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Top 10 Travel Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Travelling does not only bring joy and refreshment in ones monotonous life but now it can also become a source of income for you. Yes, you heard it right. These days travel and tour industry is emerging as one of the fast growing industries all round the world. If you also wish to try your luck in this industry then given below are top 10 travel franchise opportunities that can help you in setting a bench mark in this field:

Tours and Travel Franchise Business In India

India Travel Franchise Business

1) Make my trip:

This name is not new to you. Make my trip is an online travel franchise that carries good reputation in travelling business. The company offers its franchise at various rates depending on the locality of operation. The total investment may vary from 5 lakh to 16 lakh. 

2) Goibibo:

Another best online travel franchise opportunity in India is Goibibo. This brand is gaining high popularity these days. To avail its franchise, you need to have an investment of reasonable amount. It provides its customer with apps to book flights, trains and hotels. Also they have cash back offers that attract a lot of customers. Hence it ensures a good investing option to you.

3) Yatra:

Its sole motto of “making happy travelers” has helped it in earning trust of the masses. Its exclusive offers have enabled it to expand its franchise from 29 to 100 over the country and still continue to expand further. Hence it is a good idea to invest in this fast growing company.

4) Cleartrip:

Cleartrip pvt. Ltd. is another big name in online travel franchise field. Also it is a low investment brand with good returns. It offers both domestic and international services to its customers. It is trusted and established brand among the people.

5) Happymiles:

It is an exclusive brand that is one of its kind in this field. It blends perfectly education as well as the travel business. It also offers training in travel business. You need to have an investment of 10 lakh to 15 lakh along with a floor area of 200 to 250 sq feet to avail its franchise. It is one of the largest service providers in travel business in India.

Travel Agents Business Opportunity in India

6) Easemytrip:

This is yet another prime name in online travel agency business. It has a large franchise chain including 1200 outlets all over the nation and seeking to expand it further to tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the country. It is trustworthy name in providing best customer services and products in travelling business.

7) Cox and kings:

This is travel agent franchise that is renowned travel company that offers both domestic and international packages to its customers. You need to have an investment amount of 10 lakh to 15 lakh along with an operating area of about 250 to 1000 sq feet. It also provides you with assistance for the ones who are new in this field. Hence it assures a investment opportunity for you that will enables you to lay a solid foundation of your business. 

8) Akbar tours and travels:

This travel agent franchise providing company was established back in 1978. It still enjoys the benefit of being one of the most prominent travel agency in India. Initially its prime motive was to look after tourism sector but soon it expanded its roots to travel industry. Further, it expanded to help the budding businessmen in this field. It keeps on reinventing its outlook with changing taste and preference of the customers. Hence, investing on it is one of the investment options for your business with assured good returns.

9) Thomas cook franchise:

Thomas cook franchise is another offline travel agent franchise brand that enjoys good customer relations. It has an international repo and wishes to expand its wings in India also. It has settled its travel partners in around 130 cities in India and offers its franchise to along with other business requirements. They offer a complete package of assistance and franchise opportunities to its partners.

10) SOTC franchise:

It is already an established name in the travel field and has been operating around 85 franchise outlets over the nation. It mainly offers international packages including the corporate ones. It assures complete satisfaction of its customers and hence assures good returns to its partners. 😊
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Top 10 Retail Franchise & Business Opportunities In India

Are you looking to see your fortune in a franchise business? Then you must be looking for such opportunities? A franchise business is one in which the company gives you the opportunity to use their company name and logo but do the business yourself.

They will be helping you from the back like giving you training, products and if there is a necessity then with personnel also to manage the store. Let us look at some franchise business opportunity in India.

Best Retail Franchise Business In 2017

Best Retail Franchise In India

1) Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is a food chain that is running successfully in India for quite some time. They offer franchise in order to increase their business and give you the opportunity to have a business with which you can also flourish. The company has reputation worldwide and has 10000 outlets in 70 countries.

Don’t you want to be a member of that company? You can easily be by taking franchise. There are 552 franchises and you can be the next one. It is truly profitable to have such a franchise as the market share of Domino’s is 62%.

Dominos Pizza Franchise

2) Lakme

Will you like to be associated with any beauty product company? Lakme with a business of 50 years gives franchise and you can avail that. The name is sufficient to draw customer to your shop.

They will be providing you with products, training and personnel to run your business in a profitable manner. The profit margin that they offer is lucrative and you will really profit from the store. They look forward to giving franchise so, grab the opportunity.

Lakme Salon Franchise

3) Gelato Vinto

Gelato offers foods and beverages to customers. They also like to give franchise and you can avail that opportunity. The ice creams of Gelato are quite different than the ones that we generally see. People will like the taste of the food and beverage that will be available at your store and you will love to have the profit. The price is also a factor that will draw people to your store.

