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Top 18 Best Automotive Franchises Opportunities In India

Automobile industry is one of the evergreen industries all over the world. In India it is one of the most flourishing businesses. India is trending to become one of the leading automobile producers at the international level. Ranging from motor bikes to the four wheelers of personal use as well as commercial use, along with the automobile parts and accessories, the automotive business consists it all.

Automotive & Car Franchise Business Opportunities

Automotive & Car Franchise Opportunities

If you are eager to enter this evergreen business and are worried about the franchise opportunities present for you, then given below are best of all top 10 franchise that are reliable and ensure you good outcomes:

1) Mahindra first choice automotive franchise:

Mahindra is one of the oldest names in the field of automobiles. It is renowned for its durable and reliable automotive products all over the nation. If you too wish to enjoy its name and want to invest on its franchise then you need to have an amount of Rs. 30 lakh to 50 lakh. The floor area needed is about 800 sq feet (min.). It is a good deal to invest in such a trust worthy company who has been in this field for so long.

2) Castrol bike zone automotive franchise:

This franchise deal is offered by the well known company, Castrol India ltd. It is well recognized especially for its automobile locomotives and lubricants. It offers its franchise to the budding automotive businessmen and ensures good returns. You can avail its franchise with an investment of about 20 lakh to 30 lakh. The floor area required is specified to be 2200 to 3000 sq feet. This company ensures good returns within a short time span.

3) Cozi cars franchise opportunities:

This franchise is offered by the Liv India Management Pvt. Ltd. established in Delhi. It has its business area expanded in India and has earned a good name in short time. It is a reliable investment in automotive field. Also the investment required is comparatively low and of about 5 lakh to 10 lakh without any specified requirements of the floor area.

4) The carspa automotive franchise:

The Tulip Auto India Pvt. Ltd. offers this franchise for the amateurs who wish to enter the venture of automobile. It requires an investment of 30 lakh to 50 lakh with the work place requirement of about 2000 sq feet. It is a good investment option for you.

5) Autozspa franchise opportunity:

This franchise can be availed by anyone who can afford to invest an amount ranging between 10 lakh to 15 lakh. The mentioned floor area requirement is of 700 sq feet. This is a good plan for investment if you have relatively low investment but wish to have good returns in less time period.

6) Speed car wash franchise:

This is yet another franchise opportunity offered by the company Liv India Management (P) Ltd. It is also an excellent franchise opportunity present for you which need an investing amount of just 5 lakh to 10 lakh. The floor area required to avail its franchise is 1000 to 1500 sq feet. So if you lack in large amount of investment and want to invest at correct place then this is the most appropriate option for your business.

automotive industry franchise

7) JK Tyres franchise opportunity:

The renowned tire company “JK Tyres and Industries Limited” also offers its franchise to you at an investing amount ranging from10 lakh to 15 lakh. The floor area required to own the JK Tyre franchise is about 800 sq feet. This is one of those franchises that assure good investment outputs in short time and helps you in setting up a solid foundation for your business.

8) The auto shine express franchise:

This franchise can be availed by investing an amount of Rs. 10 lakh to 15 lakh. The floor area needed for it is about 1000 sq feet. This is yet another good investment option for you.

9) Cross roads franchise:

This franchise is offered by the Cross roads India Assistance pvt. Ltd. and to own its franchise one needs to invest an amount of 2 lakh to 5 lakh. This is a low investment plan without any specified floor area.

10) Tyre secure automotive franchise:

This is offered by Tyre secure international pvt. Ltd. It offers its franchise at a rate of 5 lakh to 10 lakh. The floor area requirement is of 200 sq feet only.

11) Bajaj Two Wheelers dealership franchise

12) Tata Motors dealership franchise

13) Maruti Suzuki Dealership Franchise

14) Royal enfield dealership

15) MRF tyres dealership

16) Ashok Leyland dealership

17) Hero Moto Corp franchise dealership

18) Mahanagar gas franchise
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Top 10 Pizza Franchise Opportunities In India (Pizza Chains)

Pizza – the ever delectable food of the current generation, a quick grab when friends gather and the food that is most sought by the sports lovers while watching their favorite game. The list only grows when one tries to describe this flat bread dish that is topped with delicacies from the kitchen counter and a generous share of cheese that makes your mouth drool at its mere sight.

The Top 10 Best Pizza Chains In India 2017

Top 10 Pizza Franchises In India

India has been a place where food chains and pizza joints are a big hit because of the demand that has been looming large over the period of time.

If you are thinking about venturing into a food related business, starting a pizza outlet as a franchisee is sure to aid in your business venture. For the same, it will be imperative to know about the top most pizza outlets that are open to accept franchise offers in various prime locations of India. Let’s take a sneak peek into the top 10 of them.

1) Pizza Hut

One of the highly in demand Pizza Outlet for its lip smacking pizzas and the most trusted pizza brands in India, Pizza Hut’s franchise is surely to take you up hill on your plans of venturing into the food business. It is already on top of the ten most sought after Pizza franchises in the Indian market for Pizzas and no one encounters failure while trying to be part of the big brand Yum!

2) Domino’s Pizza

A much more familiar name with the Indian Pizza consumers, Domino’s Pizza is a worldwide brand that everyone relates to for a faster and assured delivery within 30 minutes. In India, there is a master franchisee for Domino’s Pizza i.e. Jubilant Foodworks, and they own the complete rights for expansion and operations in the Indian Sub-continent. Every other franchisee should partner with the master franchisee for the beginning of the Pizza outlet.

