise. It is endorsed by ‘Yum!’ which is in itself a huge brand name and is known for its support and assistance provided to the franchisees.

KFC is not yet a saturated franchise therefore you can expect a lot of expansion so keep up the hopes because the next KFC restaurant can be yours.

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start a KFC franchise as per Indian standards is not mentioned but we can pick up the cost of starting the franchise from the US standard costs. To start a KFC franchise in US the investment required is $3.6 million i.e. almost 2 crores Rupees.

But since the economical and living standards in India are different so the estimated investment required to start KFC franchise in India will be around 1 crore. Franchise cost in US is $1,000,000 and franchise fee is $25,000 with a royalty fee of 4% of actual sales.

The estimate in Indian currency is half the actual worth of this amount. Although you need quite an amount to start a KFC franchise but it is totally worth the investment.

The expected return of investment will be around 2 to 3 years. Agreement term is for a period of 20 years and renewal depends upon the franchise agreement signed.

Training and Support

Training is provided by KFC franchise and the franchisee, manager as well as the employees that are hired by KFC must be promoted through the KFC's basic training program in order to maintain the standards of the franchise as per the requirements of KFC outlet.

The management at KFC might require you to attend additional programs if it deems necessary to them. there are various aspects that are given importance under the training program and some of them are written material and classroom instruction.

Application Process

The first step for starting a KFC franchise in India is to fill the application form on KFC’s official website. On the website you will find a tag named ‘Alliance with Us’ in the footer where you will have to select the franchise option.

Fill all the details in the form with precision. Make sure that you give a convincing reason in the application. It is your only way to persuade them. If your form is accepted after being reviewed then you will receive an email from the Deputy Manager (Business Development) of Yum!

Restaurants India i.e. Vishal Razdan. No need to get disappointed if your application gets rejected. You can re-apply after some time as there is a lot of scope for expansion of KFC.

Contact Details

Email Contact:
Twitter: KFC Official
Official Website Link:
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How to Get Hyundai Dealership in India: Estimated cost, investment returns, application process

For those of you who are interested in starting a Hyundai franchise showroom must know that Hyundai does not provide direct franchises therefore you initially have to go for dealerships. Following are all the necessary details you need to know for starting a Hyundai dealership.


About Hyundai dealership showroom and service station

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is one of the largest passenger car exporter of India and the second largest car manufacturer. It was India’s top exporter for 7 consecutive years. There are more than 346 Hyundai Dealers in India and 800 service centre to take care of the increasing demand and provide quality of customer service. Hyundai has been honoured with various awards for its state of the art vehicles.

Cost and Investment

There is no formal information provided by Hyundai Motor India Limited about dealership start up costs, investment requirements, estimated ROI, pay-back period and similar details. These figures can be estimated by carefully analysing the experiences shared by other dealership holders. It is important to remember that these figures are only a rough estimate and for knowing the exact amount you will have to contact HMIL executives.

The land requirement for starting a Hyundai showroom will be around 4000 square meters in general. The cost of this much land in big cities will be from 15 to 20 crores. Roughly 5 crores will be required for developing the interiors of the showroom. Before the ROI starts flowing in you will have to keep funds aside for paying the staff and other maintenance purposes. Therefore to start a Hyundai dealership you will need around 25 to 30 crore rupees.

The expected ROI for Hyundai dealership will start within 3 to 5 years. Whereas, the actual Hyundai dealership ROI or profit statistics will vary from person to person as they are directly proportional to management, sales strategies, location, promotions, etc. Looking on all the aspects this dealership is worth the investment amount.

Application Process

Applying for Hyundai dealership is really easy. You can do it by simply visiting the official website of Hyundai Motor India Limited. From there download the Hyundai dealership application form. After filling and attaching the necessary documents, send it to one of the Hyundai Motor regional offices in India.

Contact Details
Hyundai India dealership contact person: Mr. Manjeet Singh
Hyundai dealership contact number: +91 - 11 6602 2160 (D) and +91 - 11 6602 2000 (Broad).
Email Id:

Hyundai Motor India Regional Office addresses
1. Hyundai Motor India Limited Central Regional Office 1 (New Delhi)
A-30, Mohan co-operative, Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi- 110044
Tel: 011 - 66379503 Fax: 011 - 66379939

2. Hyundai Motor India Limited Central Regional Office 2 (Lucknow)
605, 20-A, Rattan Square Complex, Vidhan Sabha Marg, Lucknow- 226001
Tel: 0522 - 6714600 Fax: 0522 - 6714611

3. Hyundai Motor India Limited North Regional Office 1 (Chandigarh)
DLF Tower - B, 3RD Floor, Rajeev Gandhi, Chandigarh IT Park, Chandigarh-160101
Tele: 0172 - 6605000 Fax: 0172 - 6605020

4. Hyundai Motor India Limited North Regional Office 2 (Jaipur)
G Business Park, D- 34, 7th Floor, Subhash Marg, C-scheme, Jaipur- 302001
Tel: 0141 - 6635555 Fax: 0141 - 6535544

5. Hyundai Motor India Limited East Regional Office 1 (Kolkata)
Benchmark Tower, 8th Floor, Plot No. G1, Block-EP & GP, Sec – V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091
Tel: 033-40060045-51 Fax: 033-40060050

6. Hyundai Motor India Limited East Regional Office 2 (Guwahati)
4th Floor, Monal Tower, Opposite Assam Secretariat, G.S.Road, Dispur, Guwahati- 781006
Tel: 0361 - 2237891- 94 Fax: 0361 - 2237890

7. Hyundai Motor India Limited South Regional Office 1 (Chennai)
NP- 54, Developed Plot, Thiru Vika Industrial Estate, Ekkaduthangal, Guindy, Chennai- 600032
Tel: 044 - 42204600 Fax: 044 - 42119530

8. Hyundai Motor India Limited South Regional Office 2 (Hyderabad)
Gayathri 6-3-1239/2/B/1, Renuka Wnclave, Somajiguda, Rajbhavan Road, Hyderabad- 500082
Tel: 040 - 64631130-32 and 43 Fax: 040 - 23303566

9. Hyundai Motor India Limited West Regional Office 1 (Mumbai)
Business Square, A/102, First Floor, Chakala, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri –East, Mumbai- 400093
Tel: 022 - 40969000 Fax: 022 - 40969030

10. Hyundai Motor India Limited West Regional Office 2 (Ahmedabadi)
1st Floor, City Mall, Unit NO. 11 – Shop 1 and 2, Mouje Bodakdev, Near Rajpath Club, S.G.Road, Bodakdev, Gandhi Nagar Road, Ahemdabad- 380054
Tel: 079 - 66133000 Fax: 079 - 66133017

11. Hyundai Motor India Limited West Regional Office 3 (Bhopal)
Sewani Plaza, 15/ 9B 1st & 2nd floor, Malviya Nagar, Opp.- Raj Bhawan, Bhopal– 462003
Tel: 0755 - 6733800 Fax: 0755 - 6733888
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