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NIIT Technologies Franchise Business Opportunity In India

 In today's highly digitized and computer scoped world, India has also emerged as a hub for these Technological Industries.

Initially NIIT was completely involved in imparting computer education but throughout these years of development and digitization, it has become India's leading Global Talent Development Corporation. NIIT cannot be compared with any other computer institute which has ever entered the Indian Education Sector.

How to Start NIIT Technologies Franchise

NIIT Technologies Educational Franchise

NIIT continuously contributes to the Indian Business and Trade Sector by providing them with highly trained Indian human resources.

NIIT has spread its roots in 40 other nations where it runs successfully. NIIT is training Indian students in the mainstream fields which have emerged as employment providers to the Indian people like Finance, IT and Banking and Commerce etc.

It also imparts training in Management, Vocational courses and Business Process Management. India witnesses around 3500 NIIT centers in India itself imparting computer education to students so that they can ensure their future.

As fruitful is the NIIT sector as hard is its preparation. It requires a lot of investment and only after fulfilling all these requirements, this tree will bear some fruits.

During the year 2010, Franchise plus Magazine awarded it Franchiser of the Year Award for Education and Information Technology. In 2011, The Economic Times had declared NIIT as the Most Trusted Education Brand through after a survey it conducted in the year 2011. Through its employment oriented courses has kept itself into a great notice due to which it received a lot of prestigious awards.

Franchise India awarded NIIT as the Best Franchise to work for Award and again Franchise India awarded it the Best Education Company to work in award.

All the above facts prove by themselves the value proposition the becoming a Franchise for NIIT brings with it.

If an individual wants to start an NIIT Technological Educational Franchise, he/she has to fulfill its requirements.

NIIT has declared some of the requirements to establish one of these educational franchises.
First of all, the individual needs to have a free hand to support the franchise financially.

The minimum required to become one of the NIIT Franchise is around 17 to 25 lakhs only and if one can invest more to make the franchise appear high classed with all high class facilities, the amount sums up to 40 to 50 lakhs.

Then the major requirement is of the space which is around 1500 to 3000 square feet.  All this is enough to start a franchise. Once it has become a franchise, NIIT itself will provide the franchise students all study material online. At last the individual`s job is limited to finding best tutors to explain the stuff to the students.

With all the Marketing and advertisement Support, Systems and Training Support offered by NIIT to its Franchisees success is just a door away for NIIT Franchisees.

Success is just a small leap away after you fill all the desired requirements and just applying through the Application Form which is available on the NIIT Official Website and after that the experts will get in touch with you to guide yourself throughout the process.

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How to Start Delhi Public School Franchise In India & Abroad

Education is transforming into a gainful business in India and abroad especially when it ends up being a school. Earlier were days when few brands were there for schools and understudies expected to chase down different schools at better places especially when their people were in transferable occupation. In the blink of an eye at most of the tremendous urban regions we have check schools like DAV, Delhi Public school.

How to Take a Franchise for Delhi Public School DPS

How to Open Delhi Public School Franchise

Delhi Public School (DPS) is a champion among the most settled brand of school and every understudy ache for learning at DPS and every delegate who need to run a school yearn for having foundation for Delhi Public school.

Delhi Public school was started as a singular school taking after CBSE instructive modules at Mathura Road Delhi in 1949, then another branch came in at R.K.Puram, Delhi in 1972 and now it is a fundamental National brand in the field of guideline with 150 branches all over India and 13 Delhi Public Schools in 10 unmistakable countries to be particular.

How to Get Delhi Public school franchise in India and abroad? 

To get a franchise of Delhi Public School, one should be informatively adequately qualified and the dictum should be to spread quality preparing through this establishment. Need of land zone should be 2500 sq ft for a preschool and no less than 2 areas of land for an auxiliary school. There should be open play zone, independent get to, affixed washrooms, awesome ventilation and a protected space.

For underwriting of site by DPS a charges is required which is refundable. Once the site is settled a Memorandum of Undertaking is set apart with DPS organization and around then 30% of allow costs is to be paid as advance. Consequent to denoting the MoU, one can start improvement and rest measure of allow charges is to be paid once the advancement is over in the wake of consenting to foundation game plan.