3) Pizza Corner  

A household brand in the Indian market since 1996, Pizza Corner has been giving a tough competition to the International brands. It has a good operating model and can aid in the sure success if you intend to be a franchisee. Off late – OM Pizzas and Eats merger with Pizza Corner is re-branding all of the Pizza Corner outlets to Papa John’s.

4) Papa John’s Pizzas 

Whenever you spot the Green, White and Red Combo, the instant image flashing across one’s mind are the delicious pan pizzas of Papa John’s. Becoming a franchisee of the third largest international pizza chain, one has to take it forward with OM Pizzas and Eats India Pvt Ltd which has also merged its operations with Pizza Corner’s.

5) California Pizza Kitchen 

Quite a prominent pizza outlet in prime cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore, the franchisee options in order to expand are open to other cities. The fresh ingredients used for the preparation of the thin crust pizzas are sure to win customers as and when the brand expands its wings in new locations.

Best pizza chains in india

6) Smoking Joe’s Pizza 

The process of becoming a Smoking Joe’s Pizza’s franchisee is quite simple. You need to fill in and submit all of the details on their website and you are sure to be called if you satisfy the conditions that they are looking for. This is yet another Indian brand that the local consumers related to. Their motto of ‘Fresh Pizzas’ have taken them a long way.

7) U.S Pizza 

An international brand that started to promote itself in India in the year 1995 in Bangalore. The chain has grown over time using the franchising model. When the operating model has been proven, do we need to rethink?

8) Debonair’s Pizza

A South African brand that is looking to expand in the Indian market widely, Debonair Pizza is revamping its franchising model under the Diwa Hospitality banner. They are the master franchisee and will be looking for associations to expand in the Indian market across various cities.

9) Eagle Boys

This Australian Pizza brand is spreading its wings in the Northern part of India and is on the verge of its expansion to South India. This also operates with a Master Franchisee model and can facilitate & guide other franchisees.

10) Laziz Pizza 

 A common name in the South of India, this pizza brand is on an expanding spree through franchises. The Indian brand has successfully launched its international outlet in Malaysia recently.

Become a franchisee and enjoy the aroma of pizzas along with the high return of investment that it brings! 😊

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NIIT Technologies Franchise Business Opportunity In India

 In today's highly digitized and computer scoped world, India has also emerged as a hub for these Technological Industries.

Initially NIIT was completely involved in imparting computer education but throughout these years of development and digitization, it has become India's leading Global Talent Development Corporation. NIIT cannot be compared with any other computer institute which has ever entered the Indian Education Sector.

How to Start NIIT Technologies Franchise

NIIT Technologies Educational Franchise

NIIT continuously contributes to the Indian Business and Trade Sector by providing them with highly trained Indian human resources.

NIIT has spread its roots in 40 other nations where it runs successfully. NIIT is training Indian students in the mainstream fields which have emerged as employment providers to the Indian people like Finance, IT and Banking and Commerce etc.

It also imparts training in Management, Vocational courses and Business Process Management. India witnesses around 3500 NIIT centers in India itself imparting computer education to students so that they can ensure their future.

As fruitful is the NIIT sector as hard is its preparation. It requires a lot of investment and only after fulfilling all these requirements, this tree will bear some fruits.

During the year 2010, Franchise plus Magazine awarded it Franchiser of the Year Award for Education and Information Technology. In 2011, The Economic Times had declared NIIT as the Most Trusted Education Brand through after a survey it conducted in the year 2011. Through its employment oriented courses has kept itself into a great notice due to which it received a lot of prestigious awards.

Franchise India awarded NIIT as the Best Franchise to work for Award and again Franchise India awarded it the Best Education Company to work in award.

All the above facts prove by themselves the value proposition the becoming a Franchise for NIIT brings with it.

If an individual wants to start an NIIT Technological Educational Franchise, he/she has to fulfill its requirements.

NIIT has declared some of the requirements to establish one of these educational franchises.
First of all, the individual needs to have a free hand to support the franchise financially.

The minimum required to become one of the NIIT Franchise is around 17 to 25 lakhs only and if one can invest more to make the franchise appear high classed with all high class facilities, the amount sums up to 40 to 50 lakhs.

Then the major requirement is of the space which is around 1500 to 3000 square feet.  All this is enough to start a franchise. Once it has become a franchise, NIIT itself will provide the franchise students all study material online. At last the individual`s job is limited to finding best tutors to explain the stuff to the students.

With all the Marketing and advertisement Support, Systems and Training Support offered by NIIT to its Franchisees success is just a door away for NIIT Franchisees.

Success is just a small leap away after you fill all the desired requirements and just applying through the Application Form which is available on the NIIT Official Website and after that the experts will get in touch with you to guide yourself throughout the process.

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Dosa Plaza Franchise In India: Requirements, Investment and Cost

Dosa plaza was first started in Navi Mumbai in 1998 and is considered as one of the largest and the fastest emerging food franchise in India. Dosa plaza has constantly grown and is currently available in 12 different states. So are you thinking to open a Dosa Plaza Franchise in India? Then before opening one you need to have a brief information regarding the requirements and cost that will be indulged in opening a Dosa plaza and later on about the profit you will earn from the same.

