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Top 10 Best Restaurant Franchise Opportunities In India

Eating is a passion amongst Indians. We are inherently a gastronomic country who loves everything about food, from talking, to cooking to eating. Since it is one of the things we are most passionate about, restaurants are an amazing business opportunity in India.

Top Restaurant Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

They offer the best growth rate and are therefore one of the most profitable ventures when thinking of a business proposition. Most restaurant franchise are venturing in different towns and cities of India, providing entrepreneurs a wonderful prospect to be a part of the food and beverage industry in India.

We are one of the largest producer and consumers of food. The food industry is expanding exponentially, with markets expected to grow to around USD 70 billion. Great emphasis is being laid on turning entrepreneur and starting your own venture. What can be better than indulging Indians in their favourite pastime?

If you too wish to become a business person and want to have your own set up in the food industry, here is a compilation of top 10 best restaurant franchise opportunities in India.

1) Chawla’s

Requiring a space of 400-700 sq. ft. area and an investment of INR 20-30 lac, this is a profitable venture. Chawla’s has earned its name in the food and beverage industry, majorly due to their chicken delicacies. Its preparations are authentic and mouth-watering too, making it a huge hit among Non-Veg lovers!

2) Moti Mahal Delux

You are required to invest INR 30-50 lac for a 2000 sq. ft. area, to open a franchise of this well-known outlet. Moti Mahal has featured prominently in the best restaurants in town for a fine dining experience. Catering to the Indian taste buds, it offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, making it a popular eating joint.

3) Yo! China

If you prefer to invest in an authentic Chinese restaurant franchise, then Yo! China is the one for you. Requiring a capital investment of INR 2.6 lac only, it is one of the most popular Chinese eatery franchises.

4) Chotiwala Restaurant

This quaint restaurant from Rishikesh that started in 1958 has earned its name as a multi cuisine restaurant that serves great food. Branching across different cities, the investment required to open its franchise outlet is INR 1.5 crore and an area of 4000 sq. ft.

5) Pind Baluchi

This chain of restaurants is a hit anywhere, because they serve authentic Punjabi dishes, be it veg or non-veg. You too can be a part of this amazing food experience by opening its franchise in your city/town, Invest INR 1 crore and 3000-5000 sq. ft. area of space to be a part of this great experience.

Restaurant Franchise Business In India

6) Smokin Joe’s

Authentic pizza from Smokin Joe’s is a franchise that any pizza lover would love to introduce to their town. Requiring an investment of INR 20-30 lac, this is a safe sound investment. You are bound to get your returns within a few months, while earning the accolades of your customers.

7) Kathi Junction

Requiring a meagre investment of around INR 3 lac and a space of 100 sq. ft. this is one small business franchise that can earn you big bucks. It is a great venture for breakfast and mid meal snacks outlet. Any time hunger pangs can be catered by this wonderful eatery.

8) Bikano Point

The house of Bikaner wala has brought this wonderful multi cuisine restaurant for food lovers. Traditionally from Bikaner in Rajasthan, it has earned a name in the food and beverage industry and the franchise would require a space requirement of 1200-1500 sq. ft. and an investment of INR 2-5 lac only.

9) Indian Paratha Company

They are the pioneers of the Swiss Chalet dining concept in India. Requiring a floor area of 3500-5000 sq. ft. and an investment of INR 1.5 crores they plan to expand pan India giving you the perfect reason to invest in this franchise.

10) The Yellow Chilli

A restaurant franchise started by the well renowned master chef Sanjeev Kapoor, is a win-win offer. Requiring a capital investment of INR 90 lac-1 crore and a space of 2500-3000 sq. ft. this is going to be a profitable venture for its investors. 😊
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Top 10 Best Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities In India

From the last decade, the coffee industry has experienced a significant boost in India. Not only among the youngsters but also amidst the elder generation, it has gained huge amount of popularity. So the café industry has emerged out to be one of the most promising industries in India. There is a great competition for the new ventures owing to the established firms in this work.

List of Coffee Chains In India (Best Coffee Franchises)

list of coffee chains in india

So for those who want to make place for themselves in this rapidly growing field, there a large number of chains that are ready to offer franchise to the new comers. However to help you get a better grip in this industry, here are top 10 coffee shop franchises in India:

1) Dunkin’ donuts:

It has become a household name in the coffee industry. Dunkin’ donuts is one of the largest and trustable company that offers franchise all over the country. It has a good repo among the public and hence a perfect option for you to start a business from scratch and become a well established name in this industry. Moreover the combo franchise option offered by it is also quite amusing and beneficial.

