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Top 18 Best Automotive Franchises Opportunities In India

Automobile industry is one of the evergreen industries all over the world. In India it is one of the most flourishing businesses. India is trending to become one of the leading automobile producers at the international level. Ranging from motor bikes to the four wheelers of personal use as well as commercial use, along with the automobile parts and accessories, the automotive business consists it all.

Automotive & Car Franchise Business Opportunities

Automotive & Car Franchise Opportunities

If you are eager to enter this evergreen business and are worried about the franchise opportunities present for you, then given below are best of all top 10 franchise that are reliable and ensure you good outcomes:

1) Mahindra first choice automotive franchise:

Mahindra is one of the oldest names in the field of automobiles. It is renowned for its durable and reliable automotive products all over the nation. If you too wish to enjoy its name and want to invest on its franchise then you need to have an amount of Rs. 30 lakh to 50 lakh. The floor area needed is about 800 sq feet (min.). It is a good deal to invest in such a trust worthy company who has been in this field for so long.

2) Castrol bike zone automotive franchise:

This franchise deal is offered by the well known company, Castrol India ltd. It is well recognized especially for its automobile locomotives and lubricants. It offers its franchise to the budding automotive businessmen and ensures good returns. You can avail its franchise with an investment of about 20 lakh to 30 lakh. The floor area required is specified to be 2200 to 3000 sq feet. This company ensures good returns within a short time span.

3) Cozi cars franchise opportunities:

This franchise is offered by the Liv India Management Pvt. Ltd. established in Delhi. It has its business area expanded in India and has earned a good name in short time. It is a reliable investment in automotive field. Also the investment required is comparatively low and of about 5 lakh to 10 lakh without any specified requirements of the floor area.

4) The carspa automotive franchise:

The Tulip Auto India Pvt. Ltd. offers this franchise for the amateurs who wish to enter the venture of automobile. It requires an investment of 30 lakh to 50 lakh with the work place requirement of about 2000 sq feet. It is a good investment option for you.

5) Autozspa franchise opportunity:

This franchise can be availed by anyone who can afford to invest an amount ranging between 10 lakh to 15 lakh. The mentioned floor area requirement is of 700 sq feet. This is a good plan for investment if you have relatively low investment but wish to have good returns in less time period.

6) Speed car wash franchise:

This is yet another franchise opportunity offered by the company Liv India Management (P) Ltd. It is also an excellent franchise opportunity present for you which need an investing amount of just 5 lakh to 10 lakh. The floor area required to avail its franchise is 1000 to 1500 sq feet. So if you lack in large amount of investment and want to invest at correct place then this is the most appropriate option for your business.

automotive industry franchise

7) JK Tyres franchise opportunity:

The renowned tire company “JK Tyres and Industries Limited” also offers its franchise to you at an investing amount ranging from10 lakh to 15 lakh. The floor area required to own the JK Tyre franchise is about 800 sq feet. This is one of those franchises that assure good investment outputs in short time and helps you in setting up a solid foundation for your business.

8) The auto shine express franchise:

This franchise can be availed by investing an amount of Rs. 10 lakh to 15 lakh. The floor area needed for it is about 1000 sq feet. This is yet another good investment option for you.

9) Cross roads franchise:

This franchise is offered by the Cross roads India Assistance pvt. Ltd. and to own its franchise one needs to invest an amount of 2 lakh to 5 lakh. This is a low investment plan without any specified floor area.

10) Tyre secure automotive franchise:

This is offered by Tyre secure international pvt. Ltd. It offers its franchise at a rate of 5 lakh to 10 lakh. The floor area requirement is of 200 sq feet only.

11) Bajaj Two Wheelers dealership franchise

12) Tata Motors dealership franchise

13) Maruti Suzuki Dealership Franchise

14) Royal enfield dealership

15) MRF tyres dealership

16) Ashok Leyland dealership

17) Hero Moto Corp franchise dealership

18) Mahanagar gas franchise
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How to Get Hyundai Dealership in India: Estimated cost, investment returns, application process

For those of you who are interested in starting a Hyundai franchise showroom must know that Hyundai does not provide direct franchises therefore you initially have to go for dealerships. Following are all the necessary details you need to know for starting a Hyundai dealership.


