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Dosa Plaza Franchise In India: Requirements, Investment and Cost

Dosa plaza was first started in Navi Mumbai in 1998 and is considered as one of the largest and the fastest emerging food franchise in India. Dosa plaza has constantly grown and is currently available in 12 different states. So are you thinking to open a Dosa Plaza Franchise in India? Then before opening one you need to have a brief information regarding the requirements and cost that will be indulged in opening a Dosa plaza and later on about the profit you will earn from the same.

The major secret behind the success of the Dosa plaza is the varieties of the Dosa available, in total 104 types of delicious Dosas are available with Dosa plaza with 27 being trade mark dosas.

Dosa Plaza Franchise and Investment

Dosa Plaza Franchise In India

Overall there are two different models of the Dosa plaza franchise, one is Food Court Express and the other is Dinning Restaurant. In this case, the requirements, cost and the profits of them are different as per the model of the Dosa plaza one wish to set up, however we will have a clear view of these two models in the below post.

Dost Plaza Food Court Franchise: Requirements, Cost, Menu and Royalty

Firstly, let us have a look on the Dosa plaza food court franchise.

  • The delicious Menu of the food court franchise is: 104 varieties of delicious Dosas, Pav Bhaji, Wadas, Filter Coffee, South Indians Meals, variety of Idli’s.
  • The area requirement for the Dosa plaza food court franchise is: around 300 square ft of kitchen and counter 100 square ft stores. Overall total of around 400 square ft area is required in order to establish a dosa plaza food court franchise.
  • The fees of the franchise is around 8 lacs.
  • The complete Royalty fee is 8 percent.

Dosa Plaza Dinning Restaurant: Requirements, Cost, Menu and Royalty

  • The franchise investment for Dosa plaza Dinning restaurant is around 55 to 60 lacs.
  • The delicious Menu of the food court franchise is: 104 varieties of delicious Dosas, Pav Bhaji, Wadas, Filter Coffee, South Indians Meals, variety of Idli’s, Chinese, fresh juices and Punjabi dishes.
  • The area requirement for the Dosa plaza food court franchise is: around 400 to 600 square ft of kitchen and counter ft stores, 800 to 1400 square ft dinning 100 to 200 sq. Overall total of around 1300 to 2200 square ft area is required in order to establish a dosa plaza Dinning restaurant franchise.
  • The fees of the franchise is around 12 lacs.
  • The complete Royalty fee is 8 percent.

NOTE: Franchise investment does not include property cost.

Applying for Dosa plaza franchises

One can easily apply for the Dosa plaza franchise as it is just a click away. You just need to visit Official Dosa plaza website and fill up the dosa plaza application form and send it to the mentioned email address. If they like your application then they will get back to you with further details.
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Nokia Mobiles Franchise or Dealership: Cost, ROI, Application Process and Contact Details

Nokia is undoubtedly one of the best mobile phone brands that are there in the Indian market and is certainly the people’s choice. Having seen its popularity and the quality that the brand has created, it is one of the best options to start out in the telecom franchise business. Despite of the rising competition in the market, Nokia has maintained a solid stand as the leading mobile phone brand. To know more about Nokia franchise and the application process you need to follow, read the following article.

About Nokia India franchise and dealership

Nokia Mobiles Franchise

Nokia has been a brand associated with trust and quality all over the world. It not only has the best technology but also offers a huge range to cater to the needs and budget of different people. Nokia is quite well established in India with a plant in Chennai and a Research and Development wing in Bangalore.

Nokia has been bagging glory from the past several years in the field of mobile phones and has expanded its reach in the sub- continents. It has more than 1,90,000 outlets in its distribution network. Nokia has over 650 priority dealers across India and nine Nokia 'concept stores' to enhance consumer mobile experience. The best part of Nokia is that it offers a great support system to all its franchisees, all the while assisting in marketing and making good business out of the franchise. It is a globally known brand and with such a great reputation the chances of profits are amplified. It is one of the few franchises that require less than 30 lakhs of investment.

Nokia came to India in the year 1995 and has made a huge presence in the telecom market ever since. New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad are some of the big cities that have Nokia franchises. Apart from this there are Research and Development departments at Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. With it wide range of Pan India products, Nokia entered the franchise market in the year 2000.

Nokia has training programs for all its franchisees that are new to the business. It provides training, gives SOP manuals, dummy display and live demo device, distributor support, Solution Specialist/Promoter, POSM, retail planogram, etc. to provide further assistance in running the franchise.

