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10 Most Popular Gym Franchises Opportunities In India

Being healthy is a choice of life that everyone must opt for. These days there is an increase in many problems such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension etc. which are termed as lifestyle diseases. This is so because most of them stem from the way we choose to lead our lives these days.

Best Gym Franchise Business (Cost, Agreement & Fees)

Gym Franchise Business Opportunities

We lead a sedentary life, with most of us having sitting jobs. Being chained to our desk, very few opportunities of physical labour are presented to us. This in turn leads to weight gain. Our eating habits add fuel to fire, thus increasing our chance of getting obese. Everyone knows what follows that!

We can break this vicious cycle by adopting a healthier life style- eating healthy food at the right time, Yoga, and physical exercises are a few ways to do that. Most people prefer gyms to work out and tone their bodies. Since long and irregular working hours cannot be changed according to our will, people choose the Gym way to be healthy and fit.

This, therefore presents a wonderful business opportunity. It is one of the fastest growing sector in India, with an expected growth of 20-30% annually. If you wish to start a business venture in this particular field, here is a list of best 10 gym franchises opportunities in India.

1) Jymka

Having established in 2003, this European fitness brand offers age specific fitness classes for everyone- kids, adults and even toddlers! This is a low cost, high on return business, which offers not just fitness but also self-defence classes. It also provides excellent franchise support to investors. The requirements are to the tune of 5 Crore and above and a space of 2000-2500 sq. ft.

2) Anytime fitness

As the name specifies, this gym is open 24 hrs! The first of its kinds, it has more than 2000 clubs across the world. With an investment of 1-2 crores, and a 2500-5000 sq. ft. area,you can start your business. They even offer support to the start-up with site selection and lease negotiation.

3) Talwalkars

A public listed company, it is a leader in fitness industry with more than 150 branches across the country. Delivering on the promise for a fitter body has made them a recognised brand today. The products are affordable making it a profitable venture. The requirements are 1-2 crores and 3500 sq. ft. of area.

4) Gold’s Gym

One of the fastest developing international gym chain in India, it has the experience of more than 45 years in this business. It is a recognised brand thanks to celebrity endorsements. They plan to expand pan-India. The investment requirements are 1-2 crore INR and a space of 7000-20000 sq. ft. area.

5) Universal Gym

Requiring an investment of 1-2 crore and a space of 2200-8000 sq. ft. it offers a huge range of services for fitness enthusiasts under its roof. Though relatively new, it has earned its respect among its clients.

6) The Exercise Coach

One of the relatively new entrants in the market, it is a US based franchise which plans to expand nationwide. Clients need to exercise for a mere 20 minutes, that too twice a week. The personal training sessions can be one-on-one, partner or small group. The investment requirements are in the bracket of 1-2 crore INR.

Gyms and Fitness Centres Franchise Opportunity

7) Country Club Fitness

One of the affordable franchise, requiring an investment of 30-50 lac INR, it has the best fitness machinery as well as qualified trainers to help you work out. Programs are specifically designed according to the age and fitness condition of the client.

8) The Great Khali Gym and Fitness Club

The franchise started by WWE wrestler Dilip Singh Rana or The Great Khali requires an area of 3500-8000 sq. ft. and an investment of 1-2 crore INR. They plan to expand pan-India which offers a unique investment opportunity.

9) Multifit Wellness Private Limited

Launched in 2015, it is slowly and steadily growing into a big franchise. The current investment requirements are 1-2 crore INR. It focuses on calisthenic and functional training which is quite addictive.

10) Cycle Bar 

A US based indoor cycling studio that requires an investment of 1-2 crore INR. It is one of the fastest growing franchise which will provide you great returns. 😊

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How to Get Patanjali Franchise : Patanjali Products Franchise / Distributorship

Baba ramdev patanjali products / medicine distributorship and patanjali franchise details. Patanjali Ayurved Limited is an Indian FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. Located in the industrial area of Haridwar, the company manufactures mineral and herbal products/medicines.

