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Top 10 Travel Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Travelling does not only bring joy and refreshment in ones monotonous life but now it can also become a source of income for you. Yes, you heard it right. These days travel and tour industry is emerging as one of the fast growing industries all round the world. If you also wish to try your luck in this industry then given below are top 10 travel franchise opportunities that can help you in setting a bench mark in this field:

Tours and Travel Franchise Business In India

India Travel Franchise Business

1) Make my trip:

This name is not new to you. Make my trip is an online travel franchise that carries good reputation in travelling business. The company offers its franchise at various rates depending on the locality of operation. The total investment may vary from 5 lakh to 16 lakh. 

2) Goibibo:

Another best online travel franchise opportunity in India is Goibibo. This brand is gaining high popularity these days. To avail its franchise, you need to have an investment of reasonable amount. It provides its customer with apps to book flights, trains and hotels. Also they have cash back offers that attract a lot of customers. Hence it ensures a good investing option to you.

3) Yatra:

Its sole motto of “making happy travelers” has helped it in earning trust of the masses. Its exclusive offers have enabled it to expand its franchise from 29 to 100 over the country and still continue to expand further. Hence it is a good idea to invest in this fast growing company.

4) Cleartrip:

Cleartrip pvt. Ltd. is another big name in online travel franchise field. Also it is a low investment brand with good returns. It offers both domestic and international services to its customers. It is trusted and established brand among the people.

5) Happymiles:

It is an exclusive brand that is one of its kind in this field. It blends perfectly education as well as the travel business. It also offers training in travel business. You need to have an investment of 10 lakh to 15 lakh along with a floor area of 200 to 250 sq feet to avail its franchise. It is one of the largest service providers in travel business in India.

Travel Agents Business Opportunity in India

6) Easemytrip:

This is yet another prime name in online travel agency business. It has a large franchise chain including 1200 outlets all over the nation and seeking to expand it further to tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the country. It is trustworthy name in providing best customer services and products in travelling business.

7) Cox and kings:

This is travel agent franchise that is renowned travel company that offers both domestic and international packages to its customers. You need to have an investment amount of 10 lakh to 15 lakh along with an operating area of about 250 to 1000 sq feet. It also provides you with assistance for the ones who are new in this field. Hence it assures a investment opportunity for you that will enables you to lay a solid foundation of your business. 

8) Akbar tours and travels:

This travel agent franchise providing company was established back in 1978. It still enjoys the benefit of being one of the most prominent travel agency in India. Initially its prime motive was to look after tourism sector but soon it expanded its roots to travel industry. Further, it expanded to help the budding businessmen in this field. It keeps on reinventing its outlook with changing taste and preference of the customers. Hence, investing on it is one of the investment options for your business with assured good returns.

9) Thomas cook franchise:

Thomas cook franchise is another offline travel agent franchise brand that enjoys good customer relations. It has an international repo and wishes to expand its wings in India also. It has settled its travel partners in around 130 cities in India and offers its franchise to along with other business requirements. They offer a complete package of assistance and franchise opportunities to its partners.

10) SOTC franchise:

It is already an established name in the travel field and has been operating around 85 franchise outlets over the nation. It mainly offers international packages including the corporate ones. It assures complete satisfaction of its customers and hence assures good returns to its partners. 😊
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Top Bakery & Confectionary Franchise Opportunities In India

Have you dreamt of owning a bakery that would fetch you good returns along with great customer satisfaction? If your answer is a “yes” then you need to have a good knowledge of the franchise opportunities present for you. 

Bakery Products Franchise Business Opportunity

BAKERY Franchise Opportunity

A good and well established franchise is extremely important if you are among the ones who have to start your business from the scratch.  So here we bring forth a list of top 10 franchise options for you in India:

1) Dunkin donuts:

It has become a household name in the cakes and bakery industry today. Dunkin’ donuts is one of the largest and trustable brands that offer franchise all over the country. It has a good reputation among the masses and hence a perfect option for you to start a business from scratch and become a well established name in this industry. Moreover the combo franchise option offered by it is also quite amusing and beneficial.

2) The bake shop:

The bake shop has its roots spread at national as well as international levels. You need to have a nominal investment of about 10 – 15 lakh and the floor area of about 500 sq feet to avail its franchise. It is a good option for investing owing to its good repo in the industry. You win a good amount of return on investment in this company and you earn a good repo too.

3) World of waffles:

This is a brand of international reputation along with holding a trust worthy name in the nation. With an investment of 10 lakh to 20 lakh you can get the franchise of world of waffles. Also the floor area requirement is of about 100 to 225 sq feet. This company offer good return in short tenure die to its good name in the market. Also it is well known for its delicious menu that will serve in your favor. 

4) Cakes and craft:

If you need a good brand name with a small amount of investment, then cakes and craft is what is most suitable to serve your purpose. It is a established firm that offers its franchise at reasonable amount of investment of about 5 lakh. However, the work place area required is about 100 sq feet in a prime locality. So if you have a locality of good gentry but lack in money factor then cakes and craft is one of the best options for you.

5) The French loaf:

The French loaf carries a good reputation among the nation’s people. It only requires an investment of about 15 lakh. However if you are short in case of floor area then you need not worry as it only requires you to have a floor area of about 150 sq feet to 250 sq feet. It is a brand that you can trust for good outcomes on low investment. You can invest in it if you want a home company without any international business expansion.

6) Frontier:

Another name that has its business expanding all over the nation is frontier. Established in the year 1921, this experienced company holds a satisfactory image in the eyes of the masses. You can avail its franchise by investing an amount of 5 to 10 lakh and having a floor area of 150 to 300 sq feet.  It ensures good return in business at national level.

7) Temptation:

Expanding its franchise at both national and international level, temptation is a brand that you can trust on. It is basically a cake and pastry oriented bakery franchise that is a well known name in bakery industry. You need to have an investing amount of 10 to 20 lakh to buy its franchise. Also the floor area required is 400 to 500 sq feet.

8) Monginis foods pvt. Ltd.:

It is yet another established name in the national market of cakes and bakery. With a small investment of 10 to 20 lakh and a floor area of just 250 sq feet you can avail its franchise.

9) Cake villa:

Cake villa is a brand that is suitable for you if you have low investment. It requires you to have an investment of 5 to 10 lak along with a minimum floor area of 200 sq feet only.

10) Bake for me:

This is another low investment brand for you that expands its franchise both national and international levels. You need to invest 5 to 10 lakh to avail its franchise. 😊
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How to Get Reliance JIO DTH Franchise Or Dealership: Application and Process

Jio is a product of Reliance, headed by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance has been in the telecom sector since decades and in 2016, they came up with their own special scheme of providing free calls and high speed 4G internet free of cost to the entire population of India. This scheme was a huge hit as majority of the population began opting for this network.

Reliance JIO Distributorship/ Franchise Details

Reliance JIO DTH Distributorship

Post the success of Jio, reliance expanded the Jio from just a telecom network to DTH services. This service is aimed at providing high class network and HD quality of shows and movies to the users. 

The plans were released at affordable prices and had different packages – for monthly users, quarterly and annual users. As a user, you could opt for any plan that suits your requirement and request for a connection. The connection is guaranteed to reach you within 24-48 hours.