The major secret behind the success of the Dosa plaza is the varieties of the Dosa available, in total 104 types of delicious Dosas are available with Dosa plaza with 27 being trade mark dosas.

Dosa Plaza Franchise and Investment

Dosa Plaza Franchise In India

Overall there are two different models of the Dosa plaza franchise, one is Food Court Express and the other is Dinning Restaurant. In this case, the requirements, cost and the profits of them are different as per the model of the Dosa plaza one wish to set up, however we will have a clear view of these two models in the below post.

Dost Plaza Food Court Franchise: Requirements, Cost, Menu and Royalty

Firstly, let us have a look on the Dosa plaza food court franchise.

  • The delicious Menu of the food court franchise is: 104 varieties of delicious Dosas, Pav Bhaji, Wadas, Filter Coffee, South Indians Meals, variety of Idli’s.
  • The area requirement for the Dosa plaza food court franchise is: around 300 square ft of kitchen and counter 100 square ft stores. Overall total of around 400 square ft area is required in order to establish a dosa plaza food court franchise.
  • The fees of the franchise is around 8 lacs.
  • The complete Royalty fee is 8 percent.

Dosa Plaza Dinning Restaurant: Requirements, Cost, Menu and Royalty

  • The franchise investment for Dosa plaza Dinning restaurant is around 55 to 60 lacs.
  • The delicious Menu of the food court franchise is: 104 varieties of delicious Dosas, Pav Bhaji, Wadas, Filter Coffee, South Indians Meals, variety of Idli’s, Chinese, fresh juices and Punjabi dishes.
  • The area requirement for the Dosa plaza food court franchise is: around 400 to 600 square ft of kitchen and counter ft stores, 800 to 1400 square ft dinning 100 to 200 sq. Overall total of around 1300 to 2200 square ft area is required in order to establish a dosa plaza Dinning restaurant franchise.
  • The fees of the franchise is around 12 lacs.
  • The complete Royalty fee is 8 percent.

NOTE: Franchise investment does not include property cost.

Applying for Dosa plaza franchises

One can easily apply for the Dosa plaza franchise as it is just a click away. You just need to visit Official Dosa plaza website and fill up the dosa plaza application form and send it to the mentioned email address. If they like your application then they will get back to you with further details.
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Starting Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Franchise or Dealership: Investment, Application Process and Contact Details

If you are looking for information on how to get the dealership of Mahanagar Gas CNG station then you have come looking to the right place. With the saturation of petrol and diesel market and sky touching rates, there couldn’t be a time better to purchase the franchise of a CNG gas station. CNG is the best alternative fuel for diesel as well as petrol and is cheaper than both. So here’s all you need to know about how to start the Mahanagar Gas CNG station franchise or dealership.

About Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Franchise / Dealership

Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Franchise

Petrol pump dealership is one of the most profitable business, especially in India. With CNG taking hold over the petrol and diesel market for commercial light and heavy vehicles, the time to start a CNG gas center is right. Mahanagar Gas is one of the biggest brand names in the fuel industry and is popular across India. It is the best kind of investment that you can make in the current market.

Cost and Investment Mahanagar Gas Franchise

You must have a good amount of money to start a Mahanagar Gas CNG station. Total cost required to start a CNG station is Rs. 30 to 50 lakhs. This includes the cost of building the station as well as other costs required in setting up the station. This amount is subjected to change depending upon the place you want to open the CNG station. Rate of interest is good but depends upon the place of the station and the city as well. Frequency of vehicle that will stop for fuel is more on highways hence income is more on highways. But since the number of CNG stations is less so the market has not yet reached saturation and ROI is generally good.

Mahanagar Gas CNG stationfranchise also has certain area requirements. For this franchise you will require a property of 700 square meters, or 7500 square feet for Light Motor Vehicle with 25 meter frontage. Whereas for Heavy Motor Vehicle plot size should be around 1500 square metres, or 16000 square feet, with frontage of 50 metres. This should be an encroachment free area with proper water and electricity supply.

Documentation and Procedure:

There are a few documents that the franchise aspirant will have to submit along with the application. Among these are proof of age, income proof, photo identity proof and address proof of the applicant. You will also need documents that can prove your business like proof of income, net worth issued by charted accountant along with shop certificate and establishment certificate. Documents that are needed to prove the authenticity of your property are property card, DP remarks by Municipal office or BMC, architect plan and lease deed. You also need to get your land papers verified such as title deed, latest 7/12 extract, partnership deed in case of partnership firm or distribution deed in it is distributed in family, NA tax receipt 20, NOC from landlord if plot is on lease and mutation entity or Fer far.

Application Process:

Applying for Mahanagar Gas CNG dealership is very simple process. The application form can be downloaded from the official website of Mahanagar Gas. To download the application form visit the following link: All you need to do is fill this form and mail it with all the essential documents that are asked on the website. There is no procedure to apply online.

Contact Details:

For any queries regarding the franchise you can contact Mahanagar Gas on the phone number given below or go directly to the office and meet the officials. You can also get your doubts cleared via email and website. Mahanagar Gas contact details and address is given below

Address: MGL House,
G-33 Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400051

Contact Number: 6678500 / Fax: 26540092


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Quiznos franchise in India: Cost, support, application process and contact details

Want to own an American fast food franchise equivalent to Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell? Then Quiznos is without a doubt an extremely good option for you. It is popular, it serves great food and it makes great profits. Learn more about starting this franchise in India and details like cost of starting, support provided, application process, etc.