About Hyundai dealership showroom and service station

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is one of the largest passenger car exporter of India and the second largest car manufacturer. It was India’s top exporter for 7 consecutive years. There are more than 346 Hyundai Dealers in India and 800 service centre to take care of the increasing demand and provide quality of customer service. Hyundai has been honoured with various awards for its state of the art vehicles.

Cost and Investment

There is no formal information provided by Hyundai Motor India Limited about dealership start up costs, investment requirements, estimated ROI, pay-back period and similar details. These figures can be estimated by carefully analysing the experiences shared by other dealership holders. It is important to remember that these figures are only a rough estimate and for knowing the exact amount you will have to contact HMIL executives.

The land requirement for starting a Hyundai showroom will be around 4000 square meters in general. The cost of this much land in big cities will be from 15 to 20 crores. Roughly 5 crores will be required for developing the interiors of the showroom. Before the ROI starts flowing in you will have to keep funds aside for paying the staff and other maintenance purposes. Therefore to start a Hyundai dealership you will need around 25 to 30 crore rupees.

The expected ROI for Hyundai dealership will start within 3 to 5 years. Whereas, the actual Hyundai dealership ROI or profit statistics will vary from person to person as they are directly proportional to management, sales strategies, location, promotions, etc. Looking on all the aspects this dealership is worth the investment amount.

Application Process

Applying for Hyundai dealership is really easy. You can do it by simply visiting the official website of Hyundai Motor India Limited. From there download the Hyundai dealership application form. After filling and attaching the necessary documents, send it to one of the Hyundai Motor regional offices in India.

Contact Details
Hyundai India dealership contact person: Mr. Manjeet Singh
Hyundai dealership contact number: +91 - 11 6602 2160 (D) and +91 - 11 6602 2000 (Broad).
Email Id:

Hyundai Motor India Regional Office addresses
1. Hyundai Motor India Limited Central Regional Office 1 (New Delhi)
A-30, Mohan co-operative, Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi- 110044
Tel: 011 - 66379503 Fax: 011 - 66379939

2. Hyundai Motor India Limited Central Regional Office 2 (Lucknow)
605, 20-A, Rattan Square Complex, Vidhan Sabha Marg, Lucknow- 226001
Tel: 0522 - 6714600 Fax: 0522 - 6714611

3. Hyundai Motor India Limited North Regional Office 1 (Chandigarh)
DLF Tower - B, 3RD Floor, Rajeev Gandhi, Chandigarh IT Park, Chandigarh-160101
Tele: 0172 - 6605000 Fax: 0172 - 6605020

4. Hyundai Motor India Limited North Regional Office 2 (Jaipur)
G Business Park, D- 34, 7th Floor, Subhash Marg, C-scheme, Jaipur- 302001
Tel: 0141 - 6635555 Fax: 0141 - 6535544

5. Hyundai Motor India Limited East Regional Office 1 (Kolkata)
Benchmark Tower, 8th Floor, Plot No. G1, Block-EP & GP, Sec – V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091
Tel: 033-40060045-51 Fax: 033-40060050

6. Hyundai Motor India Limited East Regional Office 2 (Guwahati)
4th Floor, Monal Tower, Opposite Assam Secretariat, G.S.Road, Dispur, Guwahati- 781006
Tel: 0361 - 2237891- 94 Fax: 0361 - 2237890

7. Hyundai Motor India Limited South Regional Office 1 (Chennai)
NP- 54, Developed Plot, Thiru Vika Industrial Estate, Ekkaduthangal, Guindy, Chennai- 600032
Tel: 044 - 42204600 Fax: 044 - 42119530