With Reliance Jio sim and DTH getting popular day by day from business perspective, Reliance begun shelling out their invitation to business men and women to invest into Reliance Jio DTH franchise or obtain a dealership. Thus proving to be a win – win situation for prospective businessmen as well the Reliance Company.

Minimum Requirements and Investment to be able to open a Reliance Jio DTH franchise/dealership

If you too are looking forward to obtain a dealership of Reliance Jio DTH, then here is a quick guide as to how you can apply online for the dealership or franchise of Reliance Jio DTH –

  • As a Reliance Jio DTH franchise Or dealership applicant, you MUST have a place – owned or rented, which is at least 250 square feet big and the location of the store shall be well located.
  • Reliance expects that the franchise or dealership owner shall have good interiors of the work station, and it shall be well furnished.
  • Once your application is selected, you will have to deposit a one-time refundable amount to the company. The deposit can range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 75,000, depending on the city you wish to open the franchise or dealership store.
  • At least 10 employees/workers are required at your store, to help and assist the owner in the daily activities and serve customers. They are expected to know the local language and English, so that they are able to provide good customer service.
  • Once this is done, you will require a capital of Rs. 2,00,000 to run the store.

All of these require a minimum investment of Rs. 3,00,000 and the amount can raise up to Rs. 5,00,000, depending on the store size and other criteria’s.

Online application process for Reliance Jio DTH franchise or dealership

When you qualify to be able to open to franchise, you can get the application form from the official website of Reliance Jio and fill the same. The forms have become available on the website from 18th May 2017, and all interested candidates can access the form from there. All you have to do is, fill the form and submit it.

The form can be submitted online or it can be duly filled and handed over at your nearest registered Reliance Branch.  Ensure that you fill all the details properly and correctly. All the details will be checked and the ultimate decision of providing the franchise/dealership is at the sole discretion of the Reliance Group.

Reliance JIO DTH Dealership

Reliance Jio DTH franchise/ dealership: Details in the registration form

When you fill the registration form, you will be asked the following details –

  • Applicants full name
  • Applicants address
  • The investment capability
  • Workstation space availability
  • If selected, office address
  • Prior experience in DTH Services (an optional question – has to be filled only if you have related experience).
  • Expected Sales in the store.
The official website of Reliance JIO DTH has all details pertaining to obtaining a franchise or dealership.

If you wish to invest smartly, then this is a great option of business. It is advisable to read all terms and conditions about taking up Reliance DTH Franchise or dealership before you opt to open up a store. You can visit your nearest Reliance franchise to have a look and understand the requirements, before taking your final decision. 😊
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How to Get Patanjali Franchise : Patanjali Products Franchise / Distributorship

Baba ramdev patanjali products / medicine distributorship and patanjali franchise details. Patanjali Ayurved Limited is an Indian FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. Located in the industrial area of Haridwar, the company manufactures mineral and herbal products/medicines.

It has also manufacturing units in Nepal under the trademark Nepal Gramudhyog and imports majority of herbs in India from Himalayas of Nepal. According to CLSA and HSBC, Patanjali is the fastest growing FMCG company in India. It is valued at ₹3,000 crore and some predict revenues of ₹5,000 crore for the fiscal 2015–16.

How to Apply for Patanjali Franchise / Distribution Business

Patanjali Products Franchise

Patanjali products categories

Nutrition and Supplements: 

It comprises of chyawanprash, badam pak, power vita, ghee, honey, fruit juices, health drinks such as aloe vera juice, amla juice and etc.


It has biscuits, cookies, spices, herbal tea, murabba, jam, candy, soan papdi, noodles, flakes, all ration items such as rice, lentils, gram flour, oil and many more.

Ayurvedic medicines: 

This category has a large number of ayurvedic medicines to suffice various health issues.

Home care: 

It includes incense sticks, dish wash bar and herbal gulal.

Personal care: 

It carries Patanjali products meant for skin, eye, hair, body, dental care and toiletries.

Books and media:

Patanjali offers several books, CDs and DVDs to spread awareness of yoga, pranayam and Ayurveda.

Ramdev Patanjali Store Franchise Cost

  • Shop Area Investment: Around 300 to 2,000 sq.ft
  • Investment : Around Rs 7 -70 lakh
  • Break Even : Around 2-3 years.
  • Expansion plan : 10000 Stores

You could apply for their mega store franchise at

10 Reasons why you should be associated with Patanjali Products Franchise

  • Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. is perhaps the fastest growing firm in India with annual revenues reportedly at more than Rs 3,000 crore. Ramdev is reported to have said in one of the interviews that he expects to take the revenue to Rs 10000 crore.
  • Credit Lyonnais observes that most of Patanjali products are available at an attractive discount to competition. The company sources products directly from farmers and cuts on middlemen to boost profits. It makes 25% operating profit. This is the difference between total income and expenditure. 
  • Patanjali Food and Herbal Park was established in 2009 under the food park scheme of the Indian government.
  • Patanjali products are sold through three types of medical centres. These include Patanjali Chikitsalaya which are clinics along with doctors, Patanjali Arogya Kendra which are health and wellness centres and Swadeshi Kendra, non-medicine outlets.
  • The group has 16,000 exclusive outlets across India. They plan to grow to 1,50,000 outlets in next few years. They also distribute through general retail stores. Patanjali distributorship has been in great demand across the country.
  • The brand has also recently launched 15 mega stores, which are opened in metro cities mainly. They have a plan to open 150 more mega stores in the near future. It entails an investment of around Rs 80-90 lakh and about 3,000 sq.ft area is required. The mega stores are big, convenient and cater to the need of the metro consumers. These centres are going to generate franchise opportunities for interested franchisees.
  • Patanjali has 6,000 franchisee stores. Retailers told CLSA that their average gross turnover is Rs 25,000 every day. Profit margins for retailers are 10-20% across product categories.
  • Patanjali has followed a unique word of mouth publicity model and the entire revenue is without any advertising. Patanjali Dealership is also sought after by entrepreneurs for the sales potential it promises.
  • The company is privately held and profitable. The revenue for 2014-15 of Patanjali Ayurved is bigger than Jyothi Laboratories, the maker of Ujaala and Emami. These brands have been in business for decades.
  • Patanjali, which had a turnover of Rs 5000 crore, is now eyeing at doubling its revenue in the immediate years to come. 

Patanjali Ayurveda Franchise Opportunities in India

You could explore a Patanjali Chikitsalaya Franchise at

You could apply for a Patanjali franchise through their official Contact Us page where you can choose the franchise option and await for their response.

You could apply for a Patanjali Distributorship at

You could also send in an email to

We have other retail and dealership opportunities to perfectly suit your investment levels incase you are unable to get a patanjali franchise in India.

Contact details of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd

Patanjali Food & Herbal Park,
Village - Padartha, P.O.- Dhanpura, Laksar Road, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India.
Pin code - 249404
Phone – 01334-240008
Fax – 01334-265370

For Institutional Enquiries

Mr. Dhan Veer
Patanjali franchise distributorship business opportunity is a profitable and rewarding option for individuals looking for a retail based service franchise opportunity. Analyse and decide whether this business opportunity fits you as per your skills, experience, interest, and knowledge.
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How to Get Reliance Mobile Store Franchise: Retail Franchise

Do you want to be your own boss? There are ways that makes this happen and you can earn more than you expect. One such way is to get a reliance mobile store franchise. There are certain ways of getting this franchise, let us see those.