About Quiznos Restaurant

Quiznos was started in the year 1981 in Denver, US and has been serving quality food from ever since. At the present day Quiznos owns more than 4000 restaurants in above 35 countries. It was first started in India in the year 2011 in Hyderabad and has more than 15 restaurants and is looking for expansion by starting another 500 franchises, giving franchise aspirants a great opportunity. Quiznos aims to serve quality food which is not only different from the rest of the restaurants but has great synchronization with the taste of Indian People.

Training and Support

Quiznos provides great franchise support to all its franchisees. They help a lot in the marketing and advertisement of the franchise which is why the franchise earns huge profits. The franchisee also benefits from the global popularity of the franchise. They offer a highly professional business model and provide training programs to all franchise. This includes seminars that help in understanding the business. Company also helps the franchise to pick up an appropriate location or negotiating land on lease from which the franchisee could benefit the most. They have a 24x7 online support system a a problem solving system for the franchisees.

Cost and Investments

Starting Quiznos franchise in India will require an investment of 35 lakhs to 50 lakhs inclusive of franchise fees, architecture, furniture and other expenses. There is a minimum area requirement of 1400 square feet and the requirement for outlet is 1000 square feet. The profits depend a lot upon the location of the franchise which is most in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. It will also depend a lot on franchise management though Quiznoz franchise has a record of doing well and earning great profits.

Application Process and Contact Details

Quiznos has stationed two franchises in India one of which is for North and West region and the other for South region. For those of you who want to apply for the franchise can fill the online application form of the respective regional franchise where you have opted to start the franchise. You can ask questions about the franchise at the addresses given below.

Quiznos franchise in North and West region in India
The franchise for North and West India is owned by Sub One Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. which is in Delhi. They have more than 52 restaurants in 14 cities and are planning to expand the business by opening 75 more franchises. In order to apply for the franchise you can fill the form at the following link: The address of franchise is
2/8-9-10, Sarai Jullena,
Opposite 'Hotel The Suryaa'
Okhla Road, New Delhi - 110 025,
Phone no: +91 9810045719, + 91 9810391665

Quiznos franchise in South region of India
The Southern franchise is held by Apollo Elixirs Pvt. Quiznos have its restaurants in southern cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. There is not much scope for expansion of the franchise in the south but those interested can fill the application form at Following is the address of the franchise
Apollo Elixirs Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No - 40, Road No 07,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033
Phone number: +91 7893099004
Website of Quiznos India:
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Tata Motors dealership franchise: Cost, return of Investment, application process

Looking for the information about start Tata Motors show room, service station or workshop area? The following article has all the details you need to know about Tata Motors dealership franchise.

Tata Motors

About Tata Motors dealership franchise

Tata Motors has an excellent range of utility vehicles and is India largest automobile Company. Tata Motors is known for its economical range of cars for the middle-class society of India. Nano is one such car launched by Tata Motors. Tata Motor was established in 1945and is one of the oldest automobile companies of India. Tata Motors has a huge market in India be it through showrooms or service centres with more than 7.9 million vehicles on road.

Cost and Investment

Total investment required for starting a Tata Motors dealership is around 10 crores. Approximately 60 to 70 lakhs will be required for equipments used in workshop for metro cities and big cities. This cost will be 35 to 50 lakhs in small cities and towns. The vehicle inventory in metropolitan cities will cost around 10 to 12 crores and this cost will be around 2 to 3.5 crores in towns. Tata Motors spare parts will cost around 45 to 55 lakhs in Metros and 15 to 35 lakhs in towns. Software, support system and other such expenditures will cost around 40 - 50 lakhs in Metros and 20 - 30 lakhs in towns.

The land requirement for starting Tata Motors is 5000 to 6000 square feet in Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and 3000 to 4000 square feet in towns. This area includes the office area. Land required for Work shop or service station of Tata Motors must be 30,000 to 35,000 square feet in Metros and 15,000 to 20,000 square feet in towns. For starting dealership of Tata Motors as integrated 3S facilities which includes Sales, Service and Spare Parts within one roof then area requirement is 55,000 to 65,000 square feet in Metros and 30,000 to 40,000 square feet in towns. The land should be self-owned or on a long lease.

ROI and payback period is not definite but is expected to be 16 to 20% ROI and 5-6 years payback period of capital.

Application Process

To apply for dealership of Applying for Tata Motors dealership is simple. For that you need to download 20 pages dealership brochure from the official website of Tata Motors. Fill the form and mention all details regarding site, financial soundness etc. Terms and conditions are provided in that brochure.

Contact Details
Registered office of Tata Motors is at Mumbai, Address is mentioned below-
Bombay House
24 Homi Mody Street, Fort
Mumbai - 400001
Phone no : Registered or corporate office +91 22 66658282
Commercial Vehicles Business Unit / Passenger Vehicles Business Unit - 022-66586000
International Business - 022-67577200

Regional Office - North
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses) - 011-23341254 / 011-23342151 | Cars & Utility Vehicles - (0124) 2805141 - 45

Regional Office - South
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses) - 080-66373 (400 to 409) | Cars & Utility Vehicles - (044) 66500900

Regional Office - East
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses) - 033-66272700 | Cars & Utility Vehicles - (033) 66262600 / 66262658

Regional Office - West
Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses) - 022-67927272 | Cars & Utility Vehicles - (022) 66930400/401/402/40, (079) 66009900

Manufacturing Locations
Pune - 020 - 66131111 | Dharwad - 0836-2486633/ 2486877 | Jamshedpur - 0657 - 2281500/2286875 Pantnagar - 05944-663000/ 663131 | Lucknow - 0522-2818012/20/32
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Maruti Suzuki Dealer Service Station Franchise Cost & Requirements

If you are interested in starting Maruti Suzuki dealer show room or service station we have all the information bagged in this one article. Learn all about the investment, application process and documents required for starting a Maruti Suzuki dealership showroom in India.