Nokia Franchise Cost and Investment

The overall investment required starting a Nokia franchise or dealership in India is about 20 to 25 lakhs which is inclusive of the consignment fee, furniture, fixture cost, interiors, and marketing expenditure. Nokia priority dealers must have minimum area of 500 to 600 square feet whereas Nokia Concept stores require minimum area of 1200 to 1500 square feet. It is preferred that this are be in a commercial area or a busy market place in metro pr tier 2 cities. For a Nokia priority dealership or Nokia concept stores, it is necessary that the franchisee has a minimum of 5 employees.
The expected ROI is 15% with a break even period of 2 to 3 years. These figures can vary as the above depend a lot on the location of the store and marketing strategies. Dedication making and various other factors also contribute to the profits made by the store.

Nokia Mobile dealership Application process

Application process for the Nokia franchise is set up online and is quite simple to start with. Aspiring franchisees can get dealership or franchise of Nokia by just following up a few simple formalities. The rest depends much on the management who go through all the details and decide whether the candidate fulfils the desired criteria of the brand. All candidates can apply online on the following website:

Contact Details

In case of any queries regarding the franchise or other matters you can get in touch with the regional office located at Gurgaon. You can also connect with them via phone, fax or can simply reach out to them and learn about them from their official website. All the contact details of Nokia India are given below:

Nokia India,
SP Infocity,
Industrial Plot no. 243
Udyog Vihar, Phase 1,
Dundahera, Gurgaon,
Haryana - 122016

Contact Number: +91 124 4833000
Fax Number: +91 124 4833099
Email id:

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Starting Domino's Pizza franchise: Cost & Return on Investment

Domino’s Pizza is the giant of the fast-food chain market. It is the leading pizza brands in India ever since it was established in the year 1996. It is one of the most successful food chain franchises in India with a huge ROI. You can find investment, land requirement and contact details below. So read along and be the owner of the next Domino’s Pizza Franchise.

Domino's Pizza

About Dominos Pizza franchise

Domino’s Pizza in India is managed by Jubilant FoodWorks Limited who also manages the Dunkin Donuts food chain in India. The franchise was taken by Jubliant Food products in 1995 and the first store was started in Delhi in the year 1996. This franchise can only be opened in partnership with Jubilant FoodWorks Limited who makes all the decisions regarding the business. Domino’s Pizza franchise has more than 550 restaurants in more than 130 cities in India till date

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most successful franchise businesses in India. The brand got huge acknowledgement soon after it was started which is why you will never have to worry about the marketing and advertising of the franchise. It has also proven to be successful in suburbs and small towns with good management skills.

Cost and Investment

Since Domino’s Pizza is such a huge and popular franchise the investment is obviously going to be big. Dominos Pizza at present has 387 units owned solely by the brand and other 9653 franchise spread all over the world which are highly profitable business ventures. The investment required in India to open a Domino’s Pizza franchise is around 65 lakhs to 2 crores. This cost is reduced for transitional and non-traditional stores. These types of stores require investment around 30 to 50 lakhs respectively.

There is also a royalty fees for Domino’s Pizza franchise and that is 5.5% of the store’s weekly royalty sales. This fee is 4% for transitional and non-traditional stores as advertisement cost is low for them. There are also 1.5% audit expenses, 1500$ for transfer, 1000$/session for training. The charges for testing and evaluation, indemnification, cost of enforcement are separate from the above charges and vary from place to place. The annual software enhancement fee is also charged which is 415$ per year. These charges may vary in Indian currency. Domino’s Pizza franchise is different for different categories of investors, i.e. internal franchise for those who have previously worked with the company in posts like General Manager and so on (minimum duration is an year) and external franchise for the rest.

Land Requirement

Though it is always profitable to open a Domino’s Pizza Franchise in market and malls in big cities but due to urbanization in big cities people have largely accepted western food and pizza is one of the most loved western foods. Therefore Domino’s Pizza has also proven to be successful business in sub-urban areas. Another benefit is that land in suburbs is cheaper than land in big cities.

Contact Details
Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Registered & Corporate Office
B214, Phase II, Noida-201305
Contact Number: +91-120-4090500
Fax Number: +91-120-40905599
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Adidas franchise and Authorised dealership in India: Investment, Requirements, Eligibility and Start up cost

Adidas is known for its exclusive range of footwear and the excellent quality sport accessories that it provides in its stores. It is a very profitable franchise with affordable investment costs. The following article consist all the details regarding the Adidas franchise and authorised dealership in India.