8. Hyundai Motor India Limited South Regional Office 2 (Hyderabad)
Gayathri 6-3-1239/2/B/1, Renuka Wnclave, Somajiguda, Rajbhavan Road, Hyderabad- 500082
Tel: 040 - 64631130-32 and 43 Fax: 040 - 23303566

9. Hyundai Motor India Limited West Regional Office 1 (Mumbai)
Business Square, A/102, First Floor, Chakala, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri –East, Mumbai- 400093
Tel: 022 - 40969000 Fax: 022 - 40969030

10. Hyundai Motor India Limited West Regional Office 2 (Ahmedabadi)
1st Floor, City Mall, Unit NO. 11 – Shop 1 and 2, Mouje Bodakdev, Near Rajpath Club, S.G.Road, Bodakdev, Gandhi Nagar Road, Ahemdabad- 380054
Tel: 079 - 66133000 Fax: 079 - 66133017

11. Hyundai Motor India Limited West Regional Office 3 (Bhopal)
Sewani Plaza, 15/ 9B 1st & 2nd floor, Malviya Nagar, Opp.- Raj Bhawan, Bhopal– 462003
Tel: 0755 - 6733800 Fax: 0755 - 6733888
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How to open Apollo Clinic franchise: Cost, Revenues, Support and Application process

Apollo Clinic franchise is the most popular health franchise in India. This is not only known for its quality of medical facilities but is also known for the big brand name that it is when it comes to profit. Following is all the information you need to know about Apollo Clinic for starting this franchise.

Apollo Clinic

Why take a franchise of Apollo Clinic?

According to the information provided by the official website of Apollo Clinic, the success rate of this franchise in India is 85%. This franchise is not only popular in India but also has a great reputation in US. Apollo Clinic is in itself such a big brand name that you will not only get the benefits and reputation of being a franchisee of such a big health centre but also get the advantages of owning your own business. The business risk is negligible as Apollo is a well known name in the health industry.

States with Apollo franchise requirements in India

Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and some north east states have good opportunities for Apollo franchise in India. These states have a lot of large cities as well as tier II cities in need of good health facilities.

Cost and Investment

Since the brand name of Apollo has huge popularity therefore the investment is also huge. The return on investment is also estimated to be good. The fields of medicine covered by Apollo Clinic are Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Cardiology and general medicine. Doctors are available for dentistry, gastroenterology, urology, dermatology, orthopaedics, general surgery. Nutritional counselling services are also provided in this clinic.

The investment required to start Apollo Clinic franchise is around 2.75 crores. This is inclusive of the equipment, furniture and interior designing, air conditioning, software cost, working capital margin, contingency funds, license fee and other Preliminary expenditure. The project will be funded in 1:1 equity-debt ratio, which is taken for 4 years with a year’s suspension. Loan facilities are also provided by State Bank of India.

The expected turnover in one year is 1 to 1.5 crores which are relative to the location of the hospital. These figures are generally doubled by the fourth year of start up and huge profits are expected. It is expected from the franchisee to have good business knowledge to start Apollo Clinic franchise. This is essential because the franchisee must know how to properly manage the health facility centre so that the business prospers. Minimum land requirement for Apollo Clinic franchise is 4000 square feet.

Application Process

For starting an Apollo Clinic franchise you need to check out the official website of Apollo Clinic, From here you must go to the page /franchise where you will find the franchise form form.aspx page. You can fill the form and submit online or you can download it and send it via email after filling it to the following address.

Contact Details
For any queries you can contact on the following number or drop an email at the following email id.
Mr. Mario Pereira
Contact Number: +91 9867758616
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How to get Royal Enfield dealer franchise in India: Investments, Returns, Application process

Have you always dream of opening the classic Royal Enfield franchise dealership? It is one of the most prestigious bike companies across the globe. Learn all about the cost, investment, royalty fees, land requirements as well as the franchise fees that are required to start a Royal Enfield franchise in India given in the following article.

What makes Royal Enfield motorbike franchise dealership a profitable business in India?