Maruti Suzuki

About Maruti Suzuki franchise (dealer showroom or service station)

Maruti Suzuki is one of the most repute automobiles company in India and merely its name is enough to attract customers. Maruti Suzuki is popular for its affordable range of cars and the service rates that it provides. It is a hugely appreciated brand in India that does not require any introduction which is why its franchises are so successful throughout India.

Cost and Investment

Total investment required for starting a Maruti Suzuki dealership franchise is around 30 to 50 lakh rupees. This is relative to the location you choose to open the Maruti Suzuki franchise and the nature of franchise. With the application form and documents you will also be required to send a demand draft of one lakh rupees in favour of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd payable at Delhi as earnest money. This money is refundable to those whose application form has been rejected. The investment cost must be high but so are the profits and the ROI of Maruti Suzuki franchise are very high. There is also a minimum land requirement of 4000 metre square.

Download Maruti Suzuki franchise dealership application form

Documents Required for starting Maruti Suzuki Dealership

You must attach the following documents with your application without which your application will not be processed. All this is necessary because the management wants to know more about your business experience. Only then they will be able to decide whether or not you are fit for managing a business that is so huge.

  • Clear pictures of the suggested land and buildings for Maruti Suzuki dealership showrooms or service station.
  • City map that clearly points out complete dealership, other Maruti Suzuki showrooms and service station(if any) and major landmarks.
  • Balance sheet of past 3 years and P & L account statement.Income tax and wealth tax returns.
  • Bankers’ letters in prescribed pro forma.
  • Latest CIBIL report of all directors and companies.
  • Applicant’s family tree.
  • Organization Structure.
  • Occupation and experience derails of director.
  • Demand Draft as stated above.

Application Process

You can download the application from the official website of Maruti Suzuki where you can also read the dealership requirements. The soft copy of the application can be sent via email. The email address is There is an 11 page application form that must be filled and sent to the following address. MSIL are totally free to make any decision after going through your application form and are not liable to give reasons for rejection. There is no contact number provided by the franchise so all the queries should be asked by emailing on the above email id or mailing on the address provided below.

Contact Details
Deputy General Manager,
Dealer Development-1,
Maruti Suzuki India Limited,
1, Nelson Mandela Road,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070
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Arena Animation franchise: Capital required, Start up cost and Application process

Arena Animation is one of the best options if you want to start a business franchise in the field of education. It is one of the leading animation institutes not only in India but all over the world. It is known for its skill enhancing courses and the best faculty among the students. This institute has good returns on investment and the industry is supposed to rise up as the demand of technical education is increasing day by day. Following are all the details you should know for starting Arena Animation franchise.

Arena Animation

About Arena Animations franchise

Arena Animation is one of the leading animation institutes if India and has seen the heights of success and is at the peak of its business from last 17 years. It has trained more than 4 lakh students in the field of animation and graphics in more than 20 countries. They are highly reputed when it comes to providing training and support system and are well known for franchise starting aid. They provide best training to faculty members and the staff of the institute. The curriculum is very strategically designed for the enhancement of skills of the student body so that they get best placements.

Arena Animation institute and its courses has been awarded many awards and recognition. Some of the awards are listed below:

  • Runners up for short animated film “Cecelia”- The Balcony girl at 4th International Cinema today award 2011
  • Winners in animated short film “The Roars”- 4th Cinema today awards 2011
  • Best animation award in Student category for film “Use Me”- Miniboxoffice in International film festival 2012
  • Best animation award in student category for film “The Wings”- Bhumika International film festival 2012
  • Best Pepsi Calendar design- The Pepsi calendar 2012 design contest

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start Arena Animation will be different for different cities. For the metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai the estimated investment is around 30 to 40 lakhs. The cost for other metro and tier I cities will be around 25 to 35 lakhs. In the remaining cities the investment required will be around 22 to 30 lakh rupees. The floor area requirement for Arena Animation will depend upon the number of classes, offices, etc that the centre will require. ROI will depend upon the location of the centre as well as the city you choose to open the franchise in, the estimated time is 2 to 3 years.

Application Process

You can apply for Arena Animation training centre by visiting their official website The form will require some of your details like name, contact number and your email id. You can also learn more about Arena Animation by downloading the brochure from the website.

Contact Details
For any queries related to the franchise you can get in touch with the corporate office of Arena Animation or simply send them an email regarding your doubts.
Aptech Limited, Aptech House,
A-65, MIDC, Marol, Andheri (East),
Maharashtra, India
Phone Number: 022-28272300
Corporate Office Number: 1-800-209-1444
Fax Number: 022-28272399
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Starting Domino's Pizza franchise: Cost & Return on Investment

Domino’s Pizza is the giant of the fast-food chain market. It is the leading pizza brands in India ever since it was established in the year 1996. It is one of the most successful food chain franchises in India with a huge ROI. You can find investment, land requirement and contact details below. So read along and be the owner of the next Domino’s Pizza Franchise.