How to Start Reliance Mobile Store Franchise

Reliance Mobile Store Franchise
If you take this franchise it will enable you to sell Reliance mobile and data services. This also allows you to sale mobile sets, dongles and other mobile accessories. For the last 14 years Reliance has been giving franchise and they have all proven to be successful. Reliance also as company wants to be associated with tech savvy and enthusiastic young entrepreneurs to capture the ever rising mobile market. To have this franchise there are certain pre requisite that needs to be fulfilled. Let us see the pre requisite:

  • An area of at least 250 sq.ft situated in the ground floor is required. The location should be in a prime spot of the town. 
  • Initial investment for the shop in regards to set up and decoration is around Rs. 3 to 5 Lakhs.
  • One time refundable deposit. The deposit amount varies from city to city and ranges between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 75000. 
  • Working capital should be Rs. 2 Lakhs.
  • Have to employ 10 staffs in the office. 

So, are you interested? If you are then it is very easy to apply. Just fill up the online form and you are done.

Now let us see what the franchise offers you:

  • You can be a part of India’s largest Telecom company.
  • It offers you the best ROI.
  • It gives you the opportunity to deal with all the mobile platforms from 2G to Jio and offer value to the customers.
  • Gives you various options to earn like by selling services, products, bill collection, recharge of mobiles and providing customer service.
  • Take help of robust CRM system.

There are certain advantages of having Reliance Mobile store franchise. Let us see those:

You will be able to provide a one stop solution to your locality in respect to mobiles. As you will be dealing with mobile platforms to customer care, any customer of Reliance can be assisted from your store.

You will be given training by expert trainers of reliance and there will be refresher training to keep you and your staff updated with all the aspects of Reliance.

You will automatically have access to the existing Reliance customer base in your locality. This means that your store will be a brand from the very first day of its journey. It will reduce the cost of your advertisement as you already have the stamp of a world famous brand with you.

Retail Area Managers will always help you out in your business needs. This will help you to run your business efficiently and make the shop true to its worth.

So, what can you expect after you take this franchise? There are many:

The brand itself will pull customers to your store. You do not need to advertisement to let others know about your store.

You will be working in a low risk manner. Your risk in this business is minimum as Reliance is your back bone.

You will be always open to professional help from Reliance, who will guide you through the business path.

You will have the opportunity to be linked personally with the biggest brand in telecom sector.
Finally it will help you to fulfill your dreams.

Reliance Mobile Store Contact Franchise:

A Block, 2nd Floor,
Reliance Communications Limited
DAKC, Kopar Khairane,
Navi Mumbai – 400 710
Fax: 022 303 88005
Website: Reliance Mobile Store Website

So, what are you waiting for? Just open your computer and apply online for getting reliance mobile store franchise. 😃
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How to Start Delhi Public School Franchise In India & Abroad

Education is transforming into a gainful business in India and abroad especially when it ends up being a school. Earlier were days when few brands were there for schools and understudies expected to chase down different schools at better places especially when their people were in transferable occupation. In the blink of an eye at most of the tremendous urban regions we have check schools like DAV, Delhi Public school.

How to Take a Franchise for Delhi Public School DPS

How to Open Delhi Public School Franchise

Delhi Public School (DPS) is a champion among the most settled brand of school and every understudy ache for learning at DPS and every delegate who need to run a school yearn for having foundation for Delhi Public school.

Delhi Public school was started as a singular school taking after CBSE instructive modules at Mathura Road Delhi in 1949, then another branch came in at R.K.Puram, Delhi in 1972 and now it is a fundamental National brand in the field of guideline with 150 branches all over India and 13 Delhi Public Schools in 10 unmistakable countries to be particular.

How to Get Delhi Public school franchise in India and abroad? 

To get a franchise of Delhi Public School, one should be informatively adequately qualified and the dictum should be to spread quality preparing through this establishment. Need of land zone should be 2500 sq ft for a preschool and no less than 2 areas of land for an auxiliary school. There should be open play zone, independent get to, affixed washrooms, awesome ventilation and a protected space.

For underwriting of site by DPS a charges is required which is refundable. Once the site is settled a Memorandum of Undertaking is set apart with DPS organization and around then 30% of allow costs is to be paid as advance. Consequent to denoting the MoU, one can start improvement and rest measure of allow charges is to be paid once the advancement is over in the wake of consenting to foundation game plan.

The foundation proprietor should teach DPS organization before moving to get extended support from them for its progression, planning and enrollment of staffs. Without a doubt, even after the school starts steady touch with DPS society is to be kept up for ace insight and to keep up the standard of guideline for which DPS is known.

Delhi Public school Franchise: Costs, charges, and advantage or return of hypothesis 

There are three sorts of DPS foundation depending on the wander and land open, preschool, review school and auxiliary school. As said above the area required is specified. Apart from that about Rs. 8-10 lakhs is the fundamental wander near the improvement cost of the school. So if we figure signify hypothesis including region, advancement and distinctive charges about Rs. 35-40 lakhs will be the base theory to start the foundation of Delhi Public School.

Distinction charged from the foundation of Delhi Public School is 20% of the instructive cost costs of understudies considering in that branch. Distinctive costs charged are for planning, examination et cetera which is total least.

Where to start Delhi Public School foundation in India and abroad

Business choose says that where demand is progressively and supply is less, the business will without a doubt be viable there, in this way best place for opening DPS is not the metros but instead tinier urban groups and town where people can hold up under the cost of good guideline and arranged to pay however there is lack of significant worth and standard schools especially a trusted brand of school like DPS.

  • Web:
  • R.O.: DPS, C Block, Yamuna Puram, Bulandshahr.
  • Reg. Office: DPS Campus, Main Road, Madhubani
  • E-mail:,,
  • Call:  +91-8979897799, +91-9557994197

You can check at the site of DPS and enquire the branches viably open and after that select any extraordinary city where expansion is more yet there is no branch of DPS. 😃

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Starting a Juice Lounge Bar Franchise: Investment, application process and ROI

India being a country that has a moderate climate is a perfect place to start a Juice Lounge Bar franchise.Apart from the food, people are in love with soft drinks and beverages. This is the reason why some of the juice franchises have made a great place for themselves in the market. Juice Lounge Bar franchise is a suitable franchise business for businessmen in India. You will find everything you need to know about this franchise in the following article.

Is Juice Lounge Bar a profitable franchise?

Juice Lounge Bar Franchise

Beverages are something that are always in demand hence making it a great option to start a business out of it.Where there is demand, there is supply and hence money. No matter how many cafe of drink stalls mushroom in India the industry will not saturate.

Therefore losing business in such a ripe marketing not going to happen. Since people these days are very health conscious and always looking for healthy foods and drinks, a juice bar is all that is required to lure them to make money. They can benefit from quality drinks whereas you can make a lot of money. It gives you a chance to serve them best and make money at the same time. So one thing is for sure that both the sides are benefiting in this deal.

About Juice Lounge juice bar franchise

Juice Lounge Juice Bar was initially started in the year 2005 and is the first juice bar franchise chain of India. Their brilliant performance in the marked inspired a lot of entrepreneurs to venture in the business and extend the business. The franchise is now growing at an international level, making itself recognized in different countries of the world. Juice Lounge Bar also has franchises in Qatar and Maldives. The franchises is spread in India in more than 40 cities in various malls, railway stations, airports and high streets. In case you own any such location the this is the best franchise option for you.