About Adidas India marketing Ltd franchise

Adidas! The name speaks volumes and there is an image that is created in your mind. It is one of the most popular sport brands and basically deals in sport shoes and sport related articles from the past 80 years. Adidas has developed a firm market for all the sport lovers and is appreciated throughout the world for its sport accessories. It has a reputation that precedes all other sport brands in the world which is the reason why it is such a profitable franchise.

Adidas has expanded its business in various countries all over the world as well as in India. The brand is still expanding as there is always a good demand for whatever Adidas has in store for its customers. It has started out in clothing which is quite in demand these days in India. Therefore a franchise of Adidas is promising and has a lot to offer in both the sports and clothing sector.

Cost and Investment

Considering the huge banner that Adidas is, the investments required for opening Adidas franchise and authorised dealership is not so huge. The complete investment required for the franchise dealership of Adidas will be around 30 to 50 lakh rupees. This cost includes various aspects like the franchise deposit, the furniture and the interior set up that is required for the showroom, fixture cost for the brand and marketing cost as required for the publicity of the showrooms location to attract customers.

There is a specific land requirement for this franchise. The land area should be between 1000 to 1500 square feet which should be located in a posh commercial area, a mall or big markets. Adidas has a record for providing great returns on investment which are around 15% with a break even period of 2 years. These figures are relative in respect to marketing strategy, business approach, contacts and several factors that play an important role in money making.

Application Process

Adidas is the leading sports brand in India that provides all kinds of sport related articles. Its popularity stretches way beyond India and is a franchise well known for earning huge amount of profits although the franchise is not easy to get. The application process is simple enough and you can apply on the official website of Adidas which is . In case you have any queries related to this franchise you can get in touch with the corporate office that is located in Gurgaon. The contact details of the franchise are given below.

Contact Details
Adidas India Marketting Ltd,
Plot No-93 Institutional Area,
Sector-32, Gurgaon
Contact Number: 0124 4569100
Fax Number: 0124 4569160
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Starting Dr.Bhtra's Franchise: Cost, Land requirements and Returns

Dr Batra's is the giant homoeopathy franchise chain well recommended by people worldwide. The franchise is planning to expand its business even further and wants to open more clinics as told by the CEO Akshay Batra. It is a good business opportunity to start out in the health and medical field. All the details about the Dr Batra clinic are provided below.

All about Dr Batra's franchise homoeopathy clinic

Dr. Batra's clinics have been well known for their quality of medical services and homoeopathic treatments. This health franchise has more than 100 clinics all over the country where more than 250 homoeopath professionals aim to provide you with attention and the best solution for your medical conditions. This is the reason why Dr Batra’s clinic is so widely approved and admired by the patients. It is one of the world’s largest homoeopathic clinic franchises and their popularity says a lot about them. The management of Dr Batra’s franchise clinic announced in the year 2011 that they are looking forward to open 300 clinics in India and since the medical chain has not yet exhausted itself; there is a lot of scope for expansion. It has estimated a growth rate of 200% in homoeopathy which is an excellent percentage. The process of opening a Dr Batra’s clinic are quite simple and you can find out all about the franchise by reading the rest of the article. This franchise has estimated a considerate growth rate and has registered quite impressive profits as well as return on investment therefore it is a good business option.

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start a Dr Batra’s franchise is not very high. You need around 20 to 30 lakhs rupees in your pocket to open a Dr Batra’s clinic. The land required for the clinic is 300 square feet which should be in the commercial area as it increases the chances of the business flourishing and is a more preferable location option for clinic. The agreement of the franchise is for 5 years which can be later renewed.

Nothing can be assured in business but the probability of success of Dr. Batra’s clinic is quiet high and it has good reputation in the society therefore the expected return on investment is 60% from this health care chain. To simply put this up we can also say that you will get your capital investments back within half a year or maximum of two years. You will have to get the territorial rights because you cannot start the clinic before that.

Support and training

Dr Batra’s corporate house is well acclaimed for the support and training programmes they provide. The training is detailed and the members of the staff are trained quiet well. The knowledge about each product is given and all the skills are further enhanced. The team assists you in developing the interiors of the clinic, designing in detail and recruiting members of the staff. For more details on how to open a Dr. Batra’s franchise clinic you can contact at the web address
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Subway Franchise In India: Cost, Investments, ROI

Subway is a great option if you want to invest your money in food franchises. It is one of the most loved food franchises in India and has around 39 thousand restaurants in more than 100 countries. It has gained popularity in India and is spreading its units throughout the country. India now has about 353 Subway franchises which are working out very well. The application process for Subway is quite easy and you can get all the necessary details in this article and be the owner of the next Subway franchise in India.