Domino's Pizza

About Dominos Pizza franchise

Domino’s Pizza in India is managed by Jubilant FoodWorks Limited who also manages the Dunkin Donuts food chain in India. The franchise was taken by Jubliant Food products in 1995 and the first store was started in Delhi in the year 1996. This franchise can only be opened in partnership with Jubilant FoodWorks Limited who makes all the decisions regarding the business. Domino’s Pizza franchise has more than 550 restaurants in more than 130 cities in India till date

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most successful franchise businesses in India. The brand got huge acknowledgement soon after it was started which is why you will never have to worry about the marketing and advertising of the franchise. It has also proven to be successful in suburbs and small towns with good management skills.

Cost and Investment

Since Domino’s Pizza is such a huge and popular franchise the investment is obviously going to be big. Dominos Pizza at present has 387 units owned solely by the brand and other 9653 franchise spread all over the world which are highly profitable business ventures. The investment required in India to open a Domino’s Pizza franchise is around 65 lakhs to 2 crores. This cost is reduced for transitional and non-traditional stores. These types of stores require investment around 30 to 50 lakhs respectively.

There is also a royalty fees for Domino’s Pizza franchise and that is 5.5% of the store’s weekly royalty sales. This fee is 4% for transitional and non-traditional stores as advertisement cost is low for them. There are also 1.5% audit expenses, 1500$ for transfer, 1000$/session for training. The charges for testing and evaluation, indemnification, cost of enforcement are separate from the above charges and vary from place to place. The annual software enhancement fee is also charged which is 415$ per year. These charges may vary in Indian currency. Domino’s Pizza franchise is different for different categories of investors, i.e. internal franchise for those who have previously worked with the company in posts like General Manager and so on (minimum duration is an year) and external franchise for the rest.

Land Requirement

Though it is always profitable to open a Domino’s Pizza Franchise in market and malls in big cities but due to urbanization in big cities people have largely accepted western food and pizza is one of the most loved western foods. Therefore Domino’s Pizza has also proven to be successful business in sub-urban areas. Another benefit is that land in suburbs is cheaper than land in big cities.

Contact Details
Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Registered & Corporate Office
B214, Phase II, Noida-201305
Contact Number: +91-120-4090500
Fax Number: +91-120-40905599
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Starting franchise of Fastrack Sunglasses, Fashion accessories: Investment, Application process & Contact details

Fastrack is a loved accessories and watch brand in India. It is a sub-division of Titan the market giant of watches. With a drastic increase in the demand of fashion accessories Fastrack has opened all its doors for making more and more profit and is popular among the young people for its fine quality articles. All the details regarding Fastrack franchise are given below.


Scope of Fastrack Sunglasses and accessories franchise and profits

Fastrack was opened as a sub brand of Titan in 1998 and since then the brand has come a long way be it the earnings and profits or reputation. The very first Fastrack showroom was opened in Pune and now there are more than 125 showrooms of Fastrack in India this day. Fastrack is believed to be a youth brand which is popular for its sports watches and sunglasses. Fastrack also started a range of bag and accessories in the recent years and has flourished its business since then. The brand was started with the purpose of providing an exclusive accessories and watch brand for the youth who like spending on brands and these kinds of articles. Fastrack has been known to make good amount of profits and is quite popular among the people for each article it sells. The brand is not exhaustive yet and there is a lot of scope for expansion.

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start a Fastrack franchise will range from 30 to 50 lakh rupees. This cost is inclusive of the franchise fee, maintaining the interiors and billing counter & software expenditure. There is a minimum floor area requirement of 800 to 1000 square feet. It is important that the land should be available on commercial area like big markets, malls, and large business squares. The location of the showroom is an essential factor because the return on investments largely depends upon the area in which the showroom is located. With good management and business strategy an ROI of up to 30 to 50% can be achieved. There are some cities preferred by Fastrack franchise where you can open the showroom. They are Pune, Baroda, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Indore, Bhopal and some other big cities and capitals.

Application Process

For starting a Fastrack franchise of watches and other accessories or to be listed as a distributor you can easily apply on the official website of titan at Here you will have to provide all your contact details and some of your personal details as well.

Contact Details

For doubts and questions regarding franchising business you can also contact the registered office as well as the corporate office. The contact details are given below.

Registered Office: Titan Industries Limited
3, Sipcot Industrial Complex, Hosur-635126
Phone Number: +91-(0)4344-664199
Fax: +91-(0)4344-276037

Corporate Office: Titan Industries Limited,
Tower A, Golden Enclave, Airport Road,
Karnataka, India
Telephone: +91-(0)80-6660 9000, +91-(0)80-6660 9027, +91-(0)80-6660 9028
Fax: +91-(0)80-2526 9923, +91-(0)80-2526 3001

Fastrack & Accessories
Help desk contact number: 1800-266-0123
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Starting Raymond Retail shop franchise: Investment, Startup cost and ROI

There is a vast fashion world out there and it becomes really confusing when you want to start a business in the fashion Industry. For those of you who want to open a clothing retail store then Raymond retail shop is a good option. It is a well known brand and has a huge business in India and has been serving for 30 years. Following are all the details you should know to start a Raymond franchise.

Raymond Retail shop

Is Raymond franchise a good business option in India?