The foundation proprietor should teach DPS organization before moving to get extended support from them for its progression, planning and enrollment of staffs. Without a doubt, even after the school starts steady touch with DPS society is to be kept up for ace insight and to keep up the standard of guideline for which DPS is known.

Delhi Public school Franchise: Costs, charges, and advantage or return of hypothesis 

There are three sorts of DPS foundation depending on the wander and land open, preschool, review school and auxiliary school. As said above the area required is specified. Apart from that about Rs. 8-10 lakhs is the fundamental wander near the improvement cost of the school. So if we figure signify hypothesis including region, advancement and distinctive charges about Rs. 35-40 lakhs will be the base theory to start the foundation of Delhi Public School.

Distinction charged from the foundation of Delhi Public School is 20% of the instructive cost costs of understudies considering in that branch. Distinctive costs charged are for planning, examination et cetera which is total least.

Where to start Delhi Public School foundation in India and abroad

Business choose says that where demand is progressively and supply is less, the business will without a doubt be viable there, in this way best place for opening DPS is not the metros but instead tinier urban groups and town where people can hold up under the cost of good guideline and arranged to pay however there is lack of significant worth and standard schools especially a trusted brand of school like DPS.

  • Web:
  • R.O.: DPS, C Block, Yamuna Puram, Bulandshahr.
  • Reg. Office: DPS Campus, Main Road, Madhubani
  • E-mail:,,
  • Call:  +91-8979897799, +91-9557994197

You can check at the site of DPS and enquire the branches viably open and after that select any extraordinary city where expansion is more yet there is no branch of DPS. 😃

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Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India: Best play schools with maximum ROI

With increasing number of people realising the importance of preschool education and the role it plays in the development of children. Therefore there is a great scope for preschool franchises in India. Another thing to be noted is that preschool franchises do not require a large amount of investment. You can start some of the best preschool franchises in India within an investment of Rupees 10 lakhs. There being a lot of options for preschool franchises that you can choose from creates a lot of confusion. You will also want to keep the particular requirements of these franchises as well as the return on investment in mind. Following are the top 5 preschool franchises in India with the best ROI.

Is play school franchise a profitable business in India?

Preschool franchise is probably the best investment option after food & beverage franchises. This is a business that never goes out of demand. Education is becoming one of the most desired assets in the Indian society. Parents want the best for their kids and they know the first step in development of their child is preschool. The Indian society is now richer and spends a lot on their children’s education for the desire of getting the best for their children. Therefore preschool franchise is one of the most profitable businesses and has a lot of scope in India. You can choose from some of the best playschools listed below which are not only popular among people but are also known for their quality of education.

Five most profitable play school franchises in India

This list is compiled with the help of expert advice and the information collected from various surveys. Following are the 5 best preschool franchises in India that are highly regarded by the Indian parents. Check out the details and select the franchise that best suits your requirements and budget.

