Starting Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Franchise or Dealership: Investment, Application Process and Contact Details

If you are looking for information on how to get the dealership of Mahanagar Gas CNG station then you have come looking to the right place. With the saturation of petrol and diesel market and sky touching rates, there couldn’t be a time better to purchase the franchise of a CNG gas station. CNG is the best alternative fuel for diesel as well as petrol and is cheaper than both. So here’s all you need to know about how to start the Mahanagar Gas CNG station franchise or dealership.

About Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Franchise / Dealership

Mahanagar Gas CNG Station Franchise

Petrol pump dealership is one of the most profitable business, especially in India. With CNG taking hold over the petrol and diesel market for commercial light and heavy vehicles, the time to start a CNG gas center is right. Mahanagar Gas is one of the biggest brand names in the fuel industry and is popular across India. It is the best kind of investment that you can make in the current market.

Cost and Investment Mahanagar Gas Franchise

You must have a good amount of money to start a Mahanagar Gas CNG station. Total cost required to start a CNG station is Rs. 30 to 50 lakhs. This includes the cost of building the station as well as other costs required in setting up the station. This amount is subjected to change depending upon the place you want to open the CNG station. Rate of interest is good but depends upon the place of the station and the city as well. Frequency of vehicle that will stop for fuel is more on highways hence income is more on highways. But since the number of CNG stations is less so the market has not yet reached saturation and ROI is generally good.

Mahanagar Gas CNG stationfranchise also has certain area requirements. For this franchise you will require a property of 700 square meters, or 7500 square feet for Light Motor Vehicle with 25 meter frontage. Whereas for Heavy Motor Vehicle plot size should be around 1500 square metres, or 16000 square feet, with frontage of 50 metres. This should be an encroachment free area with proper water and electricity supply.

Documentation and Procedure:

There are a few documents that the franchise aspirant will have to submit along with the application. Among these are proof of age, income proof, photo identity proof and address proof of the applicant. You will also need documents that can prove your business like proof of income, net worth issued by charted accountant along with shop certificate and establishment certificate. Documents that are needed to prove the authenticity of your property are property card, DP remarks by Municipal office or BMC, architect plan and lease deed. You also need to get your land papers verified such as title deed, latest 7/12 extract, partnership deed in case of partnership firm or distribution deed in it is distributed in family, NA tax receipt 20, NOC from landlord if plot is on lease and mutation entity or Fer far.

Application Process:

Applying for Mahanagar Gas CNG dealership is very simple process. The application form can be downloaded from the official website of Mahanagar Gas. To download the application form visit the following link: All you need to do is fill this form and mail it with all the essential documents that are asked on the website. There is no procedure to apply online.

Contact Details:

For any queries regarding the franchise you can contact Mahanagar Gas on the phone number given below or go directly to the office and meet the officials. You can also get your doubts cleared via email and website. Mahanagar Gas contact details and address is given below

Address: MGL House,
G-33 Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400051

Contact Number: 6678500 / Fax: 26540092



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