2) Coffee day express:

Owned by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd., this venture has a large chain of coffee shops and franchise retails. They offer franchise at nominal investment of Rs. 2 to 4 Lakh and an area of about 15 to 250 sq. feet. It is one of the best options for you if you are looking for a renowned franchise.

3) Café spill:

Established in the year 2006, cafĂ© spill has become a self sufficient company that offers franchise to other amateurs in this industry. They own many coffee shops and franchise outlets all round the country. However, it requires an investment of around Rs 6 to Rs 8 lakh with a minimum floor area of 500 sq feet.  But all this investment is worth the benefits obtained by this company.

4) La café:

La cafĂ© has been providing its franchise since the year 2008 just after two years of its establishment all owing to its trust worthy and excellent customer service.  Its shop chain consists of about 40 shops along with about 30 franchise outlets all over India. For getting the franchise of La cafĂ© you need a capital investment of up to 10 – 15 lakh and a work place of about 400 sq feet. But you need not worry about the huge investment as they assure to return an amount of 3 to 6 lakh if you continue with them for 2 years.

5) Barnie’ s coffee and tea company:

This is one of the companies that have offered franchise from the very year of its establishment that is 2005. However the investments required is large and of about Rs 15 to 20 lakh but its name is worth it. One can avail the franchise for tenure of 5 years and then get it renewed afterwards according to your willingness. The floor area that you would require is about 600 sq feet.

6) Draper doughnuts:

If you have low starting investment but wish to build a strong coffee business empire then this is the best franchise opportunity for you. Also the operating area for your shop can be as small as a food van. All you need is to attain its license through online application and start your business.  It is an inexpensive yet a fair investment option.

7) Netwafers:

Netwafers is another company that has been offering its franchise since the year 2014, the year it was established in. It offers you franchise at nominal investment of Rs 2 lakh and at a minimum floor area of just 100 sq feet. It is yet another option for low investment high outcome businesses. The franchise can be availed for a period of 5 years and can later be renewed.

8) Café barbera:

This company is 140 years old but charges only a low amount of 1 lakh for offering its franchise. But they provide you franchise for a floor area of about 1500 sq feet after all the verifications done.

9) Hard bean coffee:

With an experience of 20 years in this field, this company offers its franchise at low rate investment of just Rs 50000. They have earlier helped many small scale businessmen and you can also avail this amazing opportunity.

10) Woops:

This is exclusively for the ones who have firm determination to be successful but lack capita and guidance. They offer franchise at low investment of about Rs 50000 and also ensure support of every kind to you like the training and a trained personnel for proper guidance in this new field for you.

So, Here we shared the best coffee shop franchise business in India, I hope you like it. Please share, comment and stay tuned for more updates. 😊

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Best Coffee Franchise Business Opportunities In India (Cafe Franchise)

If you are looking for a coffee franchise business then it is better to take franchise of companies who deals with Cafe. There are various reasons why you should take Cafe Franchise as your business opportunity. The coffee industry has grown in the recent years and it would be great to be a part of the business. It is difficult to start from scratch so it is better to be a part of this industry by taking a franchise.

Best Coffee Shop Franchise Business for 2017

Coffee franchise in inda

It is always great to do a franchise business. There are many reasons for that. Like you know from before which business is successful and take franchise of that particular company, you will be able to earn high profit as compared to conventional business, in respect to food and beverage business like coffee, the industry is ever growing and you can take advantage of that.

If you intend to take cafe or coffee franchise. Let us see some of the companies that offer franchise.

1) Cafe Basilico 

This company offers franchise and you can apply to have it. After certain scrutiny they offer you the franchise license. The offer training and the products that you should use in your store. The initial investment is 1.25 Crore. Though the initial invest is big but you will be profitable if you can have their franchise.

2) Coffee culture

This is another opportunity for you to have a franchise. This company also provides franchise license and do the training to make you fit to run the store. The initial capital investment is 60 Lacs to 80 lacs. The space required is 1600 to 3000 square feet.

3) ChaiCoffi

This cafeteria company gives franchise and it is very profitable to have this. The ROI is great and you will not regret taking this franchise. The initial investment is 25 lacs to 35 lacs. There is requirement of space that you must provide.

4) Cafe Desire

This is owned by Radiant Consumer Appliances. They are looking forward to give franchise and you will love to be a part of this company. The initial investment is quite low, it is 2 lacs to 3 lacs and the space required is only 200 square feet.