  1. Kidzee: India's number one preschool franchise firm
    Kidzee School
    Kidzee has been highly acclaimed by the Indian crowd and is the best preschool education provider in India. It is the largest Asian pre-school chain which administers more than 900 schools in over 330 cities. Kidzee was also entitled as India's franchisor of the year in all sectors in the year 2010. You can start a Kidzee preschool with an investment of Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs. 2500 square feet is the area requirement for this franchise.
  2. Tree House: India's fastest emerging play school franchise
    Tree House play school
    Tree House is also a renowned preschool franchise in India and one that you must consider. It has good rate of investments and is quite popular. Not long ago it was named the fastest emerging preschool franchise in Western India by Economic Times. It was also rated as the top 10 innovative Companies in India by Tree House play school can be started within an investment of Rs. 10 lakhs and the area requirement is 1000 square feet on ground floor.
  3. Hello Kids: The NO Royalty preschool franchise chain of India
    Hello Kids
    Hello Kids should definitely be on the list of your preferred preschool franchises; reason being that it is one of the best preschools in India that has no royalty fees. This adds on to the benefit that you will have to invest even less than you thought by saving the royalty fees. The investment required to start this franchise is about 10 lakhs and the area requirement is 1000 square feet or more. You will have the exclusive territorial rights of the Hello Kids unit that you will start. With 40-50 kids enrolled in the school, expected ROI is 100%.
  4. Shemrock: India's first preschool chain franchise
    Shemrock Playschool
    Shemrock has a reputation that precedes the rest of the preschool franchises in India being one of the oldest preschool franchises. It has over 175 branches in various cities of India and is still expanding its business. Shemrock Group of Schools was award the Franchisor of the Year in Education: Pre SchoolM by Franchise Plus which is one of India's best franchise business publications. You can start this franchise with an investment of 10 lakhs and the area required is 2500 square feet.
  5. Euro Kids Preschool Franchise in India: Nearly 900 units & counting
    Euro Kids Preschool
    Euro Kids is another one of the top preschool franchises in India. This franchise is looking for expansion so there is a lot of scope for grabbing the business. Euro Kids nursery school franchise in India can be started with an investment of 10 to 15 lakhs INR. Area requirement is 2000 square feet.
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How to start Shemrock Playschool franchise: Cost, investments, ROI, Application Process and Contact Details

For all of you who aspire to start a Shemrock preschool franchise in India, we have all the necessary details for you that you need to start the franchise. To learn more about Shemrock Playschool keep reading.

Shemrock Playschool

Is Shemrock preschool a profitable franchise in India?

Preschool franchises business is strategically the best business idea. Reason behind this is that preschool franchises requires investment below 10 lakhs and have great returns on investment. With the heightened awareness for preschool education these days, the chances of a preschool franchise flourishing are even more. Shemrock is in itself a name that every businessman wants to benefit from. It has been awarded various awards for its achievements in education business.

Cost and Investments

To start a Shemrock franchise the investment required is Rupees 4 to 8 lakhs which will vary with the location of the school to the city the franchisee has chosen. There is also a franchise fee of Rs. 1 to 5 lakhs which varies from city to city. There is a minimum land requirement of 2500 square feet that must be on ground floor. There is a royalty fee applicable which will be around 15% of the total fees collected from the school as franchise fees. The business growth depends upon location of the school but Shemrock Playschool has good returns on investment.

Training and support

Shemrock Playschool franchise has one of the best support programs. It can be understood as a four phase support system and the four phases are as follows.

  1. School Infrastructure: management at Shemrock will send interior designers, carpenters, painters to develop the infrastructure.
  2. Training: Shemrock franchisees have to undergo training which is held at a training branch or the franchised location.
  3. Ongoing Assistance: franchisees are guided throughout the development of the school and even beyond. The franchise can also look forward to the management to get governance support and other help. The management also provides the curriculum and keeps revising it to be up to date with the education system.
  4. Marketing: Shemrock Preschool excels in advertisements (print as well as electronic media) from which every franchisee benefits. Marketing strategies are also set by the management for the promotion of the school in order to enhance business.

Application Process

Application process for Shemrock School is quite elaborative and you will have to be particular regarding details. Firstly send the pictures proposed location with map, building layout and other blueprint details. It takes minimum 2 weeks for the management to consider your proposition and respond after which you will be sent an agreement which you will have to sign. School exteriors and interiors are the management’s responsibility. Every franchisee must undergo the training program and follow the guidelines to develop your school.

Contact Details

For any queries you can type your questions in the enquiry form online from at franchiseproposal.php at the official website of Shemrock Playschool. You can also send your queries to the corporate office at the address given below.
Shemrock Heritage (2nd Floor),
Block- F, Behind Jai Apartment,
Sector 9, Rohini,
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How to start Hello Kids Franchise in India: Cost, investments, support and application process

Hello Kids Franchise is one of the best franchise business options and one of the reasons behind this is that it is the first preschool ever to aim its services towards the mediocre income group of the Indian society. Hello Kids Franchise is now scattering its units all over the district headquarters in India. This preschool has been widely accepted by people throughout India which is why it has great return on investment. Following article contains all the details regarding Hello Kids Franchise.

