Starting a Samsung Smartphones Retail Franchise or Dealership: Cost, Requirements, Support, Application process

Samsung is the brand name every tech savvy person would want to start their electronic business with. There is nothing like a Samsung android device. For all those of you who want to start a Samsung dealership or retail franchise of mobile phones, that’s just the name you want to start out with. Samsung offers the best designs and technology in all its smart phones which makes it one of the most successful and acclaimed smartphone brands in the market. The following article contains all the details be it cost, requirement, support or application process you need to follow in order to start a Samsung smartphone retail franchise or dealership.

About Samsung mobile phone retail franchise

Ever since the evolution of Android, Samsung has acquired most of the smartphone market and has become the business leader in this genre. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Samsung has been the largest smartphone selling brand of the year 2015. Samsung is known it’s varied range of smartphones for all individuals. From the most fancy and expensive gadgets to the economical smartphones, Samsung covers it all with it technology. The company is preparing to launch the budget range in underdeveloped markets like Asia and Africa for expansion of their business and staying at the top of their game. Having said that, Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone brands and a Samsung retail franchise in India is a very profitable business option.

Cost and Investment

Samsung franchise has three types of offers for retail stores which are described below with the requirements as well as relative cost. The investment differs according to the product you are allowed to have and the area required. City you are planning to start the franchise in also make a major difference in the investment.

Samsung Smart Cafe retail stores

Samsung Smart Café retail store is a good business idea especially in metro cities and in the tier 1 cities for someone who doesn’t have a big budget. These kind of stores supply various products from Mobile phones, Laptops, Camera, PC tablets to all the required accessories for these various electronic products that they store.

Area requirement for these types of stores is 450 to 600 square feet along with a frontage of 14 ft and minimum ceiling height of 10.5 feet. Samsung has not provided the specific cost required to start the franchise but it will sum up to approximately 10 to 20 lakhs for security deposits and furnishing of the store. This figure may vary according to your furnishing requirements.

Samsung Digital Plaza stores

The land area requirement for such stores is 1100 square feet along with a frontage of 14 square feet and a ceiling height of 10.5 feet. All the Samsung products are provided in this store. The Samsung digital plaza stores are basically preferred for the tier 2 cities.

Samsung Premium Brand stores

Samsung Premium Brand stores basically require the same land area as is required for the Digital Plaza stores. The other requirements is also pretty much the same the only difference being that these stores are preferred in metro cities because the brand basically launches its premium products in the metro cities.

Training and Support

Samsung provides a strong support system to all its franchise holders and provides all kinds of assistance and training for flourishing the business. In case you need any assistance you can connect with the authorities at all you need to do is fill them in about your problem via chat or emails or simply ask the queries that you have and they will get back to you with an answer.

Application Process

Application process for Samsung franchise is simple and one which does not take much time or understanding. To be eligible to apply all you need is required space to start a retail store in a commercial area or busy market and no one can stop you from starting a Samsung franchise. You can find the application form online and fill it there itself at: The form will require you to fill you to fill simple information like the space you are holding space, its opening, size, shape, location and nearest Samsung store. :)


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