It has also manufacturing units in Nepal under the trademark Nepal Gramudhyog and imports majority of herbs in India from Himalayas of Nepal. According to CLSA and HSBC, Patanjali is the fastest growing FMCG company in India. It is valued at ₹3,000 crore and some predict revenues of ₹5,000 crore for the fiscal 2015–16.

How to Apply for Patanjali Franchise / Distribution Business

Patanjali Products Franchise

Patanjali products categories

Nutrition and Supplements: 

It comprises of chyawanprash, badam pak, power vita, ghee, honey, fruit juices, health drinks such as aloe vera juice, amla juice and etc.


It has biscuits, cookies, spices, herbal tea, murabba, jam, candy, soan papdi, noodles, flakes, all ration items such as rice, lentils, gram flour, oil and many more.

Ayurvedic medicines: 

This category has a large number of ayurvedic medicines to suffice various health issues.

Home care: 

It includes incense sticks, dish wash bar and herbal gulal.

Personal care: 

It carries Patanjali products meant for skin, eye, hair, body, dental care and toiletries.

Books and media:

Patanjali offers several books, CDs and DVDs to spread awareness of yoga, pranayam and Ayurveda.

Ramdev Patanjali Store Franchise Cost

  • Shop Area Investment: Around 300 to 2,000 sq.ft
  • Investment : Around Rs 7 -70 lakh
  • Break Even : Around 2-3 years.
  • Expansion plan : 10000 Stores

You could apply for their mega store franchise at

10 Reasons why you should be associated with Patanjali Products Franchise

  • Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. is perhaps the fastest growing firm in India with annual revenues reportedly at more than Rs 3,000 crore. Ramdev is reported to have said in one of the interviews that he expects to take the revenue to Rs 10000 crore.
  • Credit Lyonnais observes that most of Patanjali products are available at an attractive discount to competition. The company sources products directly from farmers and cuts on middlemen to boost profits. It makes 25% operating profit. This is the difference between total income and expenditure. 
  • Patanjali Food and Herbal Park was established in 2009 under the food park scheme of the Indian government.
  • Patanjali products are sold through three types of medical centres. These include Patanjali Chikitsalaya which are clinics along with doctors, Patanjali Arogya Kendra which are health and wellness centres and Swadeshi Kendra, non-medicine outlets.
  • The group has 16,000 exclusive outlets across India. They plan to grow to 1,50,000 outlets in next few years. They also distribute through general retail stores. Patanjali distributorship has been in great demand across the country.
  • The brand has also recently launched 15 mega stores, which are opened in metro cities mainly. They have a plan to open 150 more mega stores in the near future. It entails an investment of around Rs 80-90 lakh and about 3,000 sq.ft area is required. The mega stores are big, convenient and cater to the need of the metro consumers. These centres are going to generate franchise opportunities for interested franchisees.
  • Patanjali has 6,000 franchisee stores. Retailers told CLSA that their average gross turnover is Rs 25,000 every day. Profit margins for retailers are 10-20% across product categories.
  • Patanjali has followed a unique word of mouth publicity model and the entire revenue is without any advertising. Patanjali Dealership is also sought after by entrepreneurs for the sales potential it promises.
  • The company is privately held and profitable. The revenue for 2014-15 of Patanjali Ayurved is bigger than Jyothi Laboratories, the maker of Ujaala and Emami. These brands have been in business for decades.
  • Patanjali, which had a turnover of Rs 5000 crore, is now eyeing at doubling its revenue in the immediate years to come. 

Patanjali Ayurveda Franchise Opportunities in India

You could explore a Patanjali Chikitsalaya Franchise at

You could apply for a Patanjali franchise through their official Contact Us page where you can choose the franchise option and await for their response.

You could apply for a Patanjali Distributorship at

You could also send in an email to

We have other retail and dealership opportunities to perfectly suit your investment levels incase you are unable to get a patanjali franchise in India.