Juice Lounge Bar Cost and Investment

In order to start the Lounge Juice Bar franchise unit in India the initial investment required is near to 8 - 9 lakhs. This is valid only of you are selling juices and mix sandwiches in a wooden kiosk, including the cost required to set up structure and equipment. If you want to install an outdoor kiosk, completely waterproof with aluminum composite panel then you require an additional installment of 11 lakhs. The rest of the investment depends upon the area. It you want to open the juice bar in a mall then you require 7 to 10 lakhs for a 300 square feet area. If you want an area as large as 1000 square feet then the cost might rise up to 15 lakhs. The detailed reference model will be provided to you once you have signed the Franchisee Inquiry Form.

Aspirants don’t have to pay any franchise fees for Juice Lounge Juice Bar though a set-up fee is charged regardless of the location you have selected and excluding the cost of the business model that is Rs. 3 Lakhs per unit. It is a 5 year contract and can be renewed if the franchisee wishes to do so. Royalty fees is also applicable which is 7% of the Gross Turnover and with 2% of Gross Turnover for group advertising and promotion that can be paid on a monthly basis.

Training and support

Juice Lounge juice bar franchise provides all its franchisees with the best support system to flourish and expand their business. They assist all aspirants in site selection and store fittings, location research that includes footfall survey and financial projections, complete reference manual, complete entitlement to the use of the brand's logo and trademarks, access to proven marketing techniques, training and support while starting out in the market along with help in providing industry leading equipment. In case the franchisee needs other help regarding the franchise he can refer to Juice Lounge Bar franchise Support Chart.

In order to apply for Juice Lounge franchise the only option is to go through the specific form. Application form for Juice Lounge bar franchise is available on the official website from where you can download can also get officials to answer your queries via email. Email of Juice Bar franchise is

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How to Start a Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS): Cost, Application Process, Requirements, Address

Jan Aushadhi Store is one of the best small investment franchise that are not only easy to get but also very beneficial. It is a government franchise business.

Jan Aushadhi scheme was launched by Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Govt. of India in 2013 in order to provide tested medicines at cheap prices to the economically weak sector of society.

Opening Jan Aushadhi Store Franchise or Dealership

Jan Aushadhi Training and Support

Since this is a government franchise you get a lot of support from the government body that regulates the Jan Aushadhi scheme. One-time financial support of Rs. 2 lakhs as establishment cost and up to Rs. 50,000 as one time startup cost is also provided to JAS owners.The owner is required to submit bills to get the reimbursement.

Requirements of Jan Aushadhi Store

1. All owners are required to load the web based software and acquire a computer with internet connection and printer. It is essential that the computer has the minimum configuration as per the following regulations:

Minimum configuration:- a. Pentium IV/Dual Core Processor, b. 1 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended), c. 80GB HDD, d. TVSE MSP 240/250 series 80 column Dot matrix printer (Recommended), e. 500 VA UPS

Software requirements:- a. Windows XP/ Vista /Windows 7 (32 bit)/Windows 8 Operating System – Windows 7 (32 bit) is recommended, b. Anti-virus software, c. Internet connection – 512kbps

2. Having a refrigerator in the shop is also mandatory so that certain medicines that require a cool climate to sustain can be kept in the refrigerator within required temperature as specified by the Drugs and Cosmetic Act.

3. Sufficient furniture such as racks for storing the merchandise, counters for issuing bills and medicines to customers, office and computer tables, chairs and stools must also be bought in order to comply with the requirements and terms to start the Jan Aushadhi Store.

Cost and Investment

Investment required to start a Jan Aushadhi Store is approximately 3 to 6 lakhs. This cost does not include the property expenses or the rent of the premises on which the store will be build. However this investment will include furniture, gadgets for bill maintenance including computer, printer, internet connection, one refrigerator, advance payment of medicines as well as the demand draft fees. Hence making it an affordable franchise.

To start a Jan Aushadhi store you must have minimum area of 120 square feet. Owners can also rent the area. This is one of the best business which you can start in such a small area.

The Jan Aushadhi Store has a great ROI and the owner gets the margin of 16% of the sale price. A sale incentive of 10% is also given to the owner that amounts maximum of Rs. 10,000 per month for first year. Stores in areas such as North-East, Tribal Areas, and Naxal affected areas, the incentive is 15% that amounts to maximum of Rs. 15,000.

Documentation and Procedure

Among the documents required is a sale license from competent authority with the owner’s name. Apart from that a retail drug license and / or TIN number is also required. Proof of having an adequate pharmacist knowledge and computer knowledge must also be given. Name of the pharmacist and registration number must be mentioned in the documents.

To prove that you are financially equipped for the franchise you might also have to submit your bank statement of last three years, or sanction letter from bank for extension of loans. Institutions are supposed to submit statements of audited accounts for past three years. It is also suggested that the owner thoroughly goes through the terms and conditions required to fulfill in order to start a Jan Aushadhi store.

Application Process

Once you have qualified the above mentioned criteria then you are eligible to start your own government medical shop. All you have to do is download the application form available on the official website of Jan Aushadhi Scheme (available as an annexure in PDF document) or available on the link:

Send this document in the format mentioned on the website along with the necessary documents mentioned. An application fee of Rs. 2000 as Demand Draft (non-refundable) must also be submitted in favor of BPPI payable at Gurgaon, to the General Manager (A&F).

Contact Details

Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertakings of India (BPPI),
IDPL Corporate Office, IDPL Complex,
Old Delhi Gurgaon Road,
Dundahera, Gurgaon – 122016 (Haryana).

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Starting Make My Trip Tours Travels Franchise: Cost, ROI, Support, Profit and Contact Details

India has seen a surge in the tours and travel business and it has made its place in the effective GDP of the nation. The best part is that it is one of the business ideas that have the least risk factors and is cheaper to start. Considering this, Make My Trip is just the name you want to start your travelling business with. It is not only one of the most recognized organizations in the tour and travel business but is also well reputed. Get to know all about Make My Trip franchise in the following article.

Make My Trip Tours Travels Franchise - Cost and  Start up Requirements

Make My Trip tours travels franchise

About Make My Trip franchise

Make My trip was started in the year 2000 by Deep Kalra. It is one of the most reputed travel agency that provides people with a platform to access travel packages and get the advantages of instant booking. It offers International and Domestic flight booking, hotel booking, tour packages, rail and road ticket booking and provides amazing deals and holiday packages. Make My Trip is one of the most trusted licensed tour operators and has made an irreplaceable place for itself in the tourism market. Getting associated with Make My Trip is one of the best ways to start out in the tourism business.

Cost and Investment

The overall investment required to start a Make My Trip franchise is around 5 to 10 lakh rupees. These figures might vary according to the cities and so does the franchise fees. In metro cities it might cost up to 16 lakhs. The franchise fee for tier 1, 2 and 3 is 8, 6 and 4 lakhs respectively and for smaller towns it will be 2 lakhs. The set up and interior will cost around 4 to 5 lakhs.

To start a Make My Trip franchise it is also essential to have a land area of 400 to 600 square feet in cities whereas 250 to 400 square feet in small towns. It is essential that the store be in the market place or a commercial area and there must be power backup at the store. The agreement is valid for up to 3 years and can be further renewed. All other franchise guidelines must be followed at the franchisee’s own cost. The expected ROI will be around 50% to 75% and break even period is expected to be 1 to 2 years. It is subjective of the location of the store and its proximity to the markets and commercial areas.