5) Devils Workshop

Devils Workshop is owned by Rasna Pvt. Ltd and gives franchise if they find you suitable. You can apply online and they decide after certain scrutiny whether they will offer the franchise. The initial investment is 5 lakhs and the space required is 2000 square feet.

6) Chaai Bar & Hukka Lounge

This is owned by i Team Advisors Echelon Pvt. Ltd. They provide franchise to suitable companies and as always provide training and products. The investment is Rs. 15 Lacs and the required space is 500 to 1000 square feet.

7) Java green

You can very well take this franchise and prosper. They offer training, products and trained personnel if required along with the franchise license. The initial investment that has to be made is Rs. 10 Lacs to Rs. 20 lacs. The space required to set up the store is 300 to 1500 square feet.

8) Coffee Day Express

Owned by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co. Ltd. Is always prepared to provide franchise if certain pew qualifications are meet. The initial investment is Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 5 Lacs. The space required to set up the store is 160 to 250 square feet.

9) Café Brewberrys

Brew berrys Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. owns this and is always ready to provide franchise. They also perform some scrutiny and offer the franchise license. The initial investment is Rs. 10 Lacs and the space requirement is 400 to 1500 square feet.

10) Café Indulge

Owned by a company of same name they also provide franchise and offer training and products along with the license. The initial investment is Rs. 1 Crore and space required is 500 square feet.
So, we now know about ten companies that are in Cafeteria business who gives franchise. You must try hard to get one of them to prosper. Before you proceed to have the franchise you must make yourself prepared to have the franchise.

The space that you select would be good if it is in a prime location or to a place where there are many offices. This will increase the foot fall of customers at your shop. Try to have trained personnel to work in your shop. These shops are not ordinary coffee shop but they are reputed so the customer base will also be of class. Your personnel must know the table etiquettes and should know the manner how to behave with a customer.

Coffee franchise opportunities in india

11) Classic Rock Coffee Co.

This is owned by company who is trying to expand in India and is willing to give out franchise. You can also apply and if found suitable you can be given the franchise license. The initial capital investment is Rs. 1 Cr. To Rs. 2 Cr. And the space requirement is 3000 to 4000 square feet. Though the investment is large then also it is profitable to have it.

12) Café Frespresso

This company is likewise trying to expand itself nationally and internationally. They have already some franchise outlets and are willing to give more. The initial investment is Rs. 5 Lac to Rs. 10 Lac. The space requirement is above 200 square feet.

13) Café Chocolicious

This company is also trying to expand all over the world and you can be a part of that. The initial investment is Rs. 5 Lac to Rs. 10 Lac and the space requirement is 150 to 200 square feet. They will scrutinize your application and then provide you with the franchise license.

14) Coasters Coffee

They are on the lookout of expanding nationally and they will be happy to give you the franchise if you full fill their pre requisite.  The initial investment is Rs. 10 Lac to Rs. 20 Lac and the space that you require is 200 to 1050 square feet.

15) Brew Bakes Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

They have also set up their mind to expand nationally and will give you the franchise license along with training and products. The investment is Rs. 5 Lac to Rs. 10 Lac and the space that you will require to set up the store is 100 to 2000 square feet.

16) Green Beans Coffee

They have also made up their mind to expand worldwide and will be happy to make you a part of that. You can apply and after certain consideration they will give you the license to open the store. The initial investment is Rs. 1 Cr. To Rs. 2 Cr. The space is up to you and you can select the space in a prime location.

17) Chuski

This company has taken up endeavors to expand nationally and will happily give you a franchise license. The investment that you require to set up the store is Rs. 2 Lac. To Rs.5 Lac. The space required by you to open a store according to their standard will be 100 to 300 square feet.

18) Love Latte

You can be a part of this company who is trying to open its branches nationally and internationally. They provide franchise if you can make an initial investment of Rs. 50 Lac to Rs. 1 Cr. The space requirement is up to you.

19) Chocoxpress

The company trying to expand nationally and internationally is giving franchise license to willing companies. The investment that required to be made is Rs. 2 Lac to Rs. 5 Lac. The space requirement depends upon you; it should be in such a place that you get customers to carter.

20) Caffe Bene Co Ltd.

They in their endeavor to expand nationally are giving franchise and you can also avail that. The initial investment is Rs. 10 K to Rs. 50 K. The space depends upon you and should be in a prime location.