Hello Kids

About Hello Kids preschool franchises

Hello Kids is the first preschool that works along the lines of a non-Royalty model. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified pre-school and also the first preschool franchise of India. At present Hello Kids has over 240 schools in more than 22 states in India. The franchise aims to open more than 500 schools by December 2015 which opens a lot of opportunities for all those who are aspiring to start this franchise. The school has a highly organized curriculum and well maintained standards of education, to encourage the development of children in a good learning environment. The school is popular among people because of the reasonable and affordable fees that it offers so that their quality preschool education can reach the children of common middle class people.

Cost and Investment

Hello Kids franchise is the best franchise for those of you who have a low budget. The investment required is below 10 lakhs. The investment requires to start a Hello Kids Franchise will vary with the location of the school and the city that you have chosen. It is 2.5 to 3.5 Lakhs in rural areas and 3.5 to 4.5 Lakhs in urban areas. In metro cities like Bangalore the investment will be around 4.5 to 5.5 Lakhs. To start Hello Kids you must have 1000 square feet land in highly populated residential area on ground floor level. The franchise will have exclusive territorial rights. You can be assured about the profits as Hello Kids preschool has good returns.

Training and support

Hello Kids have the best training and support system throughout India. Proper training is provided to teachers. The management assists the franchisee in the development of the school, from exterior to interior designing, furniture, etc. The management will also assist you in the marketing process to ensure that the business does well. This will include strategies to promote the school as well as advertisements.

The management also helps you to design a good curriculum, selecting course books, designing brochures, etc. Technical support and training is also provided to the franchisee. The team at hello Kids will continuously upgrade the curriculum and modify all the necessary aspects continuously. Initially the team provides workers and staff to help the school flourish.

Application process

You can apply for the franchise by visiting the official website of Hello Kids preschool and navigate to the franchise page at Here you can fill all the details in the franchise enquiry form. You will then have to wait for the management to contact you with your business proposition.
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How to start Tree House play school franchise: Cost, ROI and contact details

Do you think it is smart to invest in Tree House play school franchise? Well the answer is yes. Preschool education is being recognized as an essential part of curriculum in India. Parents are realising the importance that preschool plays in a child’s life. In this scenario preschool franchises are a very profitable business. Tree House play school is one of the leading preschool franchises in India. We have all the necessary information required to start Tree School Franchise. Keep reading to learn more about starting Tree house play School.

Tree House play school

About Tree House preschool franchise

Tree House preschool franchise can be an ideal business option because you don’t require huge investment to start this franchise. It is one of the most reputed preschools in India. It has the largest number of branded self operated play schools. Tree House was awarded with the title of ‘fast emerging preschool in Western India’ by Economic Times. It was also awarded with the best PE/VC backed Education Company at VC Circle Annual award in the year 2013.

Tree House preschool franchise is known for the quality of support system that it provides to its franchisees. They carefully design the annual play school curriculum and update it from time to time. It also provides training the appointed teachers and helps in marketing strategies to promote the school and help make the business better. All of this makes the franchise a good business option considering the low investment it required.

Cost and Investment

For starting Tree House preschool franchise you need around 5 to 10 lakhs rupees in your pocket. Also, you require a minimum land area of 1000 square feet with play ground area. This area must be on ground floor. The school must have washrooms and proper ventilation. Franchise should be in agreement with the Society rules and with the terms of Municipality of Commercialization. Franchisee will have to develop a friendly and encouraging surrounding for the children. Teachers and staff must be carefully recruited so that they can add to the learning environment. The expected ROI will be about 50% with a break even period of 2 years. These are relative statistics and are directly dependent on the location of school and the city in which the school is started.

Application Process

You can apply for Tree House play school franchise by visiting the official website at There you will have to fill the details that are asked and some details related to the franchise.

Contact Details
You can ask all your questions by calling or emailing at the phone number and email address provided below. You can also ask your questions by mailing at the postal address or corporate office address given below.