Benefits Subway franchise restaurant

The major advantage of Subway is that the investments are relatively low as compared to other food franchises. The land requirements are also quite reasonable and affordable. Subway wants to start a thousand franchises in India as told by the Economic Times which means that there are a lot more franchises to be opened and you are not out of options even when the locations are considered. The brand is always in for spreading the business and you can take the advantage of this opportunity. Subway has a food chain that suits all the religious beliefs in India as no beef or pork is served in the restaurants. They have a huge vegetarian platter keeping in mind the taste and Indian food style and completely separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens.

Cost and Investment

The investment requirements for A Subway franchise in India have not been clearly mentioned by the company. There are some analysis that can shed some light on the required investment for Subway franchise in India, the returns that you can expect and also the ROI and other financial matters. You must have 25 to 30 lakh rupees to start a Subway food franchise. There is also a franchise fee for the first franchise which is of 4.5 lakhs approximately and another 2.5 for the next one. 3.5% and 8% are the advertising and royalty fee respectively which is charged directly on the net sales.

For Subway franchise you must have land area of about 170 square feet for opening the food court and for non-food court you require a minimum area of 350 square feet and 8 people minimum in the staff. You require additional one lakh as the running cost. You can expect 40 to 50 percent return on your investment which is quite good an amount.

Application Process

You can become the owner of a Subway franchise in India by following the simple three step process.
  1. Get a business brochure from Subway and read all about the business details that are provided there and learn what they expect from you as a business partner.
  2. Provide all your details in the franchise application and submit it.
  3. You can clear all your doubts and ask questions from the Franchise Sales Department or Regional Sales Manager.

Contact Details
Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd.
B11/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II
New Delhi-110020
Telephone: 011 41754035, 011 41708082
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Ashok Leyland Dealership & Authorized Service Centre: Cost, Area, Requirements, Profit

Ashok Leyland dealership is one promising franchise that has proven to give good returns. For those of you who want to know about starting a franchise with Ashok Leyland, all the details are provided below. Get to know about the investment costs, land requirements and other details now.

Ashok Leyland

About Ashok Leyland franchise dealership showroom and authorised service centre

In the year of 2012-13, Ashok Leyland has made massive turnover of 2.3 billion US dollars. The buses of Ashok Leyland carry around 70 million travellers all over the world. It is also the largest supplier of vehicles to the Indian Army. They have in the past few years ventured with a Japanese Nissan Motor company for business in the category of light commercial vehicles and John Deere from USA for configuring and equipment. The Hinduja Group has a reputation that evokes trust in people and leads the business well.

Cost and Investment

The investment required for Ashok Leyland franchise will be from 25 to 30 lakhs. It is important that you have the same amount of money reserved to invest on service infrastructure to comply with the company standards. The land requirement of Ashok Leyland franchise is 12000 square feet that can comprise 4 bay areas. Besides all these requirements there are also some standard requirements that make it necessary for your franchise to develop good customer relationships with all clients to enhance the business.

Ashok Leyland dealership franchises are also available but the investment cost is much higher from the cost of opening the Ashok Leyland service centre. To become a partner of the company you also need to fulfil a land area requirement of 2o to 50 thousand square feet facing NH or SH. It is also expected of you to have great marketing and servicing abilities. You must also be able to provide infrastructure according to the requirements of the company.

Application Process
The application for Ashok Leyland is available on the official website and you can download the form in PDF format. The website is for the service centre form. For the dealership form check the link You will have to fill some of you present business details, personal details, contact information as well as the site that you have chosen to set up the franchise. Fill the application form and send it to any of the following address.

Head Office (south Zone): Ashok Leyland, Network Development, No.1 Sardar Patel Road, Guindy, Chennai 600 032. Contact number: 09094040990 / 9840851402 / 0444 – 22206401 / 044 – 22206296

UP and Rajasthan (North Zone): Zonal Manager-North, Leyland House – IV Floor, Plot no.76, Institutional Area, Sector 32, Gurgaon 122 001. Contact number: 0124 4264950 / 4629022 / 4629000

Goa (West Zone): Zonal Manager – West, Electric Mansion, Appa Saheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025, Maharashtra. Contact number: 022-24305460/24305093

Odisha, North East (East Zone): Regional Manager – Kolkata, 1, Auckland Palace, Kolkata 700 017. Contact number: 033-22831674 / 22831675 / 22831808.
For more queries you can send your email with the questions at
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