Application Process

All the aspirants of the Make My Trip franchise can apply for it as the application process is really simple. All you have to do is go online to the URL: an fill up all the details that are asked in the form. On reviewing your application the managers will get in touch to discuss the business model and will review this discussion to arrange the final meeting which will be organized in the Gurgaon head office. If the meeting goes smoothly all you have to do is sign the agreement and pay the franchise fee and you will become the next franchisee of Make My trip and the training will begin.

Training and Support

Make My Trip provides great support to all the franchisees in understanding the business and evolving it. Providing Operational support is one of the major parts of the training where the franchise gets to understand the latest travel trends, handling client queries, etc. Training on latest products is also provides and full support is provided by the organization while the staff is being hired and even beyond. Make My Trip also supports the franchisee in marketing as well as designing the store to match up the standards.

Contact Details

In case of any doubts or query you can contact corporate office of Make My Trip which is located at Gurgaon. You can also get in touch with them on call or send them a fax. All the contact details are mentioned below:

Address: MakeMyTrip India Pvt. Ltd.,
Tower A, SP Infocity
243, Udyog Vihar, Phase 1
Gurgaon, Haryana - 122016, India.

Phone no (Toll free): 1-800-11 8747 - From MTNL/BSNL phones, 1-800-102 8747 - All other operators

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How to Start Krispy Kreme Franchise: Investment, ROI, Training and Support

Krispy Kreme has been a well recognized and esteemed name for the past 75 years and has been serving people with their enticing and mouth watering doughnuts all over the world. They have set a benchmark in confessionary items, icy foods, beverages and particularly doughnuts. They have a varied platter of doughnuts which they offer according to seasons. Founder in the year 1937 and till date they have maintained their quality of fresh and warm doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme Franchise Cost, Support and Investments

krispy kreme franchise

Krispy Kreme is now a global name and has enhanced its sales enormously. They sell doughnuts in store, supermarkets, gas stations and convenience stores all over the United States. They also hold shelves in the markets of Canada, Australia's BP Service Stations and BP Travel Centers, and the UK's Tesco supermarkets, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, the Philippines, Republic of South Korea and United Arab Emirates. Get to know all about Krispy Kreme in the following article.

About Krispy-Kreme Franchise

Krispy Kreme was started by Vernon Rudolph on July 13th, 1937, in company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to serve people delightful doughnut. It became part of the public stock in the year 2000 and a test doughnut-making store was also started in a Wal-Mart supercenter in 2003. The brand then expanded to Australia becoming a global food joint. Soon Krispy Kreme became a well recognised name across the world and has always been recognized for its amazing quality of doughnuts. Starting a franchise with Krispy Kreme would mean starting a business under the flagship of a global brand where marketing would never be an issue. Since the brand is well established the franchisee will also be provided with the required support to flourish the business.

Cost and Investment

Starting a Krispy-kreme store will require an initial investment of around $928,000 to $1,883,250. Since the financial requirements are quite high the aspiring franchisees must be resourceful and in possession of $1million in liquid assets and a minimum net worth of $2million in order to fund multi-unit store development plans.

The amount of investment mentioned above is subjective and may vary according to the cost of land where the store needs to be established, type of franchise, construction rates, labour and importation costs.

Krispy Kreme also requires all its franchisees pay the exclusivity fee, which depends upon the type of store that will be developed and the kind of market or consumers it covers. It is essential to pay the franchise fee before the store is opened. Franchise fee is different for each kind of store, where Flagship Factory Store will require $25,000, Fresh Shop will require $10,000 and Kiosk will require $10,000.

Krispy Kreme also charges a royalty fees of 6% of net sales as well as a brand fund contribution of 50%. In order to promote the business the franchisees must also spend 3% of sales on local store marketing.

Training and support

Krispy Kreme is a brand that provides detailed training and support along with the business plan to all its franchisees and staff in order to let the franchise bloom in the market. The initial training takes place at any of the Krispy Kreme training store either in the United States or the nearest store in the area. All franchisees have to go through a one-week training program before opening their first Krispy Kreme franchise. A special 12 week of training is also designed for the general manager and store manager before the starting the business in order to comply with the Krispy Kreme franchise requirements.

Krispy Kreme provides a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience in a store to make the franchisee and their team accustomed with the business environment. This is very essential so that the trainees can learn the production and making doughnuts, coffee and other Krispy Kreme food products in order to maintain the quality benchmark that Krispy Kreme has maintained for so many years.

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How to start a Mother Dairy franchise: Investment, support, application process and contact details

Mother Dairy Franchise is a very good business option for those who want to start a low investment franchise business. Starting a Mother Dairy franchise will only cost about 5 to 10 lakh rupees. Mother Dairy is quite a popular brand name among the agro business franchises and is known for its quality products. Get to know all about this franchise in the following article and learn about the land requirements, support and contact details of Mother Dairy franchise.

Mother Dairy

About Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd

Mother Dairy is one of India’s most popular dairy Company. It was started in the year 1974. The Mother Dairy is certified by ISO 9001:2008 (QMS), ISO 22000:2005 (FSMS) and ISO 14001:2004 (EMS) by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). It is one of the biggest Agro franchise in India. Safal, the Fruit & Vegetable business is the initiative of Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. It roots from the Fruit & Vegetable Project which was initiated by National Dairy Development Board in 1986 to ensure the integrated and quality marketing of horticultural produce under the banners of Safal. Safal is the most popular brand in the organized fruit & vegetable retail business in the Delhi and NCR region. Thus starting this franchise is a great idea considering the sales and profit.

Cost and Investment

To start a Mother Dairy franchise in India the investment will vary from 5 to 10 lakh rupees. This cost includes rupees 50000 for franchise fee and there is no royalty fees for this franchise. You will also need an area of 500 square feet or more where you can start the franchise unit. This land should be in a residential area preferably on ground floor in order to get maximum profit. The investment will rise up to 1 crores or sometimes even 2 crores for multiple units, which will be 2 to 5 crores as per the city and above 5 crores as per state.

The expected return of investment will be near 30% with a break even period of 2 years. This estimate is not rigid. It depends upon a lot of factors like the area of the store, city in which it is located and the way marketing is done to support the business. There is a formal franchise agreement which is valid for lifetime.

Training and Support

Mother Dairy franchise provides detailed operating manuals for franchisees to assist them and making them familiar with the requirements of the franchise. Training is also provided to all the franchisees with field assistance in order to ensure that area selected for the franchise is good for business. The franchise also helps in managing the business and marketing so that the unit benefits as much as possible. All the present IT systems will be included in the franchise uit to make it technically up to date.

Application Process

Applying for Mother Dairy franchise is quite simple. All you need to do is navigate to the official website of Mother Dairy which is Check for the application procedure and apply as soon as possible. For any queries regarding the franchise you can write to the managers of the franchise at the address given below. You can also call or email the franchise. The contact details are given below.

Contact Details
Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd,
A-3, Sector-1, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201 301 (India)
Landline phone No.:+91-120-4399500 / 4399501
Fax No.: 91-120-4399527
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Starting Monginis Franchise: Cost, training, support, procedure and contact details

Monginis cake and chocolates is a brand name with which every franchisee wants to get associated with. It is one best options of franchise for those who have a budget of Rupees 10 lakhs. Monginis has more than 500 franchise units in India at present and the franchise is still looking for expansion. Its headquarters is spread within a 42,000 square feet area and is ISO 2000: 2005 certified. Get to know more about this franchise keep reading.