Tree House Education and Accessories Ltd
Registered Office:
702 'C', Morya House,
Off New Link Road, Near Infinity Mall,
Andheri West, Mumbai- 400053
Corporate Office Address
301, Embassy Chambers,
3rd Road,
Khar West, Mumbai- 400052
Telephone: 022- 40169587 / 64572725 / 65295296
Email :
Website :
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Learn about Kidzee School: Franchise cost, training, support, returns and application process

Kidzee school franchise is one of the best investment options within the range of 10 lakhs. It is one of the most prestigious preschool franchises in Asia. It has the most advantageous curriculum for children and a developing environment where children get to learn. Following article contains all the details you need to know about this franchise.

Kidzee School

Is Kidzee school franchise is a good business option?

Kidzee now has more than 900 schools in more than 330 cities in India. It has more than 1350 units in more than 500 cities all over Asia. It has been the winner of “Franchisor of the Year” award in 2014 at the Franchise India Awards 2014 in Delhi. Kidzee provides the best preschool experience to students with its centric learning methodology called iLLUME. With iLLUME they have encouraged children to learn more and more in the best learning environment. More than 250 entrepreneurs become a part of Kidzee franchise every year. It has known to bag extremely good returns on investment and is one of the most profitable franchises in India. The best part is that you don’t need an insanely large sum of money to start this franchise.

Cost and Investment

To start a Kidzee School franchise the investment required will be around Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs. The minimum land area required to start this franchise is around 2500 square feet. One year is the expected payback period for this franchise. The expected ROI is 200% in just 4 years. The performance of the Kidzee school franchise is directly proportional to the location of school and city as well. But it is one of the best franchises in India within an investment range of 10 lakhs. The agreement of the franchise is done for 4 years which can be renewed if the term was successful.

Training and support

Kidzee school franchise provide over the top support before and even starting the franchise. Pre launch support as well as advertising and marketing support is provided by the franchise. They will also assist in interior designing and development. Staff training is also a part of their support program.

Application Process

There is not much headache in applying. All you need to do is visit the official website of Kidzee and apply for Kidzee franchise school and fill the prescribed contact form.

Contact Details
There are manuals available at regional offices with detailed descriptions. Regional offices also undertake the franchise training of Kidzee. To ask any questions regarding the franchise you will have to fill the prescribed contact form. There is no particular contact number, postal or email address provided for contacting Kidzee.
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Arena Animation franchise: Capital required, Start up cost and Application process

Arena Animation is one of the best options if you want to start a business franchise in the field of education. It is one of the leading animation institutes not only in India but all over the world. It is known for its skill enhancing courses and the best faculty among the students. This institute has good returns on investment and the industry is supposed to rise up as the demand of technical education is increasing day by day. Following are all the details you should know for starting Arena Animation franchise.

Arena Animation

About Arena Animations franchise

Arena Animation is one of the leading animation institutes if India and has seen the heights of success and is at the peak of its business from last 17 years. It has trained more than 4 lakh students in the field of animation and graphics in more than 20 countries. They are highly reputed when it comes to providing training and support system and are well known for franchise starting aid. They provide best training to faculty members and the staff of the institute. The curriculum is very strategically designed for the enhancement of skills of the student body so that they get best placements.

Arena Animation institute and its courses has been awarded many awards and recognition. Some of the awards are listed below:

  • Runners up for short animated film “Cecelia”- The Balcony girl at 4th International Cinema today award 2011
  • Winners in animated short film “The Roars”- 4th Cinema today awards 2011
  • Best animation award in Student category for film “Use Me”- Miniboxoffice in International film festival 2012
  • Best animation award in student category for film “The Wings”- Bhumika International film festival 2012
  • Best Pepsi Calendar design- The Pepsi calendar 2012 design contest

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start Arena Animation will be different for different cities. For the metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai the estimated investment is around 30 to 40 lakhs. The cost for other metro and tier I cities will be around 25 to 35 lakhs. In the remaining cities the investment required will be around 22 to 30 lakh rupees. The floor area requirement for Arena Animation will depend upon the number of classes, offices, etc that the centre will require. ROI will depend upon the location of the centre as well as the city you choose to open the franchise in, the estimated time is 2 to 3 years.