21) Cafe Coffee Day Franchise

22) Starbucks Franchise

23) Cafe Mocha Franchise

The method of having a franchise is the same for all the above. You can apply online with all the necessary documents and they after scrutinizing your application can give you the franchise if they find you suitable. You need to pick the company that you want to have a franchise of by looking at their past performance so that you can also get benefit from that. 😉
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How to Start a Starbucks Franchise: Cost and Investments

Do you want to earn some more so that you can live a life that is of fun and enjoyment? There may be various ways of earning more. Getting a Starbucks Franchise is one of them. Let us see how we can get a franchise of Starbucks.

How To Buy A Starbucks Franchise In India

How To Buy A Starbucks Franchise

Let us first know what Starbucks deals with? They generally deal with tea, coffee, food and various other nutritional food and drink items. So, are you interested in owning such a store where you can serve people with those items and earn some money for you? Then continue reading as we find ways to take up such a franchise of Starbucks.

Starbucks Franchise Opportunities: How to Open Starbucks

The first are foremost thing that have to be done is to buy or hire a shop in a place where there is high traffic and you feel that items like those of Starbucks would sell. After owning the shop you need to apply for the Starbucks license. If they feel that you are capable of running a store of Starbucks they will approve your store and give you the Starbucks license. After they provide you with the license they will provide you with the products and necessary training to you and your staff.

There are definitely some initial costs that you have to bear. You have to spend some money to buy or hire a retail space and to get the general food license. You will have to spend some more in hiring staffs that will run the shop. You have to bear in mind that spending of money is required for doing the interior of the shop too.

There is definitely a fee attached with it. The fee depends on the location of the store, the service that you want to carter to and the demand of products that you want to sell.

Now the question arises what you can sell in a Starbucks franchise store. Starbucks believes in coffee culture, you can sell anything related to coffee in that store. They will provide you training necessary to enhance your knowledge of coffee.

The rule is the same if you want to open a Starbucks franchise in India. You have definitely to follow the above steps.

You must be very particular about selecting the position of you shop while you purchase or hire. Starbucks will offer the best in coffee that is available worldwide but you need to have customers to have those so that you can run your shop successful and earn some money which is one of the goals that you have.

In India they are coming up to start their business in collaboration with Tata Coffee. They will be opening their store along with Tata coffee in the retail outlets of Tata. So, you must try to have a retail store in any place that Tata coffee has retail.

You need to have a signed agreement between you and Starbucks so that it is made clear what help they will give and what you have to do to run the business in a successful manner. You must have a clear idea of the policies of them so that you can follow them in totality at your store. People coming to your shop should feel like they are not in a Starbucks shop. Take advice from Franchise managers to help you out in setting up the ambiance of the coffee culture shop.

Moreover tell your staff to have the training provided by Starbucks in a serious manner and follow those meticulously while working at the shop. People should never have the feeling that they are not actually in a Starbucks Shop.

So, are you ready with all these? Then without wasting any more time apply to Starbucks for the franchise as because if you are late you may lose the chance as there are many like you who want a franchise.

Starbucks Franchise Contact:

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Cafe Coffee Day - Cost, ROI and Application Process (Franchise Enquiry)

Food franchises are the ones that never go out of business in India. In a food loving country such as ours a food franchise is probably one of the best business ideas.For those of you who have always wanted to invest in a Cafe Coffee Day venture, we have got all the details regarding the franchise right here. Find out about investments required, leasing process and contact details of Cafe Coffee

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise

It might break the heart of all Cafe Coffee Day fans that it does not offer any franchise options in India. There are yet other options through which you can be associated with the franchise and earn good profit from their revenue. The advantage is that you will have to invest much less in such a business arrangement and the profits are assured. Following are the details you must know to associate yourself with Cafe Coffee Day.

How to start a Cafe Coffee Day franchise in India?

As we have already informed you that the company is not offering any further expansion. But if you have a commercial space or a place that can be commercially converted that you can renter lend on revenue share basis then you can enjoy the benefit of being partner to Cafe Coffee Day franchise.

Costs and Investments

For being associated with Cafe Coffee Day you will have to meet a few space requirements for leasing your land out. You must have a large commercial space or a commercially convertible space in a highly commercial area or the main market area which you can rent. There is a minimum space requirement of 1000 to 1500 square feet on ground floor space. A minimum frontage of 25 running feet and sufficient parking space are also important. If you fulfil the above criteria then you can easily apply for the franchise.