Monginis cake and chocolates-LOGO

Get to know about Moniginis franchise in India

Monginis is a very good business for those who want to start a business in an investment of 10 lakhs and the return on investment is quite good. Monginis franchise evolved as one of the most appreciated cake house among the Europeans in Mumbai. The first Monginis unit was started in 1960 by the Khorakiwala family. The firm initiated the expansion and started to enter the franchise business in the year 1971. After that this franchise started out their business in other states as well and became one of the most loved confectionery stores in India. Monginis is not yet an exhausted franchise but they select their franchisees very carefully. You might qualify as a franchisee if you are able to convince them to utilise your skills and lead the franchise to further heights.

Application Process

Getting a Monginis franchise is not that simple. The management is very particular about selecting hard working candidates. For starting a Monginis franchise you can either contact the contact person related to the franchise units in your concerned area via mailing, calling them and email or you can simply apply online. You can fill the online application form for Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd at and fill in all the required details and wait for them to contact you.

Cost and Investment

Investment required for starting a Monginis bakery is around 10 lakhs. There is a security charge that you have to pay which is one lakh rupees. This amount is refundable. Franchise fees is Rs. 25,000 and the architect’s fees is also Rs 25,000 which sums up to 50,000 that is to be paid at one time. The royalty fees for Monginis franchise is around 6 to 8 lakhs. There is a minimum area requirement for starting the brand which is 250 square feet. The expected breakeven period is about 2 years which might vary little bit from location to location. The agreement is signed for a duration of 3 years which is renewable.

Training and Support

Field assistance is provided to the franchisee to select area and develop the business in order to get maximum profits. All the assistance will be provided to you for starting the business from the interiors to the marketing process. Training will also be provided to the employees and the franchisee can turn up to the management for any kind of guidance.

Contact Details

Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd
B/60, Off. Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Customer Care: 022 - 40 786 702
Online Order Enquiry: 022-40786759/40786789
Fax: 022-40786795.
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Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India: Best play schools with maximum ROI

With increasing number of people realising the importance of preschool education and the role it plays in the development of children. Therefore there is a great scope for preschool franchises in India. Another thing to be noted is that preschool franchises do not require a large amount of investment. You can start some of the best preschool franchises in India within an investment of Rupees 10 lakhs. There being a lot of options for preschool franchises that you can choose from creates a lot of confusion. You will also want to keep the particular requirements of these franchises as well as the return on investment in mind. Following are the top 5 preschool franchises in India with the best ROI.

Is play school franchise a profitable business in India?

Preschool franchise is probably the best investment option after food & beverage franchises. This is a business that never goes out of demand. Education is becoming one of the most desired assets in the Indian society. Parents want the best for their kids and they know the first step in development of their child is preschool. The Indian society is now richer and spends a lot on their children’s education for the desire of getting the best for their children. Therefore preschool franchise is one of the most profitable businesses and has a lot of scope in India. You can choose from some of the best playschools listed below which are not only popular among people but are also known for their quality of education.

Five most profitable play school franchises in India

This list is compiled with the help of expert advice and the information collected from various surveys. Following are the 5 best preschool franchises in India that are highly regarded by the Indian parents. Check out the details and select the franchise that best suits your requirements and budget.

  1. Kidzee: India's number one preschool franchise firm
    Kidzee School
    Kidzee has been highly acclaimed by the Indian crowd and is the best preschool education provider in India. It is the largest Asian pre-school chain which administers more than 900 schools in over 330 cities. Kidzee was also entitled as India's franchisor of the year in all sectors in the year 2010. You can start a Kidzee preschool with an investment of Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs. 2500 square feet is the area requirement for this franchise.
  2. Tree House: India's fastest emerging play school franchise
    Tree House play school
    Tree House is also a renowned preschool franchise in India and one that you must consider. It has good rate of investments and is quite popular. Not long ago it was named the fastest emerging preschool franchise in Western India by Economic Times. It was also rated as the top 10 innovative Companies in India by Tree House play school can be started within an investment of Rs. 10 lakhs and the area requirement is 1000 square feet on ground floor.
  3. Hello Kids: The NO Royalty preschool franchise chain of India
    Hello Kids
    Hello Kids should definitely be on the list of your preferred preschool franchises; reason being that it is one of the best preschools in India that has no royalty fees. This adds on to the benefit that you will have to invest even less than you thought by saving the royalty fees. The investment required to start this franchise is about 10 lakhs and the area requirement is 1000 square feet or more. You will have the exclusive territorial rights of the Hello Kids unit that you will start. With 40-50 kids enrolled in the school, expected ROI is 100%.
  4. Shemrock: India's first preschool chain franchise
    Shemrock Playschool
    Shemrock has a reputation that precedes the rest of the preschool franchises in India being one of the oldest preschool franchises. It has over 175 branches in various cities of India and is still expanding its business. Shemrock Group of Schools was award the Franchisor of the Year in Education: Pre SchoolM by Franchise Plus which is one of India's best franchise business publications. You can start this franchise with an investment of 10 lakhs and the area required is 2500 square feet.
  5. Euro Kids Preschool Franchise in India: Nearly 900 units & counting
    Euro Kids Preschool
    Euro Kids is another one of the top preschool franchises in India. This franchise is looking for expansion so there is a lot of scope for grabbing the business. Euro Kids nursery school franchise in India can be started with an investment of 10 to 15 lakhs INR. Area requirement is 2000 square feet.
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How to start Shemrock Playschool franchise: Cost, investments, ROI, Application Process and Contact Details

For all of you who aspire to start a Shemrock preschool franchise in India, we have all the necessary details for you that you need to start the franchise. To learn more about Shemrock Playschool keep reading.

Shemrock Playschool

Is Shemrock preschool a profitable franchise in India?

Preschool franchises business is strategically the best business idea. Reason behind this is that preschool franchises requires investment below 10 lakhs and have great returns on investment. With the heightened awareness for preschool education these days, the chances of a preschool franchise flourishing are even more. Shemrock is in itself a name that every businessman wants to benefit from. It has been awarded various awards for its achievements in education business.

Cost and Investments

To start a Shemrock franchise the investment required is Rupees 4 to 8 lakhs which will vary with the location of the school to the city the franchisee has chosen. There is also a franchise fee of Rs. 1 to 5 lakhs which varies from city to city. There is a minimum land requirement of 2500 square feet that must be on ground floor. There is a royalty fee applicable which will be around 15% of the total fees collected from the school as franchise fees. The business growth depends upon location of the school but Shemrock Playschool has good returns on investment.

Training and support

Shemrock Playschool franchise has one of the best support programs. It can be understood as a four phase support system and the four phases are as follows.

  1. School Infrastructure: management at Shemrock will send interior designers, carpenters, painters to develop the infrastructure.
  2. Training: Shemrock franchisees have to undergo training which is held at a training branch or the franchised location.
  3. Ongoing Assistance: franchisees are guided throughout the development of the school and even beyond. The franchise can also look forward to the management to get governance support and other help. The management also provides the curriculum and keeps revising it to be up to date with the education system.
  4. Marketing: Shemrock Preschool excels in advertisements (print as well as electronic media) from which every franchisee benefits. Marketing strategies are also set by the management for the promotion of the school in order to enhance business.