Contact details of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd

Patanjali Food & Herbal Park,
Village - Padartha, P.O.- Dhanpura, Laksar Road, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India.
Pin code - 249404
Phone – 01334-240008
Fax – 01334-265370

For Institutional Enquiries

Mr. Dhan Veer
Patanjali franchise distributorship business opportunity is a profitable and rewarding option for individuals looking for a retail based service franchise opportunity. Analyse and decide whether this business opportunity fits you as per your skills, experience, interest, and knowledge.
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How to Start a Hospital Business In India

Hospital industry is one of the speediest developing sectors in India. A complete hospital procedure can help business individuals to benefit by the epic prospects.

Setting up a hospital methodology for achievement needs genuine research, data get-together of both specialists’ office and restorative administrations territory. It helps in social occasion promises or simply overhauling the monetary announcements for the present business. Hospital Business mastermind creating should be effectively done by taking after a standard design.

Attractive technique for Hospital - Things to consider

How to start hospital business

In various courses, arranging of a specialist's office attractive technique resemble prepare business frameworks for various parts. In any case, there are couples of organizations. The hospital business is a significantly controlled fragment, with bearing from the ordinary association to the central and state government administering various minute illuminations of the hospital set up.

Thus, a system for achievement should address couple of particular issues and help in deciding any request of expected examiners, accepting any. There are number of associations associated with hospital dealing with health care, from treatment providers to door keeping organizations, so it is significant that the recuperating focus attractive technique must deal with each and every kind of related organizations.

How to set up a Hospital Business Plan?

There are couple of clear walks, holding quick to which you can set up a total and simple to utilize Hospital Business Plan. They are:

  • Highlight zones of select organizations offered by the recuperating office, kind of center, whether it is for children, pregnant women or for unprecedented diseases like cancer or AIDS. 
  • Study the essentials of the overall population. Assess whether hospital essentials are being accomplished or not, inquiry about the benefits that are given by the rival facility in the specific field. Depict how your hospital would be not the same as the contenders. 
  • Gather information from the top authorities of various facilities giving same therapeutic administrations workplaces. This will help you in understanding the zones on which you're hospital has been left behind a noteworthy open door. Join the missing facilities and discover the sorts of mechanical assemblies you need to present in your center. It will round about help with choosing the beginning costs and the useful expenses for creating and working a hospital business.
  • Take direction from the land authority to recognize the imaginable zone of land where you can build up your specialist's office building. Search for guidance from with a designer to check improvement cost. This will help in seeing the range and limit of your hospital alongside with the advancement rates. 
  • Recognize the correct sorts of devices and things you will require to keep up your business, according to the orchestrated size and scale. Contemplate the present costs for everything which will over the long haul give you the last stimulates for your set cost gages.
  • Formulate a restricted time plan and introduction spending arrangement for your business. Settle upon the sorts of unique channels you will use to dissipate your message. It is judicious to prepare two one of kind regions for your unique plan; one for initial publicizing and the second one for yearly showcasing. 
  • Locate your work drive and assertion necessities as indicated by the size of the proposed hospital that you are going to set up. Pick remunerations and wander the expenses of any ideal conditions you will give your staff. It will help in choosing valuable equipments, for instance, office equipments, furniture, medical apparatus, energizing of things, thus on these examinations joined with the advancing assessments will give a comprehension into the reasonable costs. 
  • Summarize your attractive methodology. Inside your game plan, combine every one of the information on your necessities and objectives. Give a brief about your showcasing plan, working strategies, rivals, expected modifications that you propose and the cash that you want to use. 😄
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Top 10 Best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies In India

Before knowing the top pharmaceutical franchise industries in India, let us first realize what pharmaceutical franchise organizations means and how is it identified with the business of drug store.

Pharmaceutical franchise opportunities stand for Propaganda cum Distribution or the offers of pharmaceutical medications and meds that are sold by individual merchants or producers. This is generally an independently employed business through diversifying from PCD organizations.

Top PCD Pharmaceutical Franchise Companies

PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunities in India

It has no required speculation and you have the opportunity to offer your own particular items inside your preferred territory. It likewise brags of giving you the chance to begin your own particular productive business wherever you might be.