4) Archies

People definitely require gifts and cards for any occasion. If they find an Archies outlet they will look no further but buy from there. So, why not take a franchise. Archies is really ready to give franchise. If you take a franchise you will be having the training and product of the reputed company.

5) Apollo Clinic

You will be really fortunate if you get a franchise of Apollo Clinic. They are the leaders in health care and by taking a franchise you can be a part of that.

If you see the success rate you will be astonished it is 85%. So, the margin of profit is also more from these franchises. You will be requiring 4000 square foot of space and the initial investment is also big. But if you can manage that then you will be the king after some years.

Apollo Clinic Franchise

6) US Dollar Store

Do not be confused by the name. It is a departmental store that offers everything that one needs. They are ready to give franchise also. They at present have 15 franchises and are ready to give more. Initial investment is about 5 to 10 lakhs. But do not worry about the investment you will be able to make profit in sometime.

7) Go Foodiezz

If hospitality sector is your liking then you can go for this franchise. The company offers food and beverages that your customer will like. They are ready to give franchise and you can have it. They help you to run your business efficiently and will help you to gain profit. You will need to have space and some initial investment. They also offer training, products and personnel to run your business.

8) Jawed Habib

Do not back away thinking that it is a barber shop? It is a shop that is more in demand than a beauty salon. So, if you can have their franchise and you will really love that you have taken it after sometime.  You will need space and a bit high initial investment but the profit margin will make you laugh in sometime.

Jawed Habib Franchise

9) First Choice

If you like to be involved in automobile industry than be associated with Mahindra First choice. You will love to be a part of this company and they will help you out to run the business in a profitable manner. You will be requiring a space of 800 square foot. There is need of initial investment but by the help of the mother company you will make profit in sometime.

First Choice Franchise

10) Reid & Taylor

Taking a franchise of this company will make you a reputable business man in few years. The company is ready to give franchise. The space required is 1200 to 2500 square foot and an investment of Rs.3000/- per square foot.

Here we shared Best Retail business franchise in india. I hope you will find your suitable retail franchise from this list, do comment below if you face any problem regarding franchise. 😊
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Top 7 fast food franchise chains in India that make great money

Fast food franchises are the ones which make the largest amount of profit among all other franchises. The sole reason behind this is that the Indian people have a love for food and they accept cuisines and recopies of all cultures. Apart from Indian fast food, American and Chinese foods are most preferred here. Then comes the admiration for Italian and several others follow. The idea of food franchises works great in India because people here are keen to try food of various cultures. This is the reason why South Indian food is loved in North India and North Indian food franchises earn a great deal in South India.

People have hugely accepted fast food culture in the past two decades and fast food franchises have been flourishing ever since in India. Besides the fact that there is tremendous amount of competition, food franchises never go in loss because the demand for fast foods like burgers, doughnuts, pasta, etc is growing day by day. The taste of Indian people is moving drastically towards fast food. For this reason food franchises from all over the world want to invest in India and the ones who already have are enjoying the huge profits they make. There being so many food and beverages franchise makes it confusing for you to choose the right one. Franchise Advice has taken initiative to help you in this regard.

Top 7 fast food franchise businesses of India

Selecting the right franchise from all those big names is the first and most important task when you take the initiative to start a franchise business. There are three franchises that do not offer their business further but you can make good money by renting them a place for their restaurants and they are McDonalds, Dominos and Cafe Coffee Day. The rest of the franchise options are open for you and you can apply a franchisee if you have the right amount of investment money with you. Following are the seven best food franchises in India irrespective of the order. All of them are doing great business. Check out the details and help yourself in making the right decision.

  1. KFC: one of the brands with highest ROI
    KFC franchise requires high investment which will be around 1 crores in India but this is one of the most profitable food franchises in India. The above investment is exclusive of the 4% royalty fee on net sales. You can expect a return on investment within 2 to 3 years. This clearly shows the huge amount of business the franchise does. It is quite popular among the non-vegetarian society and people of all religion. To learn more about the franchise like contact details and application process, etc. you can check out the detailed article at Franchise Advice.

  2. Pizza Hut: the largest pizza restaurant in India
    Pizza Hut is without a doubt the largest and best pizza franchise in India. It is one of the most successful enterprises of the Yum! The investment required to start Pizza Hut is around 2 crores and a franchise fee of around 15 lakh rupees. There is also a royalty fee of 6% on sales. The quality food of the franchise has led it to one of the food market leading brands and serves a large number of customers throughout India.