Application Process

Application process for Shemrock School is quite elaborative and you will have to be particular regarding details. Firstly send the pictures proposed location with map, building layout and other blueprint details. It takes minimum 2 weeks for the management to consider your proposition and respond after which you will be sent an agreement which you will have to sign. School exteriors and interiors are the management’s responsibility. Every franchisee must undergo the training program and follow the guidelines to develop your school.

Contact Details

For any queries you can type your questions in the enquiry form online from at franchiseproposal.php at the official website of Shemrock Playschool. You can also send your queries to the corporate office at the address given below.
Shemrock Heritage (2nd Floor),
Block- F, Behind Jai Apartment,
Sector 9, Rohini,
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How to start Hello Kids Franchise in India: Cost, investments, support and application process

Hello Kids Franchise is one of the best franchise business options and one of the reasons behind this is that it is the first preschool ever to aim its services towards the mediocre income group of the Indian society. Hello Kids Franchise is now scattering its units all over the district headquarters in India. This preschool has been widely accepted by people throughout India which is why it has great return on investment. Following article contains all the details regarding Hello Kids Franchise.

Hello Kids

About Hello Kids preschool franchises

Hello Kids is the first preschool that works along the lines of a non-Royalty model. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified pre-school and also the first preschool franchise of India. At present Hello Kids has over 240 schools in more than 22 states in India. The franchise aims to open more than 500 schools by December 2015 which opens a lot of opportunities for all those who are aspiring to start this franchise. The school has a highly organized curriculum and well maintained standards of education, to encourage the development of children in a good learning environment. The school is popular among people because of the reasonable and affordable fees that it offers so that their quality preschool education can reach the children of common middle class people.

Cost and Investment

Hello Kids franchise is the best franchise for those of you who have a low budget. The investment required is below 10 lakhs. The investment requires to start a Hello Kids Franchise will vary with the location of the school and the city that you have chosen. It is 2.5 to 3.5 Lakhs in rural areas and 3.5 to 4.5 Lakhs in urban areas. In metro cities like Bangalore the investment will be around 4.5 to 5.5 Lakhs. To start Hello Kids you must have 1000 square feet land in highly populated residential area on ground floor level. The franchise will have exclusive territorial rights. You can be assured about the profits as Hello Kids preschool has good returns.

Training and support

Hello Kids have the best training and support system throughout India. Proper training is provided to teachers. The management assists the franchisee in the development of the school, from exterior to interior designing, furniture, etc. The management will also assist you in the marketing process to ensure that the business does well. This will include strategies to promote the school as well as advertisements.

The management also helps you to design a good curriculum, selecting course books, designing brochures, etc. Technical support and training is also provided to the franchisee. The team at hello Kids will continuously upgrade the curriculum and modify all the necessary aspects continuously. Initially the team provides workers and staff to help the school flourish.

Application process

You can apply for the franchise by visiting the official website of Hello Kids preschool and navigate to the franchise page at Here you can fill all the details in the franchise enquiry form. You will then have to wait for the management to contact you with your business proposition.
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How to start Tree House play school franchise: Cost, ROI and contact details

Do you think it is smart to invest in Tree House play school franchise? Well the answer is yes. Preschool education is being recognized as an essential part of curriculum in India. Parents are realising the importance that preschool plays in a child’s life. In this scenario preschool franchises are a very profitable business. Tree House play school is one of the leading preschool franchises in India. We have all the necessary information required to start Tree School Franchise. Keep reading to learn more about starting Tree house play School.

Tree House play school

About Tree House preschool franchise

Tree House preschool franchise can be an ideal business option because you don’t require huge investment to start this franchise. It is one of the most reputed preschools in India. It has the largest number of branded self operated play schools. Tree House was awarded with the title of ‘fast emerging preschool in Western India’ by Economic Times. It was also awarded with the best PE/VC backed Education Company at VC Circle Annual award in the year 2013.

Tree House preschool franchise is known for the quality of support system that it provides to its franchisees. They carefully design the annual play school curriculum and update it from time to time. It also provides training the appointed teachers and helps in marketing strategies to promote the school and help make the business better. All of this makes the franchise a good business option considering the low investment it required.

Cost and Investment

For starting Tree House preschool franchise you need around 5 to 10 lakhs rupees in your pocket. Also, you require a minimum land area of 1000 square feet with play ground area. This area must be on ground floor. The school must have washrooms and proper ventilation. Franchise should be in agreement with the Society rules and with the terms of Municipality of Commercialization. Franchisee will have to develop a friendly and encouraging surrounding for the children. Teachers and staff must be carefully recruited so that they can add to the learning environment. The expected ROI will be about 50% with a break even period of 2 years. These are relative statistics and are directly dependent on the location of school and the city in which the school is started.

Application Process

You can apply for Tree House play school franchise by visiting the official website at There you will have to fill the details that are asked and some details related to the franchise.

Contact Details
You can ask all your questions by calling or emailing at the phone number and email address provided below. You can also ask your questions by mailing at the postal address or corporate office address given below.

Tree House Education and Accessories Ltd
Registered Office:
702 'C', Morya House,
Off New Link Road, Near Infinity Mall,
Andheri West, Mumbai- 400053
Corporate Office Address
301, Embassy Chambers,
3rd Road,
Khar West, Mumbai- 400052
Telephone: 022- 40169587 / 64572725 / 65295296
Email :
Website :
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Learn about Kidzee School: Franchise cost, training, support, returns and application process

Kidzee school franchise is one of the best investment options within the range of 10 lakhs. It is one of the most prestigious preschool franchises in Asia. It has the most advantageous curriculum for children and a developing environment where children get to learn. Following article contains all the details you need to know about this franchise.

Kidzee School

Is Kidzee school franchise is a good business option?

Kidzee now has more than 900 schools in more than 330 cities in India. It has more than 1350 units in more than 500 cities all over Asia. It has been the winner of “Franchisor of the Year” award in 2014 at the Franchise India Awards 2014 in Delhi. Kidzee provides the best preschool experience to students with its centric learning methodology called iLLUME. With iLLUME they have encouraged children to learn more and more in the best learning environment. More than 250 entrepreneurs become a part of Kidzee franchise every year. It has known to bag extremely good returns on investment and is one of the most profitable franchises in India. The best part is that you don’t need an insanely large sum of money to start this franchise.

Cost and Investment

To start a Kidzee School franchise the investment required will be around Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs. The minimum land area required to start this franchise is around 2500 square feet. One year is the expected payback period for this franchise. The expected ROI is 200% in just 4 years. The performance of the Kidzee school franchise is directly proportional to the location of school and city as well. But it is one of the best franchises in India within an investment range of 10 lakhs. The agreement of the franchise is done for 4 years which can be renewed if the term was successful.

Training and support

Kidzee school franchise provide over the top support before and even starting the franchise. Pre launch support as well as advertising and marketing support is provided by the franchise. They will also assist in interior designing and development. Staff training is also a part of their support program.

Application Process

There is not much headache in applying. All you need to do is visit the official website of Kidzee and apply for Kidzee franchise school and fill the prescribed contact form.