List of PCD Pharma Franchise Company In India

1) Angiolife Healthcare 

Situated in Chandigarh City, Angiolife Healthcare sends out an extensive variety of fantastic Allopathic Medicines, which is a term typically alluded to as an option pharmaceutical. Besides that, it likewise supplies different therapeutic items that incorporate cases, injections, syrups and tablets, making this maker as one of the top pharmaceutical organizations in India.

2) Velox Biologics 

Much the same as the primary organization, Velox Biologics is one of pharma organizations that have its home office in the city of Chandigarh. It is conspicuously perceived as an exporter, producer, promoter and merchant of pharmaceutical medications that come in different types of bundling, for example, containers, dry and oral syrups, injections, caffeinated beverages and tablets.

Under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, it has 250 marked items that are very much fabricated and known for its viability and quality.

3) EXMED Healthcare 

Built up in 2010, EXMED Healthcare supplies and exchanges medicinal medications. It has eight item divisions with its primary home office in the area of Panchkula in India.

Broadly known in the business, this organization has more than 900 therapeutic items with a decent quality scope of medications by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI).

4) Medilewis Biotech 

Having its office in the town of Baddi, Medilewis Biotech is one of the top pharmaceutical franchise organizations in India that gives pharmaceutical medications in different structures like beta-lactum, cases, injections, treatments, oral fluids and powder, soft gelatin containers and tablets.

5) Vasolife Healthcare 

Much the same as Medilewis Biotech, Vasolife Healthcare is likewise one of India's top pharma organizations that provision a few pharmaceutical medications that are made in view of the norms of GMP.

Its foundation, which is situated in the Chandigarh City, has innovative work office, item testing research center and a division for bundling and warehousing. It is additionally furnished with cutting edge machines most recent advancements to give shoppers drugs of the most elevated quality.

6) Orange Biotech 

You can likewise be an item merchant of Orange Biotech, a pharmaceutical organization that produces and markets a line of plans to enhance, draw out or restore a patient's life. It is situated in Haryana, India.

Utilizing the strict guidelines of GMP, Orange Biotech concentrates on circulating excellent restorative medications.

7) Ambit Bio-Medix 

One of the proudest pharma franchise organizations in India, Ambit Bio-Medix is confirmed with an ISO 9001-2008 Certification, working with offices that are likewise perceived by WHO GMP. As a PCD establishment organization, it offers no less than 250 medicinal items that circulated all over India and even in the remote regions of the nation.

8) Progressive Life-Care 

One of the top PCD pharmaceutical organizations in India, Progressive Life-Care is especially certain with its reality class administrations, giving a portion of the best PCD items in the Asian nation. Dissimilar to the beforehand said producers; this organization just has more than 200 pharma medications to accommodate the shoppers.

9) Zytras Life Sciences 

Having an extensive variety of items in various bundling frames like containers, injections, suspensions syrups and tablets, Zytras Life Sciences provides food more than 20 states in India. It successfully works its business utilizing a proactive approach that empowers them to make creative pharmaceutical items, yet are sold with moderate costs in the market.

10) Radico Remedies 

This pharma franchise organization has been giving social insurance arrangement since 1981. When you get an establishment from Radico Remedies, you will have the capacity to offer distinctive therapeutic items for sustenance and respiratory and in addition medications, for example, pain relieving, mitigating and anti-toxins.

Here We have posted best PCD Pharma Franchise Manufacturer Companies list. I hope that you would like this post. Please share and stay tuned for more franchise updates.
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How to Start a Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS): Cost, Application Process, Requirements, Address

Jan Aushadhi Store is one of the best small investment franchise that are not only easy to get but also very beneficial. It is a government franchise business.

Jan Aushadhi scheme was launched by Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Govt. of India in 2013 in order to provide tested medicines at cheap prices to the economically weak sector of society.