Raymond is one of the oldest and most loved brands in India. Amont the beaten suiting Raymond acquires about 60% of the market and is seeded among the top three of the worsted suiting manufacturers of the world; which is definitely quite an achievement. Some of the best Raymond brands are Park Avenue, Parx, premium suiting fabrics, ColorPlus and Notting Hill. These are well acknowledged brands and have quite a reputation in the market. With the increasing competition in the market Raymond still aces at what it manufactures. There are more than 650 retail units of Raymond that are running successfully throughout India.

Raymond is looking up for expansion after having set itself in the market of metro cities. There are a lot of opportunities for new franchises to be opened and that is where you can come into picture. Raymond is looking up to opening retail stores in tier IV and V cities. Raymond is a well known brand across the globe therefore the profits are assured and return on investment is good.

Cost and Investment

The cost required to open a Raymond franchise varies between 30 to 50 lakhs depending on factors like the city you have chosen to start the franchise and the location where you want to start the showroom. There is also a franchise brand fees of 6 to 10 lakhs which includes the expenditure of interior, furniture and other requirements of the store. There are certain area requirements for starting a Raymond retail shop franchise which is 1000 to 1500 square feet.

Raymond franchise provides training at a local level and there exists an agreement for five years which can be further renewed. An ROI of 20 % is usually probable but the returns are good and the expected payback time of investment is 2 to 4 years respective of the location of the School and the city in which the school is located.

Application Process

You can apply for Raymond retail shop franchise online at the official website /franchise/index.asp page. Here you will have to enter all the details that are asked and submit it. There will be details like contact information, postal address, email id, etc. You will be asked to provide details about your financial conditions. You can clear all your doubts and ask queries by contacting the corporate office located in Mumbai. You can also send your business proposal to open a Raymond franchise by post on the address provided below.

Contact Details
P.O. Box No. 30,
Thane H.O-400 606
Contact number: 022-40367334
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Studio 11 Salon Spa Franchise: Investments, Return, Applicaton process

Studio 11 is a division of Bloomwell Health and Wellness Ltd which is one of the most reputed beauty salon and spa franchise in India. Studio 11 is now expanding its business in the metro tier 1 and tier 2 countries of India and flourish the business even more.

Studio 11 Salon Spa

About Studio 11 Saloon & Spa franchise

The beauty industry is a rapidly growing business in India as it is becoming a necessity for women these days. Grooming is becoming the widely acknowledged requirement which is why an expansion in the beauty business is always profitable in India. There are numerous brands with their numerous ventures but even that does not seem to fulfill the demands of people which is why this business is very profitable and the returns are really good. Studio 11 with its reputation and great products that they use now ace the business and gain large returns. This is the reason why Studio 11 beauty salon and spa franchises are now expanding with an annual rate of 30% in India. So if You have opted for Studio 11, you have definitely made the right choice.
The reason why Studio 11 is one of the most preferable choices among beauty salons is because it has a worldwide reputation and requires a low investment. Studio 11 empowers market with its technical pro approaches. The interiors with 3D visuals and 25 management executives make sure that the salon is marketing with the right approach so that the sales can be monitored. These are strong reasons for the rise of Studio 11.

Cost and Investment

Studio 11 provides various business models therefore your investment will vary according to the business model you choose. As a rough assumption the investment required to start a studio 11 franchise will be something between 25 to 60 lakhs. It is quite a business idea as the beauty industry is on the verge of expansion in India. There is no land requirement declared about the company so probably it is something that they prefer discussing in person when you will sign up for the business.

Training and Loyalty Plans

The managing officials are the backbone of the business and they monitor the complete business and ensure that the business is running smoothly. They are the base of the support system provided by Studio 11. With their website and their software system they control all the sales and manage the market of Studio 11 franchise divisions in India. There are loyalty and promotions that take place within the organization on the basis of performance measures. Uniforms in the saloons are a must. Customer care for better services is also offered to manage the work better.

Application Process

In order to apply you are required to fill the online application form which is available at the official website Give up you basic information such as name, email address, contact number and the city of your preference to start the business. This is the only way for applying as Studio 11 has not provided with any email id or contact number for franchising.
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Lakme Salon franchise India : Cost, start up requirement, profit on investment

Lakme is without a doubt the most reputed and appreciated beauty brand in India. It is the first choice when any aspect of beauty comes to our mind. Whenever we think about any beauty brand the first one comes in our mind is Lakme. A Lakme franchise can now be yours and you can easily be part of the business by reading this article.
Lakme Salon

What Lakme Salon franchise offers as a business venture?

Lakme is one of the most initial beauty brands and has maintained its business as well as market ever since. It is probably women’s most preferred beauty brand for hair, skin and cosmetics. Looks are essential to some extent and women in this era believe in being presentable and looking attractive and hence the beauty market flourishes at its best. Since Lakme was the first saloon chain in India, its reputation precedes all others and is well known for its best beauty services provided throughout India for the past 50 years.

Lakme professions have the best cosmetic and beauty care training with which they are able to provide the best and most intensive care for most women throughout India. Lakme has a total of 175 saloon chains running across the globe out of which 135 are functioned by franchise. Since Lakme is a well known beauty brand there is no chance at all that the business will not work out well. Therefore it is considered one of the best brands to start a franchise with for those who want to start out in the beauty industry.

