Franchise Advice: Our Policy of Using Cookies

Franchise Advice is a website that does not use cookies for marketing purpose. Although this is essential to understand that various websites like use cookies for advertising purposes. One such third-party application advertising agency is Google AdSense.

It is advisable that you read all the following details before you consider our website for advertisement especially if you are from the European Union countries. If you do not disable cookies using our website then we will consider that you are giving us your permission to use cookies for all your desired purposes.

Understanding the use cookies?
Cookies are coded files that are small in size and store relevant information which you generally see on various websites. They are generally used to help website designers to recognise the behaviour of your computer on the World Wide Web so that administration becomes easy. This is very beneficial to make the website user friendly so that user can find it more interactive. For instance, an e-commerce website may store cookies to keep record of items in the cart, your address, what you browse on the internet so that the articles of your preference could guessed and offers could be made to you. These things vary from user to user depending on their utility of internet.

To secure your information and maintain privacy from various websites you can easily disable cookies that are already stored in your system. This will definitely cost you some of the benefits of cookies. By enabling cookies you will allow us to get information like what WebPages you surf more and the content that appeals to you more. This helps us to provide you with a more sophisticated and filtered web experience.

The perks of this website
Your privacy is paramount for us and all your information is put to positive use and sharing. Without your consent we don’t gather any details apart from:
  • Your email address once you comment or subscribe for a newsletter
  • IP (Internet Protocol) Address
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Demographic data
  • Data essential for analysis like Page-views, on-page duration, navigation patterns, etc. This is done by using Google Analytics and other similar software.
  • We aloe third-parties like Google ADSense to use cookies which makes use of DoubleClick cookies. To know more about Google policies read Google Policies and Principles. You can decide how you want to use cookies for enhancing your advertisement. Some other advertisements may also be used apart from the ones provided by Google.
  • You can share your web-pages on social networking sites like Facebook and Google+.
  • You can also share web-pages by using social bookmarking like ShareThis. To disable all this you must read Privacy Policy of ShareThis.
All the information provided above is collected for statistical, analytical and marketing functions. All your personal details like your email and contact details are totally safe with us which we only share with our administrators. On the other hand the web traffic information we get from you is shared with third parties for promotional purposes and better advertising.

We do not ask for any personal information. While commenting, we advise refraining from sharing your email address, phone number, and other private information in public.

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