Application Process for Cafe Coffee Day Franchise

Applying for The Cafe Coffee Day franchise is simple enough once you have met all the necessary requirements mentioned above. You can contact any of the CCD franchises for initiating the talks on lending your space on lease. Keep an account of the following details as the contact person might ask you about them.

  1. Clearly mention the name of the person or group of people who own the space to be leased.
  2. The complete contact details of the person or group of people who own the place that must include email id, contact number and address details.
  3. Complete postal address of the space you intend to lend for the Cafe Coffee Day Franchise.
  4. Area and dimensions of the place you are lending.
  5. Frontage area of the space concerned.
  6. Demographic features of the catchment area for opening Cafe Coffee Day.
  7. Along with authenticate images of the space to be leased with different angles.
Following are the different regions where you can get in touch with the contact persons and get to know more about the franchise. Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune. For any queries leave your comments and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Best of luck with your coffee business.

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Quiznos franchise in India: Cost, support, application process and contact details

Want to own an American fast food franchise equivalent to Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell? Then Quiznos is without a doubt an extremely good option for you. It is popular, it serves great food and it makes great profits. Learn more about starting this franchise in India and details like cost of starting, support provided, application process, etc.

About Quiznos Restaurant

Quiznos was started in the year 1981 in Denver, US and has been serving quality food from ever since. At the present day Quiznos owns more than 4000 restaurants in above 35 countries. It was first started in India in the year 2011 in Hyderabad and has more than 15 restaurants and is looking for expansion by starting another 500 franchises, giving franchise aspirants a great opportunity. Quiznos aims to serve quality food which is not only different from the rest of the restaurants but has great synchronization with the taste of Indian People.

Training and Support

Quiznos provides great franchise support to all its franchisees. They help a lot in the marketing and advertisement of the franchise which is why the franchise earns huge profits. The franchisee also benefits from the global popularity of the franchise. They offer a highly professional business model and provide training programs to all franchise. This includes seminars that help in understanding the business. Company also helps the franchise to pick up an appropriate location or negotiating land on lease from which the franchisee could benefit the most. They have a 24x7 online support system a a problem solving system for the franchisees.

Cost and Investments

Starting Quiznos franchise in India will require an investment of 35 lakhs to 50 lakhs inclusive of franchise fees, architecture, furniture and other expenses. There is a minimum area requirement of 1400 square feet and the requirement for outlet is 1000 square feet. The profits depend a lot upon the location of the franchise which is most in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. It will also depend a lot on franchise management though Quiznoz franchise has a record of doing well and earning great profits.

Application Process and Contact Details

Quiznos has stationed two franchises in India one of which is for North and West region and the other for South region. For those of you who want to apply for the franchise can fill the online application form of the respective regional franchise where you have opted to start the franchise. You can ask questions about the franchise at the addresses given below.

Quiznos franchise in North and West region in India
The franchise for North and West India is owned by Sub One Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. which is in Delhi. They have more than 52 restaurants in 14 cities and are planning to expand the business by opening 75 more franchises. In order to apply for the franchise you can fill the form at the following link: The address of franchise is
2/8-9-10, Sarai Jullena,
Opposite 'Hotel The Suryaa'
Okhla Road, New Delhi - 110 025,
Phone no: +91 9810045719, + 91 9810391665

Quiznos franchise in South region of India
The Southern franchise is held by Apollo Elixirs Pvt. Quiznos have its restaurants in southern cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. There is not much scope for expansion of the franchise in the south but those interested can fill the application form at Following is the address of the franchise
Apollo Elixirs Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No - 40, Road No 07,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033
Phone number: +91 7893099004
Website of Quiznos India:
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How to start Hello Kids Franchise in India: Cost, investments, support and application process

Hello Kids Franchise is one of the best franchise business options and one of the reasons behind this is that it is the first preschool ever to aim its services towards the mediocre income group of the Indian society. Hello Kids Franchise is now scattering its units all over the district headquarters in India. This preschool has been widely accepted by people throughout India which is why it has great return on investment. Following article contains all the details regarding Hello Kids Franchise.

Hello Kids

About Hello Kids preschool franchises

Hello Kids is the first preschool that works along the lines of a non-Royalty model. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified pre-school and also the first preschool franchise of India. At present Hello Kids has over 240 schools in more than 22 states in India. The franchise aims to open more than 500 schools by December 2015 which opens a lot of opportunities for all those who are aspiring to start this franchise. The school has a highly organized curriculum and well maintained standards of education, to encourage the development of children in a good learning environment. The school is popular among people because of the reasonable and affordable fees that it offers so that their quality preschool education can reach the children of common middle class people.