Application Process

You can apply for Arena Animation training centre by visiting their official website The form will require some of your details like name, contact number and your email id. You can also learn more about Arena Animation by downloading the brochure from the website.

Contact Details
For any queries related to the franchise you can get in touch with the corporate office of Arena Animation or simply send them an email regarding your doubts.
Aptech Limited, Aptech House,
A-65, MIDC, Marol, Andheri (East),
Maharashtra, India
Phone Number: 022-28272300
Corporate Office Number: 1-800-209-1444
Fax Number: 022-28272399
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Starting Euro Kids Preschool Franchise: Startup cost, Profit on investment, Application process

Preschool business is something where you can easily invest without worrying about the high start-up costs and get great returns. There is a constant demand for schools in India these days and people are realising the importance of preschool learning. This is the reason that Preschool business has high growth rates. Get to know all details about starting Euro Kids franchise given below and be the owner of the next Euro Kids preschool.
Euro Kids Preschool

About Euro Kid pre-school franchise

Euro Kids is among the best preschools in India and has more than 885 preschools in 311 towns and cities of India. They are well known for their professional program of training kids at preschool. This is the reason it is a successful franchise chain. Euro Kids is also well known for its book publishing company which ranks in some of India’s largest children’s book publishing companies. The first Euro Kids School in India started in 2001 and in less than two years Euro Kids opened its 100th branch in Lucknow in 2003. Euro Kids has seen great success in the preschool franchising business and has earned great profits and returns in quite efficient returns. In 2010 Euro Kids research foundation was formed by the name “Cerebelum”. They provide tremendous amount of support and training to the teachers that teach in the preschool. They work constantly on skill enhancement of the children which is the reason why people on Euro Kids for quality preschool learning.

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start Euro Kids is from 10 to 15 lakh rupees. This is the cost for the setting up the school and all the furniture, inclusive of the start-up franchise fee. There is a minimum area requirement of 2000 square feet in a residential area. Maximum area should be on ground floor that must include a playground. The architecture must include wash rooms and proper ventilation must be facilitated.

Euro Kids is a growing franchise and a successful educational business to start. The profits vary from location to location. The growth of the business is directly proportional to good management skills. But most of the people who started Euro Kids franchise have profited from the business and have made good returns in a reasonable amount of time.

Application Process

Visit the official website of Euro Kids oppor/franchise enq.html. Here you will find an application form that you will have to fill. For more information you can call +91 22 61565650 and clear all your doubts with Mr. Amit Singh, National Business Manager – Euro Kids. The location of the franchise is decided only after a discussion with franchisor.

Contact Details
For any queries and doubts you can contact the corporate office of Euro Kids that is located in Mumbai. Details are given below.

EuroKids International Private Ltd
Dani Corporate Park, 1st Floor,
158, Vidyanagri Marg,
Kalina, Santacruz (East),
Mumbai-400 098
Contact Number: +91 22 61565656
Fax: +91 22 66924704
SMS: EUROKIDS to 56677 (this service is limited to India)
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How to start American Kidz play school franchise: White collar business with low investment high return

Starting a business can take a lot of investment and start-ups costs can be a big headache. With all the franchises now starting in various fields it can sometimes be confusing to decide where you want to invest as a businessman. Well there is an easy solution for all such problems because we have a franchise that gives high profits and the investment costs are very low. American Kidz Play school is a franchise that you can start within a few lakhs and make enormous amount of profits with good start-up revenue and a very less royalty fee.
American Kidz play school

About American Kidz

American Kids provides you with a simple business model where you can start the preschool at very low investments and you can have great returns once you choose the location smartly. All this becomes even easier because the team helps you to develop the school and advertise it in the right way to ensure that the message of good preschool learning is received by the parents. You will not have to worry about spreading the word as American Kidz is already a well renowned preschool and is quite popular for its best English training.

American Kidz provides the best English training and is highly recommended as it has 22 years of teaching experience. It was started in India in the year 1991 and is now spread in about 400 cities and towns. They provide a motivating and fun environment for children to learn even more. American Kidz is a business worth investing in as it is both fun and requires very little investment and the profit rates are quite high.