Opening Jan Aushadhi Store Franchise or Dealership

Jan Aushadhi Training and Support

Since this is a government franchise you get a lot of support from the government body that regulates the Jan Aushadhi scheme. One-time financial support of Rs. 2 lakhs as establishment cost and up to Rs. 50,000 as one time startup cost is also provided to JAS owners.The owner is required to submit bills to get the reimbursement.

Requirements of Jan Aushadhi Store

1. All owners are required to load the web based software and acquire a computer with internet connection and printer. It is essential that the computer has the minimum configuration as per the following regulations:

Minimum configuration:- a. Pentium IV/Dual Core Processor, b. 1 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended), c. 80GB HDD, d. TVSE MSP 240/250 series 80 column Dot matrix printer (Recommended), e. 500 VA UPS

Software requirements:- a. Windows XP/ Vista /Windows 7 (32 bit)/Windows 8 Operating System – Windows 7 (32 bit) is recommended, b. Anti-virus software, c. Internet connection – 512kbps

2. Having a refrigerator in the shop is also mandatory so that certain medicines that require a cool climate to sustain can be kept in the refrigerator within required temperature as specified by the Drugs and Cosmetic Act.

3. Sufficient furniture such as racks for storing the merchandise, counters for issuing bills and medicines to customers, office and computer tables, chairs and stools must also be bought in order to comply with the requirements and terms to start the Jan Aushadhi Store.

Cost and Investment

Investment required to start a Jan Aushadhi Store is approximately 3 to 6 lakhs. This cost does not include the property expenses or the rent of the premises on which the store will be build. However this investment will include furniture, gadgets for bill maintenance including computer, printer, internet connection, one refrigerator, advance payment of medicines as well as the demand draft fees. Hence making it an affordable franchise.

To start a Jan Aushadhi store you must have minimum area of 120 square feet. Owners can also rent the area. This is one of the best business which you can start in such a small area.

The Jan Aushadhi Store has a great ROI and the owner gets the margin of 16% of the sale price. A sale incentive of 10% is also given to the owner that amounts maximum of Rs. 10,000 per month for first year. Stores in areas such as North-East, Tribal Areas, and Naxal affected areas, the incentive is 15% that amounts to maximum of Rs. 15,000.

Documentation and Procedure

Among the documents required is a sale license from competent authority with the owner’s name. Apart from that a retail drug license and / or TIN number is also required. Proof of having an adequate pharmacist knowledge and computer knowledge must also be given. Name of the pharmacist and registration number must be mentioned in the documents.

To prove that you are financially equipped for the franchise you might also have to submit your bank statement of last three years, or sanction letter from bank for extension of loans. Institutions are supposed to submit statements of audited accounts for past three years. It is also suggested that the owner thoroughly goes through the terms and conditions required to fulfill in order to start a Jan Aushadhi store.

Application Process

Once you have qualified the above mentioned criteria then you are eligible to start your own government medical shop. All you have to do is download the application form available on the official website of Jan Aushadhi Scheme (available as an annexure in PDF document) or available on the link:

Send this document in the format mentioned on the website along with the necessary documents mentioned. An application fee of Rs. 2000 as Demand Draft (non-refundable) must also be submitted in favor of BPPI payable at Gurgaon, to the General Manager (A&F).

Contact Details

Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertakings of India (BPPI),
IDPL Corporate Office, IDPL Complex,
Old Delhi Gurgaon Road,
Dundahera, Gurgaon – 122016 (Haryana).

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How to open Apollo Clinic franchise: Cost, Revenues, Support and Application process

Apollo Clinic franchise is the most popular health franchise in India. This is not only known for its quality of medical facilities but is also known for the big brand name that it is when it comes to profit. Following is all the information you need to know about Apollo Clinic for starting this franchise.

Apollo Clinic

Why take a franchise of Apollo Clinic?

According to the information provided by the official website of Apollo Clinic, the success rate of this franchise in India is 85%. This franchise is not only popular in India but also has a great reputation in US. Apollo Clinic is in itself such a big brand name that you will not only get the benefits and reputation of being a franchisee of such a big health centre but also get the advantages of owning your own business. The business risk is negligible as Apollo is a well known name in the health industry.