Cost and Investment

Hello Kids franchise is the best franchise for those of you who have a low budget. The investment required is below 10 lakhs. The investment requires to start a Hello Kids Franchise will vary with the location of the school and the city that you have chosen. It is 2.5 to 3.5 Lakhs in rural areas and 3.5 to 4.5 Lakhs in urban areas. In metro cities like Bangalore the investment will be around 4.5 to 5.5 Lakhs. To start Hello Kids you must have 1000 square feet land in highly populated residential area on ground floor level. The franchise will have exclusive territorial rights. You can be assured about the profits as Hello Kids preschool has good returns.

Training and support

Hello Kids have the best training and support system throughout India. Proper training is provided to teachers. The management assists the franchisee in the development of the school, from exterior to interior designing, furniture, etc. The management will also assist you in the marketing process to ensure that the business does well. This will include strategies to promote the school as well as advertisements.

The management also helps you to design a good curriculum, selecting course books, designing brochures, etc. Technical support and training is also provided to the franchisee. The team at hello Kids will continuously upgrade the curriculum and modify all the necessary aspects continuously. Initially the team provides workers and staff to help the school flourish.

Application process

You can apply for the franchise by visiting the official website of Hello Kids preschool and navigate to the franchise page at Here you can fill all the details in the franchise enquiry form. You will then have to wait for the management to contact you with your business proposition.
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How to start Tree House play school franchise: Cost, ROI and contact details

Do you think it is smart to invest in Tree House play school franchise? Well the answer is yes. Preschool education is being recognized as an essential part of curriculum in India. Parents are realising the importance that preschool plays in a child’s life. In this scenario preschool franchises are a very profitable business. Tree House play school is one of the leading preschool franchises in India. We have all the necessary information required to start Tree School Franchise. Keep reading to learn more about starting Tree house play School.

Tree House play school

About Tree House preschool franchise

Tree House preschool franchise can be an ideal business option because you don’t require huge investment to start this franchise. It is one of the most reputed preschools in India. It has the largest number of branded self operated play schools. Tree House was awarded with the title of ‘fast emerging preschool in Western India’ by Economic Times. It was also awarded with the best PE/VC backed Education Company at VC Circle Annual award in the year 2013.

Tree House preschool franchise is known for the quality of support system that it provides to its franchisees. They carefully design the annual play school curriculum and update it from time to time. It also provides training the appointed teachers and helps in marketing strategies to promote the school and help make the business better. All of this makes the franchise a good business option considering the low investment it required.

Cost and Investment

For starting Tree House preschool franchise you need around 5 to 10 lakhs rupees in your pocket. Also, you require a minimum land area of 1000 square feet with play ground area. This area must be on ground floor. The school must have washrooms and proper ventilation. Franchise should be in agreement with the Society rules and with the terms of Municipality of Commercialization. Franchisee will have to develop a friendly and encouraging surrounding for the children. Teachers and staff must be carefully recruited so that they can add to the learning environment. The expected ROI will be about 50% with a break even period of 2 years. These are relative statistics and are directly dependent on the location of school and the city in which the school is started.

Application Process

You can apply for Tree House play school franchise by visiting the official website at There you will have to fill the details that are asked and some details related to the franchise.

Contact Details
You can ask all your questions by calling or emailing at the phone number and email address provided below. You can also ask your questions by mailing at the postal address or corporate office address given below.

Tree House Education and Accessories Ltd
Registered Office:
702 'C', Morya House,
Off New Link Road, Near Infinity Mall,
Andheri West, Mumbai- 400053
Corporate Office Address
301, Embassy Chambers,
3rd Road,
Khar West, Mumbai- 400052
Telephone: 022- 40169587 / 64572725 / 65295296
Email :
Website :
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How to start a Barista Lavazza Expresso coffee franchise: Investment, application process and returns

For those of you who are interested in starting a franchise business for a well flourished brand and not having to invest crazy amount of money then Barista Lavazza Expresso Coffee franchise is by far the best option for you. Get to know all about this franchise by reading the following article.

Get to know about Barista Lavassa Co Ltd

Barista Lavazza Company was founded in the year 2000 and has set a trademark for itself in the past 13 years. It is known for its Italian Coffee globally which is served at its outlet of Expresso bars and CrĂšmes. Barista Coffee Company Limited has more than 200 Barista Lavazza Espresso Bars and Barista Lavazza CrĂšmes in around 30 all over India.