Cost and Investment

For starting American Kidz Preschool Franchise you require around Rupees 2 to 5 lakhs including the franchise fee and cost required to create a preschool aura. The land for this preschool should have area from 1200 to 1500 sq ft and should be developed at ground floor. A playground is dire and the school must be in residential area with good ventilation and attached wash rooms. A negligible amount of royalty fee of 5% is there.

The return of investment of American Kidz in the beginning is around 30 to 40% depending on the site of the school hence making this franchise very profitable. It is a 3 year franchise agreement which can be further renewed.

How to apply?

To apply for the American Kidz preschool franchise, check out the following link . After filling the form you can send it to the Managing Director at corporate office in Meerut. For a franchise in your town you can call Amod K Bhardwaj at the following numbers +91-9319115832, +91-9319305832. The office number is 0121-4010944. The final location will be finalized by the franchiser after the discussion.

Contact Details
American Kidz Play School
179/5, Nai Sarak, Shastri Nagar,
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)
Phone: 0121-4010944
Fax: 0121 4010944
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All about Aerokids preschool franchise : Low investment, high profit business with no royalty fee

For those of you who want to start a franchise without having to invest too much Aerokids is the best investment without the requirement of crores. All you need is 1 lakh and since it is such an admired pre-school you will soon start getting profits and at reasonable fees too. Get to know all about Aerokids from the investments to the land required.

What’s good about Aerokids?

Aerokids preschool requires very little investment hence making it affordable for everyone and there is a lot of scope of expansion in the business. There are choices within the packages and advertising is provided as part of every package regardless of the investment. This is what makes this franchise very reasonable and efficient as far as the franchise investment is concerned.

Cost and Investment

The investment for Aerokids preschool can vary between 1 to 5.5 lakhs INR. You can choose from the following packages for Aerokids franchise.

  1. With an investment of 1 to 1.5 lakhs, advertising and printing, Materials used in school, 3 years of franchise fee as well as taxes and franchise kit are provided as support.
  2. With an investment of 2 to 2.5 lakhs, curriculum, school furniture, decoration, play ground equipment, educational toys plus all that in package 1 is provided as support.
  3. The investment in this package is 3 to 4.5 lakhs including all that is there in package 2 for support as well as training fee of teachers which is Rs. 25000, floor mats and fence for playing area.
  4. Package 4 requires investment of 5 to 5.5 lakhs provides white boards for teaching and all that in package 3.
The amount of material provided depends on the package and increases with the enhanced packages. It is dire for the school premises to have 1000sft to 3000sft of area with a playground in residential location. There must washrooms attached to building and the surroundings must be soothing with proper air ventilation. The best part is that there is no royalty fee for Aerokids preschool franchise making it easy to gain profits which certainly depends upon the location as well as the city.

Applying for the franchise

All the details and answers to your queries regarding Aerokids franchise is given at

The states where Aerokids provide franchise are North-New Delhi, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Gujarat, Rajisthan, Maharashtra, Goa, East Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Orissa, South Kerela, Karnataka, Tamil Naidu, Andhra Pradesh, Central Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand.

Among the union territories are Andaman and Nicobar, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu. Master franchises are also available in these states for those of you who want greater profits. The franchisor finalizes the location of the Aerokids franchise. For queries you can connect with their corporate office located in Karur.

Location, Address and Contact Details of Corporate office
Aerokids International Preschool
Gandhi Nagar, 2nd Cross,
Thanthondrimalai, Karur - 639005.

Registered office of Aerokids India
Aerokids Education Pvt Ltd.
33A, Thendral Nagar
Ganapathipalayam, Thanthoni,
Karur- 639005, Tamil Nadu.
Ph: +91 8056387465 / +91 8695864660
E-mail :

Regional coordinator offices of Aerokids India preschool for franchise enquiry
Mrs.Suganthi P
Contact: +91 8056387465
E-mail :

Mr.Thomas Y
Contact: +91 8861681736
E-mail :
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