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Dosa Plaza Franchise In India: Requirements, Investment and Cost

Dosa plaza was first started in Navi Mumbai in 1998 and is considered as one of the largest and the fastest emerging food franchise in India. Dosa plaza has constantly grown and is currently available in 12 different states. So are you thinking to open a Dosa Plaza Franchise in India? Then before opening one you need to have a brief information regarding the requirements and cost that will be indulged in opening a Dosa plaza and later on about the profit you will earn from the same.

The major secret behind the success of the Dosa plaza is the varieties of the Dosa available, in total 104 types of delicious Dosas are available with Dosa plaza with 27 being trade mark dosas.

Dosa Plaza Franchise and Investment

Dosa Plaza Franchise In India

Overall there are two different models of the Dosa plaza franchise, one is Food Court Express and the other is Dinning Restaurant. In this case, the requirements, cost and the profits of them are different as per the model of the Dosa plaza one wish to set up, however we will have a clear view of these two models in the below post.

Dost Plaza Food Court Franchise: Requirements, Cost, Menu and Royalty

Firstly, let us have a look on the Dosa plaza food court franchise.

  • The delicious Menu of the food court franchise is: 104 varieties of delicious Dosas, Pav Bhaji, Wadas, Filter Coffee, South Indians Meals, variety of Idli’s.
  • The area requirement for the Dosa plaza food court franchise is: around 300 square ft of kitchen and counter 100 square ft stores. Overall total of around 400 square ft area is required in order to establish a dosa plaza food court franchise.
  • The fees of the franchise is around 8 lacs.
  • The complete Royalty fee is 8 percent.

Dosa Plaza Dinning Restaurant: Requirements, Cost, Menu and Royalty

  • The franchise investment for Dosa plaza Dinning restaurant is around 55 to 60 lacs.
  • The delicious Menu of the food court franchise is: 104 varieties of delicious Dosas, Pav Bhaji, Wadas, Filter Coffee, South Indians Meals, variety of Idli’s, Chinese, fresh juices and Punjabi dishes.
  • The area requirement for the Dosa plaza food court franchise is: around 400 to 600 square ft of kitchen and counter ft stores, 800 to 1400 square ft dinning 100 to 200 sq. Overall total of around 1300 to 2200 square ft area is required in order to establish a dosa plaza Dinning restaurant franchise.
  • The fees of the franchise is around 12 lacs.
  • The complete Royalty fee is 8 percent.

NOTE: Franchise investment does not include property cost.

Applying for Dosa plaza franchises

One can easily apply for the Dosa plaza franchise as it is just a click away. You just need to visit Official Dosa plaza website and fill up the dosa plaza application form and send it to the mentioned email address. If they like your application then they will get back to you with further details.
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Subway Franchise In India: Cost, Investments, ROI

Subway is a great option if you want to invest your money in food franchises. It is one of the most loved food franchises in India and has around 39 thousand restaurants in more than 100 countries. It has gained popularity in India and is spreading its units throughout the country. India now has about 353 Subway franchises which are working out very well. The application process for Subway is quite easy and you can get all the necessary details in this article and be the owner of the next Subway franchise in India.

Benefits Subway franchise restaurant

The major advantage of Subway is that the investments are relatively low as compared to other food franchises. The land requirements are also quite reasonable and affordable. Subway wants to start a thousand franchises in India as told by the Economic Times which means that there are a lot more franchises to be opened and you are not out of options even when the locations are considered. The brand is always in for spreading the business and you can take the advantage of this opportunity. Subway has a food chain that suits all the religious beliefs in India as no beef or pork is served in the restaurants. They have a huge vegetarian platter keeping in mind the taste and Indian food style and completely separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens.

Cost and Investment

The investment requirements for A Subway franchise in India have not been clearly mentioned by the company. There are some analysis that can shed some light on the required investment for Subway franchise in India, the returns that you can expect and also the ROI and other financial matters. You must have 25 to 30 lakh rupees to start a Subway food franchise. There is also a franchise fee for the first franchise which is of 4.5 lakhs approximately and another 2.5 for the next one. 3.5% and 8% are the advertising and royalty fee respectively which is charged directly on the net sales.

For Subway franchise you must have land area of about 170 square feet for opening the food court and for non-food court you require a minimum area of 350 square feet and 8 people minimum in the staff. You require additional one lakh as the running cost. You can expect 40 to 50 percent return on your investment which is quite good an amount.

Application Process

You can become the owner of a Subway franchise in India by following the simple three step process.
  1. Get a business brochure from Subway and read all about the business details that are provided there and learn what they expect from you as a business partner.
  2. Provide all your details in the franchise application and submit it.
  3. You can clear all your doubts and ask questions from the Franchise Sales Department or Regional Sales Manager.

Contact Details
Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd.
B11/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II
New Delhi-110020
Telephone: 011 41754035, 011 41708082
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Satya Paul Accessories Franchise: Capital requirement, Start up cost, Profit on investment

For all of you who have wanted to explore the fashion business with under big banners and international distinction, Satya Paul is the right choice for you. Satya Paul is well known among people for its hand bags, women’s wear. They also specialise in Men’s fashion accessories like cufflinks, wallets, bridal wears, etc. In this article you will find all the details regarding starting a Satya Paul franchise or becoming a Satya Paul accessories dealer. You can also read about why Satya Paul is a good choice for starting out in the fashion market.

About Satya Paul fashion accessories franchise

Satya Paul is a globally recognised brand and is well known for its fashion accessories for both men and women. It also deals in bridal outfits, trendy garments, exclusive handbags, traditional saris and other fashion products for women. It also keeps a range of the new era fashion accessories like cufflinks, wallets, neckties, belts and other fashion attire for men which are admired worldwide. The brand is a mark of good trader-ship since it provides all its products exclusively at Satya Paul salons, stand-alone and franchise shops and fashion boutiques throughout India, to all dealers franchisee and others who have a demand for the brand.

These are some of the reasons why Satya Paul is a good decision to start out in the fashion business. The profit and returns in the business depend upon the location and area that you will choose to start the franchise. Since the brand is expanding in all the major cities of India you will have a lot of options to start with. The outlets of Satya Paul are quite successful throughout India.

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start Satya Paul outlet is round about 10 to 20 lakhs. This includes the cost of setting up the interiors, retail counters, furniture, software and other functional costs. The means of returns of Satya Paul is totally dependent on input and output of the stock, i.e. buying and selling. There is no royalty fee (franchise fee) that is applied. There is a minimum land area requirement for Satya Paul retail outlet which must be between 400 to 700 square feet which should be in main commercial or market area or any other posh area. This is necessary to insure the profit from the outlet because the revenue will be more in a posh area than in isolated areas.

Application Process
The application from to start a Satya Paul franchise is available on its official website which is where you will have to enter all your details. These will require your identification and your contact details which is a necessity to show your interest in opening a Satya Paul outlet. You can also get in touch with the corporate office of Satya Paul which is in Gurgaon, Haryana. The address and other office details are provided as follows.
51-52 Udyog Vihar-4
Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001
Phone no: +91 124 4181111
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