Barista is a brand of Italian Company Lavazza which is known for being the 6th largest coffee roaster in the world and occupies 46.5% Italian retail market share in the World. Coffee chains in India are flourishing with time as the taste of the citizens is changing and demand is increasing. The return on Investment is quite good and it is an extremely profitable business if you start this business in a big market, mall or highly commercial area. Also you will have the benefit of being associated with a globally recognized Company.

Cost and Investment

The total investment required to start Barista Lavazza coffee bar franchise in India will be declared by the Company itself. According to some estimates the franchise cost will be somewhere around 50 lakhs which is the same costs as it is for franchise of its peers. There is also a minimum land requirement for starting Barista Lavazza franchise which is around 1000 square feet. The agreement of this franchise is signed for a period of 6 years which can be further renewed if the franchisee so desires.

The expected Return of investment (ROI) is about 20% and break even period will range from 4 to 5 years since the investment is not too high or too low, the break even period might differ from 5 to 7 years and might also be reduced if focused and consistent marketing is done. It will also depend on the location of the Expresso bar and is expected to be more in commercial and office areas.

Application Process

You can get to all about the franchise details by getting in touch with the Company personnel and discuss all your business ideas. You can choose an appropriate area for starting this franchise by checking out the complete list of Barista Lavazza outlet which is available on their official website

Contact Details
If you have any doubts regarding the Barista Lavazza coffee bar you can contact the corporate office located in Delhi. The contact person will listen to all your queries and answer all your questions. The address details and contact number are given below.

Contact person - Kumar Saurabh
Barista Coffee Company Limited
F1/9, First floor Okhla Industrial area
New Delhi -110020, India,
Contact Number: 011-49360900
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Adidas franchise and Authorised dealership in India: Investment, Requirements, Eligibility and Start up cost

Adidas is known for its exclusive range of footwear and the excellent quality sport accessories that it provides in its stores. It is a very profitable franchise with affordable investment costs. The following article consist all the details regarding the Adidas franchise and authorised dealership in India.


About Adidas India marketing Ltd franchise

Adidas! The name speaks volumes and there is an image that is created in your mind. It is one of the most popular sport brands and basically deals in sport shoes and sport related articles from the past 80 years. Adidas has developed a firm market for all the sport lovers and is appreciated throughout the world for its sport accessories. It has a reputation that precedes all other sport brands in the world which is the reason why it is such a profitable franchise.

Adidas has expanded its business in various countries all over the world as well as in India. The brand is still expanding as there is always a good demand for whatever Adidas has in store for its customers. It has started out in clothing which is quite in demand these days in India. Therefore a franchise of Adidas is promising and has a lot to offer in both the sports and clothing sector.

Cost and Investment

Considering the huge banner that Adidas is, the investments required for opening Adidas franchise and authorised dealership is not so huge. The complete investment required for the franchise dealership of Adidas will be around 30 to 50 lakh rupees. This cost includes various aspects like the franchise deposit, the furniture and the interior set up that is required for the showroom, fixture cost for the brand and marketing cost as required for the publicity of the showrooms location to attract customers.

There is a specific land requirement for this franchise. The land area should be between 1000 to 1500 square feet which should be located in a posh commercial area, a mall or big markets. Adidas has a record for providing great returns on investment which are around 15% with a break even period of 2 years. These figures are relative in respect to marketing strategy, business approach, contacts and several factors that play an important role in money making.

Application Process

Adidas is the leading sports brand in India that provides all kinds of sport related articles. Its popularity stretches way beyond India and is a franchise well known for earning huge amount of profits although the franchise is not easy to get. The application process is simple enough and you can apply on the official website of Adidas which is . In case you have any queries related to this franchise you can get in touch with the corporate office that is located in Gurgaon. The contact details of the franchise are given below.

Contact Details
Adidas India Marketting Ltd,
Plot No-93 Institutional Area,
Sector-32, Gurgaon
Contact Number: 0124 4569100
Fax Number: 0124 4569160
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Starting franchise of Fastrack Sunglasses, Fashion accessories: Investment, Application process & Contact details

Fastrack is a loved accessories and watch brand in India. It is a sub-division of Titan the market giant of watches. With a drastic increase in the demand of fashion accessories Fastrack has opened all its doors for making more and more profit and is popular among the young people for its fine quality articles. All the details regarding Fastrack franchise are given below.