Royal Enfield is has a vast market in India with 180 dealers all over the nation and around 100 authorised service centres. It is a reputed automobile company which has its roots in England and their business is spread all over the globe in major countries like USA, Japan, UAE, Germany, UK, France and many others. Royal Enfield has a popularity that does not require marketing. They have a business model that is success oriented and they have proved it in the past 120 years. Therefore, investing in a Royal Enfield franchise can get you great returns and equity besides the good business it always results in.

Cost and Investment

The area requirements for Royal Enfield franchise dealership in India are round about 4000 sq ft. The cost of starting the franchise will differ with the locations you choose. Keeping the variation of land cost aside, the lump sum amount required to start a Royal Enfield franchise dealership will be from 50 lakhs to 1 crores. There is also a franchise fee that is excluded from the above investment cost, which is 1 lakh rupees. The company also applies royalty fees of 5% of the gross sales per month.

Support and training programs

The Royal Enfield franchise has designed various support groups to advice and guide new businessmen about all the details of running the franchise. This includes queries, stock, branding and customer service. They also provide marketing support so that the new owners can launch their business in the market and start getting good returns. The support groups also help in selecting site for the showrooms and provide field assistance too. The training goes on in Chennai and Chandigarh.

Application Process

To apply for a Royal Enfield Franchise dealership all you need to do is visit the official website and click on the ‘become a dealer’ link from the footer. Then a page /support/become-a-dealer/ , opens up where you can find an international performa for Royal Enfield dealership application form. You can select the country, state and city from the options that are provided. You will also have to submit your contact details, postal address, email id, etc. so that the executive team can contact you whenever they review your application. They also ask details about your current business. Consider it as an employment letter so make sure that whatever you write impresses the person who is reviewing it. Leave the rest to the management. If they find your application suitable they will get in touch with you.
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MRF Tyres Franchise Opportunities: Investments, cost efficiency, requirements

MRF Tyres Franchise is quite a good idea and an extremely good option for investment. This article contains all the details one needs to know about the MRFF Tyres franchise from the investment costs to the application process. So now learn how to start a MRF Tyres franchise in India.

MRF Tyres

What makes MRF tyre franchise a profitable business venture?

The trade of cars is India has drastically increased. Almost everyone owns a car these days and it is also a symbol of progress and development in the society. This is the reason why all the car brands now want to expand their business in India and make more and more profit in the business. This sale and purchase of cars has risen from the past ten years. This is what builds a strong background for the tyre business to flourish more and more. With this increasing demand in automobiles there will also be an increase in demand of tyres. This is the reason why opening a MRF Tyres Franchise is a very profitable business in India these days. MRF is the best tyre brand in India and certainly the most reputed. The name is itself a trade mark and people trust the company therefore making this business a very good idea.

Cost and Investment

The total investment required to open a MRF Tyre Franchise is Rs. 23 lakhs. This comprises of the machinery and equipment costs, all of this is clearly stated on the official website and you can get to read more about it from there. The company has also mentioned that 10 lakhs is going to be the initial investment for starting a franchise. They have a strict area requirement of 4000 square feet. So for starting MRF tyres franchise you will need approximately 370 square metres of land.

Training and Support Programmes

There is no detailed information about the training and support system provided by MRF Tyres but they have mentioned in their website that the MRF Tyres Franchise in India will provide proper training and support to start business with a new franchise. Therefore you can stay calm about the support group as you will be assisted in all the things when you start up your franchise. More details will be disclosed and discussed once the person submits his details and registers for the franchise.

Application process and Contact Details

Application process is quite simple. All you have to do is click on the Business Opportunities tab present in the official website of MRF Tyres which is . Here you are asked to fill some of your details like name, email address, employment and contact number. You will also have to provide some details about the business you do and your financial track records. It is up to the company executives to decide whether they want to do business with you or not. You can also contact at the following address for applying for the franchise.

The Franchise Promotion Manager,
MRF Limited
124, Greams Road, Chennai - 600 006
Contact number: 044-28294154 / 28290562
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