  3. Subway: Fast emerging with good profits
    Subway is counted among the world’s largest food franchises and is gaining speed in the Indian food market. It serves above 39 thousand people in more than 102 countries. Subway has a preceding reputation among the Indian people as it takes care of the food related customs and does not serve beef or pork in India. To start a subway restaurant you need an investment of 25 to 30 lakhs. Apart from this you also have to pay the one time franchise fee of 4.5 lakhs and for the second franchise it will be 2.25 lakhs. Subway has great advertisement schemes from which all franchisees benefits.

  4. Taco Bell: one of the top three food franchises in India
    Taco Bell is another brand of Yum! It caters according to the Indian taste and has an amazing menu which is widely appreciated. Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas, veggie chalupas, Potato and Paneer are some of the food items that are part of the menu along with a Mexican essence. Taco Bell requires a huge investment of around 3 crores but the franchise has a good return on investment. To know more about Taco Bell franchise go to Franchise Advice.

  5. Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR): another one of best Yum! franchises
    KRR also belongs to the food market giant Yum! To start Kenny Rogers Roasters you will require an investment of around 1 crore inclusive of franchise fee and a floor area of minimum 2500 square feet in a highly commercial area. KKR serves the best roasted chicken and has gained popularity from other varieties of chicken it serves. The return on investment is quite is good. Learn more about this franchise at Franchise Advice.

  6. Newyork Pizza & Fried Chicken (NYPFC)
    New York Pizza & Fried Chicken is the newest among the leading fast food franchises and requires a low investment. It is an ideal option for the businessmen who are looking for a low cost food franchise business. The brand has done great not only in India but also in countries like Australia and Africa within its few years of business. You will need 50 lakh to 1 crore to start this franchise and there is no franchise fee. There is only a service tax that you need to pay which is considerably less and the profits are good.

  7. Quiznos: serves different and serves best
    Quiznos is yet another franchise that is catching up in the race of successful food franchises in India. It serves a unique American platter that is unique and good in quality. Quiznos is looking for expansion in northern and western parts of India therefore there is a lot of scope for new businessmen to start a new Quiznos franchise. Investment required to start this franchise will be around 30 to 50 lakhs which is relatively low considering the investment required for other food franchises.
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Ways to conduct a product and market research for a franchise business

Franchises are a complicated affair. The reason behind this fact is that one needs to know the franchise business thoroughly so as to choose the right franchise to invest the money. Collecting a huge sum of money and applying for a franchise is a disastrous way to start even for those who have less idea about the market. There are a lot of businessmen who start a franchise business to benefit from the huge consumer market in India but only few of them become successful. In order to become a successful franchisee it is very essential that you do a rigorous market research to thoroughly understand the franchise business.

market research

How does market research helps in understanding franchise business?

Every business requires an immense amount of input and besides the money a larger part of this input is the research that is required to be done. Similar is the case for franchise business. Being a franchisee you have to do a great deal of research and analysis of market survey, area survey, risk calculation and other such aspects. Research is dire regardless of the fact that franchise management assists you with everything from the setup to the product selection. You can reduce the risks in business with efficient research and learn how to take better decisions to ensure that your business flourishes. Focus on learning the management strategies so that you can maintain your reputation in the market and eventually the profits will start following. Make sure that you know every nook and corner of the market and business area so that no unexpected situation can affect your business. Following are some approaches you can use to conduct an efficient market research in order to become a successful franchise business owner.

Get to know your product better in order to become a successful franchisee

Quantitative research is what you must focus on primarily and ensure that you collect all the right and accurate statistics. Soon after deciding the product with which you want to launch yourself in the franchise market (for instance, foods and beverages, or fashion garments, etc) make sure that you start the research. Try to find out the popularity of the product among the people and its demand in the market. Search answers for questions like:

  • What are the benefits of this product category over others?
  • What are the advantages of this particular brand?
  • What kind of customers will you entertain? Or, the kind of customers that will buy this product?
  • Is this business seasonal? Which are the seasons when the sales are recorded highest or lowest?
  • How should you plan for low sales periods?
  • What kind of experiences can you expect with this product as an entrepreneur?
  • What kind of business record does the product have so far?

Note: Bigger companies can be understood like large cap equity investments. They might be less volatile but also remember that they don’t get good returns. Small and medium business ventures might take their time to flourish but have larger scope for growing and they have proven to outlast larger brands in a stable market.

After getting done with the product research, you must take time to study the market.

Also see: Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India: Best play schools with maximum ROI

Market & area research for franchise business

Ask yourself the following questions regarding the market and area that you have chosen to start the franchise business:
  • Do you have competitor brands in the area that you have chosen?
  • Does the brand provide you with exclusive territorial rights?
  • What kind of customers will you find in the selected vicinity?
  • Are there any shops nearby that could affect your sales in a positive way? For example, if there is a garment shop nearby the cafeteria that you own then there is a good probability that people buying the clothes will stop at your cafe for a beverage or snack.