States with Apollo franchise requirements in India

Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and some north east states have good opportunities for Apollo franchise in India. These states have a lot of large cities as well as tier II cities in need of good health facilities.

Cost and Investment

Since the brand name of Apollo has huge popularity therefore the investment is also huge. The return on investment is also estimated to be good. The fields of medicine covered by Apollo Clinic are Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Cardiology and general medicine. Doctors are available for dentistry, gastroenterology, urology, dermatology, orthopaedics, general surgery. Nutritional counselling services are also provided in this clinic.

The investment required to start Apollo Clinic franchise is around 2.75 crores. This is inclusive of the equipment, furniture and interior designing, air conditioning, software cost, working capital margin, contingency funds, license fee and other Preliminary expenditure. The project will be funded in 1:1 equity-debt ratio, which is taken for 4 years with a year’s suspension. Loan facilities are also provided by State Bank of India.

The expected turnover in one year is 1 to 1.5 crores which are relative to the location of the hospital. These figures are generally doubled by the fourth year of start up and huge profits are expected. It is expected from the franchisee to have good business knowledge to start Apollo Clinic franchise. This is essential because the franchisee must know how to properly manage the health facility centre so that the business prospers. Minimum land requirement for Apollo Clinic franchise is 4000 square feet.

Application Process

For starting an Apollo Clinic franchise you need to check out the official website of Apollo Clinic, From here you must go to the page /franchise where you will find the franchise form form.aspx page. You can fill the form and submit online or you can download it and send it via email after filling it to the following address.

Contact Details
For any queries you can contact on the following number or drop an email at the following email id.
Mr. Mario Pereira
Contact Number: +91 9867758616
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Starting Dr.Bhtra's Franchise: Cost, Land requirements and Returns

Dr Batra's is the giant homoeopathy franchise chain well recommended by people worldwide. The franchise is planning to expand its business even further and wants to open more clinics as told by the CEO Akshay Batra. It is a good business opportunity to start out in the health and medical field. All the details about the Dr Batra clinic are provided below.

All about Dr Batra's franchise homoeopathy clinic

Dr. Batra's clinics have been well known for their quality of medical services and homoeopathic treatments. This health franchise has more than 100 clinics all over the country where more than 250 homoeopath professionals aim to provide you with attention and the best solution for your medical conditions. This is the reason why Dr Batra’s clinic is so widely approved and admired by the patients. It is one of the world’s largest homoeopathic clinic franchises and their popularity says a lot about them. The management of Dr Batra’s franchise clinic announced in the year 2011 that they are looking forward to open 300 clinics in India and since the medical chain has not yet exhausted itself; there is a lot of scope for expansion. It has estimated a growth rate of 200% in homoeopathy which is an excellent percentage. The process of opening a Dr Batra’s clinic are quite simple and you can find out all about the franchise by reading the rest of the article. This franchise has estimated a considerate growth rate and has registered quite impressive profits as well as return on investment therefore it is a good business option.

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start a Dr Batra’s franchise is not very high. You need around 20 to 30 lakhs rupees in your pocket to open a Dr Batra’s clinic. The land required for the clinic is 300 square feet which should be in the commercial area as it increases the chances of the business flourishing and is a more preferable location option for clinic. The agreement of the franchise is for 5 years which can be later renewed.

Nothing can be assured in business but the probability of success of Dr. Batra’s clinic is quiet high and it has good reputation in the society therefore the expected return on investment is 60% from this health care chain. To simply put this up we can also say that you will get your capital investments back within half a year or maximum of two years. You will have to get the territorial rights because you cannot start the clinic before that.

Support and training

Dr Batra’s corporate house is well acclaimed for the support and training programmes they provide. The training is detailed and the members of the staff are trained quiet well. The knowledge about each product is given and all the skills are further enhanced. The team assists you in developing the interiors of the clinic, designing in detail and recruiting members of the staff. For more details on how to open a Dr. Batra’s franchise clinic you can contact at the web address
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