Contact Details
There are manuals available at regional offices with detailed descriptions. Regional offices also undertake the franchise training of Kidzee. To ask any questions regarding the franchise you will have to fill the prescribed contact form. There is no particular contact number, postal or email address provided for contacting Kidzee.
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MRF Tyres Franchise Opportunities: Investments, cost efficiency, requirements

MRF Tyres Franchise is quite a good idea and an extremely good option for investment. This article contains all the details one needs to know about the MRFF Tyres franchise from the investment costs to the application process. So now learn how to start a MRF Tyres franchise in India.

MRF Tyres

What makes MRF tyre franchise a profitable business venture?

The trade of cars is India has drastically increased. Almost everyone owns a car these days and it is also a symbol of progress and development in the society. This is the reason why all the car brands now want to expand their business in India and make more and more profit in the business. This sale and purchase of cars has risen from the past ten years. This is what builds a strong background for the tyre business to flourish more and more. With this increasing demand in automobiles there will also be an increase in demand of tyres. This is the reason why opening a MRF Tyres Franchise is a very profitable business in India these days. MRF is the best tyre brand in India and certainly the most reputed. The name is itself a trade mark and people trust the company therefore making this business a very good idea.

Cost and Investment

The total investment required to open a MRF Tyre Franchise is Rs. 23 lakhs. This comprises of the machinery and equipment costs, all of this is clearly stated on the official website and you can get to read more about it from there. The company has also mentioned that 10 lakhs is going to be the initial investment for starting a franchise. They have a strict area requirement of 4000 square feet. So for starting MRF tyres franchise you will need approximately 370 square metres of land.

Training and Support Programmes

There is no detailed information about the training and support system provided by MRF Tyres but they have mentioned in their website that the MRF Tyres Franchise in India will provide proper training and support to start business with a new franchise. Therefore you can stay calm about the support group as you will be assisted in all the things when you start up your franchise. More details will be disclosed and discussed once the person submits his details and registers for the franchise.

Application process and Contact Details

Application process is quite simple. All you have to do is click on the Business Opportunities tab present in the official website of MRF Tyres which is . Here you are asked to fill some of your details like name, email address, employment and contact number. You will also have to provide some details about the business you do and your financial track records. It is up to the company executives to decide whether they want to do business with you or not. You can also contact at the following address for applying for the franchise.

The Franchise Promotion Manager,
MRF Limited
124, Greams Road, Chennai - 600 006
Contact number: 044-28294154 / 28290562
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How to start American Kidz play school franchise: White collar business with low investment high return

Starting a business can take a lot of investment and start-ups costs can be a big headache. With all the franchises now starting in various fields it can sometimes be confusing to decide where you want to invest as a businessman. Well there is an easy solution for all such problems because we have a franchise that gives high profits and the investment costs are very low. American Kidz Play school is a franchise that you can start within a few lakhs and make enormous amount of profits with good start-up revenue and a very less royalty fee.
American Kidz play school

About American Kidz

American Kids provides you with a simple business model where you can start the preschool at very low investments and you can have great returns once you choose the location smartly. All this becomes even easier because the team helps you to develop the school and advertise it in the right way to ensure that the message of good preschool learning is received by the parents. You will not have to worry about spreading the word as American Kidz is already a well renowned preschool and is quite popular for its best English training.

American Kidz provides the best English training and is highly recommended as it has 22 years of teaching experience. It was started in India in the year 1991 and is now spread in about 400 cities and towns. They provide a motivating and fun environment for children to learn even more. American Kidz is a business worth investing in as it is both fun and requires very little investment and the profit rates are quite high.

Cost and Investment

For starting American Kidz Preschool Franchise you require around Rupees 2 to 5 lakhs including the franchise fee and cost required to create a preschool aura. The land for this preschool should have area from 1200 to 1500 sq ft and should be developed at ground floor. A playground is dire and the school must be in residential area with good ventilation and attached wash rooms. A negligible amount of royalty fee of 5% is there.

The return of investment of American Kidz in the beginning is around 30 to 40% depending on the site of the school hence making this franchise very profitable. It is a 3 year franchise agreement which can be further renewed.

How to apply?

To apply for the American Kidz preschool franchise, check out the following link . After filling the form you can send it to the Managing Director at corporate office in Meerut. For a franchise in your town you can call Amod K Bhardwaj at the following numbers +91-9319115832, +91-9319305832. The office number is 0121-4010944. The final location will be finalized by the franchiser after the discussion.

Contact Details
American Kidz Play School
179/5, Nai Sarak, Shastri Nagar,
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)
Phone: 0121-4010944
Fax: 0121 4010944
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All about Aerokids preschool franchise : Low investment, high profit business with no royalty fee

For those of you who want to start a franchise without having to invest too much Aerokids is the best investment without the requirement of crores. All you need is 1 lakh and since it is such an admired pre-school you will soon start getting profits and at reasonable fees too. Get to know all about Aerokids from the investments to the land required.

What’s good about Aerokids?

Aerokids preschool requires very little investment hence making it affordable for everyone and there is a lot of scope of expansion in the business. There are choices within the packages and advertising is provided as part of every package regardless of the investment. This is what makes this franchise very reasonable and efficient as far as the franchise investment is concerned.

Cost and Investment

The investment for Aerokids preschool can vary between 1 to 5.5 lakhs INR. You can choose from the following packages for Aerokids franchise.

  1. With an investment of 1 to 1.5 lakhs, advertising and printing, Materials used in school, 3 years of franchise fee as well as taxes and franchise kit are provided as support.
  2. With an investment of 2 to 2.5 lakhs, curriculum, school furniture, decoration, play ground equipment, educational toys plus all that in package 1 is provided as support.
  3. The investment in this package is 3 to 4.5 lakhs including all that is there in package 2 for support as well as training fee of teachers which is Rs. 25000, floor mats and fence for playing area.
  4. Package 4 requires investment of 5 to 5.5 lakhs provides white boards for teaching and all that in package 3.
The amount of material provided depends on the package and increases with the enhanced packages. It is dire for the school premises to have 1000sft to 3000sft of area with a playground in residential location. There must washrooms attached to building and the surroundings must be soothing with proper air ventilation. The best part is that there is no royalty fee for Aerokids preschool franchise making it easy to gain profits which certainly depends upon the location as well as the city.

Applying for the franchise

All the details and answers to your queries regarding Aerokids franchise is given at

The states where Aerokids provide franchise are North-New Delhi, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Gujarat, Rajisthan, Maharashtra, Goa, East Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Orissa, South Kerela, Karnataka, Tamil Naidu, Andhra Pradesh, Central Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand.

Among the union territories are Andaman and Nicobar, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu. Master franchises are also available in these states for those of you who want greater profits. The franchisor finalizes the location of the Aerokids franchise. For queries you can connect with their corporate office located in Karur.

Location, Address and Contact Details of Corporate office
Aerokids International Preschool
Gandhi Nagar, 2nd Cross,
Thanthondrimalai, Karur - 639005.

Registered office of Aerokids India
Aerokids Education Pvt Ltd.
33A, Thendral Nagar
Ganapathipalayam, Thanthoni,
Karur- 639005, Tamil Nadu.
Ph: +91 8056387465 / +91 8695864660
E-mail :

Regional coordinator offices of Aerokids India preschool for franchise enquiry
Mrs.Suganthi P
Contact: +91 8056387465
E-mail :

Mr.Thomas Y
Contact: +91 8861681736
E-mail :
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