Scope of Fastrack Sunglasses and accessories franchise and profits

Fastrack was opened as a sub brand of Titan in 1998 and since then the brand has come a long way be it the earnings and profits or reputation. The very first Fastrack showroom was opened in Pune and now there are more than 125 showrooms of Fastrack in India this day. Fastrack is believed to be a youth brand which is popular for its sports watches and sunglasses. Fastrack also started a range of bag and accessories in the recent years and has flourished its business since then. The brand was started with the purpose of providing an exclusive accessories and watch brand for the youth who like spending on brands and these kinds of articles. Fastrack has been known to make good amount of profits and is quite popular among the people for each article it sells. The brand is not exhaustive yet and there is a lot of scope for expansion.

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start a Fastrack franchise will range from 30 to 50 lakh rupees. This cost is inclusive of the franchise fee, maintaining the interiors and billing counter & software expenditure. There is a minimum floor area requirement of 800 to 1000 square feet. It is important that the land should be available on commercial area like big markets, malls, and large business squares. The location of the showroom is an essential factor because the return on investments largely depends upon the area in which the showroom is located. With good management and business strategy an ROI of up to 30 to 50% can be achieved. There are some cities preferred by Fastrack franchise where you can open the showroom. They are Pune, Baroda, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Indore, Bhopal and some other big cities and capitals.

Application Process

For starting a Fastrack franchise of watches and other accessories or to be listed as a distributor you can easily apply on the official website of titan at Here you will have to provide all your contact details and some of your personal details as well.

Contact Details

For doubts and questions regarding franchising business you can also contact the registered office as well as the corporate office. The contact details are given below.

Registered Office: Titan Industries Limited
3, Sipcot Industrial Complex, Hosur-635126
Phone Number: +91-(0)4344-664199
Fax: +91-(0)4344-276037

Corporate Office: Titan Industries Limited,
Tower A, Golden Enclave, Airport Road,
Karnataka, India
Telephone: +91-(0)80-6660 9000, +91-(0)80-6660 9027, +91-(0)80-6660 9028
Fax: +91-(0)80-2526 9923, +91-(0)80-2526 3001

Fastrack & Accessories
Help desk contact number: 1800-266-0123
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Lakme Salon franchise India : Cost, start up requirement, profit on investment

Lakme is without a doubt the most reputed and appreciated beauty brand in India. It is the first choice when any aspect of beauty comes to our mind. Whenever we think about any beauty brand the first one comes in our mind is Lakme. A Lakme franchise can now be yours and you can easily be part of the business by reading this article.
Lakme Salon

What Lakme Salon franchise offers as a business venture?

Lakme is one of the most initial beauty brands and has maintained its business as well as market ever since. It is probably women’s most preferred beauty brand for hair, skin and cosmetics. Looks are essential to some extent and women in this era believe in being presentable and looking attractive and hence the beauty market flourishes at its best. Since Lakme was the first saloon chain in India, its reputation precedes all others and is well known for its best beauty services provided throughout India for the past 50 years.

Lakme professions have the best cosmetic and beauty care training with which they are able to provide the best and most intensive care for most women throughout India. Lakme has a total of 175 saloon chains running across the globe out of which 135 are functioned by franchise. Since Lakme is a well known beauty brand there is no chance at all that the business will not work out well. Therefore it is considered one of the best brands to start a franchise with for those who want to start out in the beauty industry.

Cost and Investment

For starting a Lakme saloon franchise an investment of 30 to 50 lakhs is required comprising of the franchise fee, interior decoration, furniture, fixture cost and few other expenses necessary for the business. This investment varies from city to city depending on the developed and developing areas. For a Lakme saloon the minimum land area required is 800 to 1200 Square feet which should be in a commercial or residential area for the business to run properly. The agreement of Lakme franchise is of 5 years which can be further renewed. ROI percentage is expected to be 18% and the lump-sum payback period of the investment of one franchise is around 3 years.

How to apply?

You can easily apply online for the Lakme salon franchise. All you have to do is provide all your details on the franchise enquiry page of the official Lakme website given as follows: . You need not worry about the marketing, training or the assistance as they will all be provided by company itself. For all the doubts and queries you can contact the corporate office of Lakme situated at Mumbai.

Address and contact details
You can easily connect with Lakme via Phone or meet the managers at the corporate office at the following address.

Lakme Liver Ltd.
1st Floor, Shree Nivas House,
H Somani Marg, Behind Bombay Gymkhana,
Fort, Mumbai – 400001
Contact number: +91 22 39832117
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