Market research tips and techniques for franchise businesses

Qualitative analysis and interview method can be a very effective approach. Interviewing people about the product that you want to launch can be of great help in market research for franchise businesses. Try a luring approach and keep your options broad open for offers and hampers to entice the crowd in return for their views and cooperation in your survey. This is one of the best approaches to attract crowd and conduct an effective survey. Following is an example that you can use to execute your survey properly.

Sample market survey for franchise business owners

Imagine that you are about to start a fast food chain franchise, and your largest group of customers are the young adults. What you can do is arrange interviews for different group of young adults which includes rich, middle-class, employed, working part-time, unemployed, pursuing higher education, living on their own, living with parents, single, in a relationship, spender, frugal, male, female etc. With such a versatile crowd you can conduct a great survey by asking following questions:
Their ideas about the product.

  • Why will they chose to buy the product?
  • When do they most want to buy the product?
  • Is the product a necessity or a leisure product?
  • Ask them to picture and characterize the product.
  • What will be their regularity of window shopping and actual sales?
  • What is their idea about the product or the brand in comparison to peer brands?
  • Their suggestions and feedback.

What are your franchise business market research tips?

Your advice is our most valuable asset. For any other strategies on market and product research you can connect with us and share your views. Leave your comment and suggestions because your advice is essential to us.
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Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India: Best play schools with maximum ROI

With increasing number of people realising the importance of preschool education and the role it plays in the development of children. Therefore there is a great scope for preschool franchises in India. Another thing to be noted is that preschool franchises do not require a large amount of investment. You can start some of the best preschool franchises in India within an investment of Rupees 10 lakhs. There being a lot of options for preschool franchises that you can choose from creates a lot of confusion. You will also want to keep the particular requirements of these franchises as well as the return on investment in mind. Following are the top 5 preschool franchises in India with the best ROI.

Is play school franchise a profitable business in India?

Preschool franchise is probably the best investment option after food & beverage franchises. This is a business that never goes out of demand. Education is becoming one of the most desired assets in the Indian society. Parents want the best for their kids and they know the first step in development of their child is preschool. The Indian society is now richer and spends a lot on their children’s education for the desire of getting the best for their children. Therefore preschool franchise is one of the most profitable businesses and has a lot of scope in India. You can choose from some of the best playschools listed below which are not only popular among people but are also known for their quality of education.

Five most profitable play school franchises in India

This list is compiled with the help of expert advice and the information collected from various surveys. Following are the 5 best preschool franchises in India that are highly regarded by the Indian parents. Check out the details and select the franchise that best suits your requirements and budget.

  1. Kidzee: India's number one preschool franchise firm
    Kidzee School
    Kidzee has been highly acclaimed by the Indian crowd and is the best preschool education provider in India. It is the largest Asian pre-school chain which administers more than 900 schools in over 330 cities. Kidzee was also entitled as India's franchisor of the year in all sectors in the year 2010. You can start a Kidzee preschool with an investment of Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs. 2500 square feet is the area requirement for this franchise.
  2. Tree House: India's fastest emerging play school franchise
    Tree House play school
    Tree House is also a renowned preschool franchise in India and one that you must consider. It has good rate of investments and is quite popular. Not long ago it was named the fastest emerging preschool franchise in Western India by Economic Times. It was also rated as the top 10 innovative Companies in India by Tree House play school can be started within an investment of Rs. 10 lakhs and the area requirement is 1000 square feet on ground floor.
  3. Hello Kids: The NO Royalty preschool franchise chain of India
    Hello Kids
    Hello Kids should definitely be on the list of your preferred preschool franchises; reason being that it is one of the best preschools in India that has no royalty fees. This adds on to the benefit that you will have to invest even less than you thought by saving the royalty fees. The investment required to start this franchise is about 10 lakhs and the area requirement is 1000 square feet or more. You will have the exclusive territorial rights of the Hello Kids unit that you will start. With 40-50 kids enrolled in the school, expected ROI is 100%.
  4. Shemrock: India's first preschool chain franchise
    Shemrock Playschool
    Shemrock has a reputation that precedes the rest of the preschool franchises in India being one of the oldest preschool franchises. It has over 175 branches in various cities of India and is still expanding its business. Shemrock Group of Schools was award the Franchisor of the Year in Education: Pre SchoolM by Franchise Plus which is one of India's best franchise business publications. You can start this franchise with an investment of 10 lakhs and the area required is 2500 square feet.
  5. Euro Kids Preschool Franchise in India: Nearly 900 units & counting
    Euro Kids Preschool
    Euro Kids is another one of the top preschool franchises in India. This franchise is looking for expansion so there is a lot of scope for grabbing the business. Euro Kids nursery school franchise in India can be started with an investment of 10 to 15 lakhs INR. Area requirement is 2000 square feet.
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