Cost and Investment

For starting a Lakme saloon franchise an investment of 30 to 50 lakhs is required comprising of the franchise fee, interior decoration, furniture, fixture cost and few other expenses necessary for the business. This investment varies from city to city depending on the developed and developing areas. For a Lakme saloon the minimum land area required is 800 to 1200 Square feet which should be in a commercial or residential area for the business to run properly. The agreement of Lakme franchise is of 5 years which can be further renewed. ROI percentage is expected to be 18% and the lump-sum payback period of the investment of one franchise is around 3 years.

How to apply?

You can easily apply online for the Lakme salon franchise. All you have to do is provide all your details on the franchise enquiry page of the official Lakme website given as follows: . You need not worry about the marketing, training or the assistance as they will all be provided by company itself. For all the doubts and queries you can contact the corporate office of Lakme situated at Mumbai.

Address and contact details
You can easily connect with Lakme via Phone or meet the managers at the corporate office at the following address.

Lakme Liver Ltd.
1st Floor, Shree Nivas House,
H Somani Marg, Behind Bombay Gymkhana,
Fort, Mumbai – 400001
Contact number: +91 22 39832117
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How to Start Van Heusen Franchise India: Cost, investment returns, process

Van Heusen is a fabulous choice for all those who want to start a franchise in the fashion world. It provides an exclusive range of formal and informal clothing for men as well as women and has gained a lot of fame in the past couple of years. In this article you will find all the details regarding opening a Van Heusen Franchise in India, from the investment and land requirements to franchise fees and other expenditure.

Van Heusen

Benefits of Van Heusen franchise

The people in India no more depend on buying cloth pieces and getting the stitched. All of them are now moving to readymade stitched clothes. This is the reason why brands are working out so well in India. There is a huge demand of fashion industry in the market as people rely more and more on branded clothes. In these circumstances it is never a bad deal to start a fashion franchise in India. Ever since 1990 Van Heusen has shown remarkable growth in the market and has appeared as a fashion giant with a huge turnover and profit. Therefore if you are planning to start a Van Heusen franchise it is a good way to start in the fashion business in India.

Cost and Investment

For starting a Van Heusen franchise the investment required is about 30 to 50 lakhs. These are rough estimates and not the exact figures as the exact expenditure will depend on the location and city you choose to start your franchise in. The area requirements for a Van Heusen vary accordingly. It is more preferable if you have 1200 to 1500 square feet business area, though even if you have a retail space of 1200 square feet in a commercial area then that will do. Considering everything the investments are not so high and it is a well earning franchise. These are all rough estimates.

For exact values you must contact the offices of Van Heusen. The returns and profit depends on factors like location and the city in which you are planning to open the franchise. Van Heusen is quite popular among all the fashion brands and offers an exquisite range of men’s formal clothing and has earned quite a reputation in the market.

Van Heusen Franchise license

If you are not short on budget and are willing to openly invest then you can also be a part of the Van Heusen growing business. It requires you to fulfil the investment requirements. All you need to do is send an email on their email address and they will contact you back if they find your offer interesting.

Contact Details
The email address where you can contact regarding franchising is Otherwise for all the multi-brand outlets you will have to contact via the following email There is no contact number at which you can call so email is the only mode of communication.
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How to start a franchise of mahindra first choice: Cost, area requirements, application details

Is Mahindra car Showroom your dream? Well it can surely come true and all you need to know is just a few details. Mahindra’s reputation has taken over the market of India and is a very successful car automobile brand in India. Mahindra First Choice is one of the India’s leading multi-brand used certified car company. This is few of the most profitable franchises in India in the field of automobiles. It is quite simple to apply for Mahindra First Choice franchise and you can easily learn about all the aspects such as the investment needed, land and area required, all about the program with training and support groups, online application forms that can be downloaded. All of this you can find in this one article.

mahindra first choice

How is Mahindra First Choice franchise beneficial?

Mahindra is without a doubt a leading franchise brand of Indian automobiles apart from this Mahindra First Choice is the first Indian multi-brand certified used car company which is now gaining popularity. The most enticing part is that you have such a big brand name to start with and you have no worries to build a reputation in the marked. This is one of the many advantages of getting a franchise under the banner name of Mahindra. Another of the advantages is that the cars that are certified have the certifirst advantage and the customers can take benefit from the Warrantyifirst which is the most preferred car warranty. There are no hidden charges and everything is transparent making the customers more comfortable in the deals and earning their trust. The company makes sure that all the cars are properly checked and have been through a 118 point checklist to ensure the quality. Promotion of business is easy as Mahindra has tie ups with various banks that will help you get started.

Cost and Investments

Mahindra First Choice franchise requires a working capital investment of rupees 20 to 50 lakhs. The area required to build the showroom is 500 to 1000 square feet which includes the parking area for 15 to 20 vehicles. The possession of this much amount of land with the above required working capital will make you eligible for the Mahindra First Choice Franchise car showroom and you can get started with the discussion.

Training and Support Programmes

Mahindra makes sure that it provides a descriptive and fully detailed training programme to ensure the eligibility of the workers and to enhance the quality of service. This training is compulsory for all the staff, workers and franchise owners. The people working for the franchise as well as the owner has to abide by some set of rules and guidelines for aspects like store layout and interiors, payment collection & processing, sale agreement, etc. For more details on training provided by Mahindra First Choice franchise you can surf the official website and learn more.

Application Process

For applying for the franchise you can visit the official website at and from there you can download the PDF of the Mahindra Franchise application form. You can also apply for the franchise online at /apply-online.aspx page by submitting your details.
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