How to start DTDC Courier and Cargo franchise: Cost, ROI, Application Process and Contact Details

Sometimes small businesses make you a lot more money in the longer run. The best part about running small franchises is that they are risk free and the investment required is low. If you are looking for one such business that is not only well recognized but also has good ROI. DTDC is the right choice for you. Find out all about the franchise and all the requirements of application. requirements.

Why to start DTDC courier and cargo franchise outlet in India

DTDC Courier and Cargo franchise

DTDC is the best and largest courier and cargo franchise in India. It was started in the year1990 and has a market share of more than 350 crores and revenue of about 200 crores. DTDC is a well acknowledged brand name throughout India and is reputed for its quality of service. They have more than 5400 outlets in India and overseas. It is a highly profitable that never goes into loss and the investment required is quite low.

Cost and Investment

DTDC is a franchise that requires very less investment and can also be started within an investment of Rupees 10,000. You can expect the start-up cost to be 50,000 to 150,000 rupees depending on the type of franchise model you choose. The minimum area requirements for this business are 100 square feet preferably on ground floor facing road. DTDC has a very good and through support system including robust training, IT support, Marketing and promotions advise, management and business planning, operational support and training to maintain uniform policy. Expected ROI and break even period is more than 20%. 2 to 4 number of employee are required depending upon the type of franchise.

Various Franchise models of DTDC courier and Cargo in India

DTDC operates on 4 franchise models in India which are described below.

Single unit franchise - Single unit franchise make up to 75% of DTDC’s business and covers more than 95% network. This model is easily accessible to middle class people. Franchiseof DTDC under this model is started in a small region or a pin code.

Master franchise - These are for larger regions and cities and monitors one or more franchise under it. This franchises is responsible for the growth and development of single unit franchises and other bodies under it.

Super franchise - These are key units for Company and are appointed in different way. They work independently a district or city with one or more reporting franchise. It marks the growth of all the other franchises in the region.

Corporate franchise - Corporate franchise is a highly specialized form of franchisee chosen exclusively by the company. These are managed by people with experience having office infrastructure, client contacts in corporate offices, and have investment capacity.

How to apply for DTDC courier and cargo franchise in India?

Application process for DTDC franchise is the fastest and easiest. You can own the next DTDC franchise within 15 days. Once you have made up your mind, you need to go through the terms and conditions. The location selected by you will be inspected in 2 days. On the 3rd day you will fill the application for the franchise and along with it you will have to submit the following documents.

  • Demand draft for the security deposit and establishment fee as per the guidelines.
  • Identity proof: Voters cards or driving license
  • Address proof: Ration card or land line telephone bill
  • Leave & license agreement or premises ownership agreement
  • Financial credential: Bank passbook or bank statement
  • Reference Letter

Verification starts on the 5th day and the approval will come by the 7th day which will come from regional office or GM or authorized office. Email communication will be initiated by GM and activation code will be provided on the 8th day. Training and certification is provided on the rest of the days and you will be welcomed and introduced to HODs. On the 15th day you can start your franchise.

Contact Details

For queries and doubts you can get In touch with the registered office of DTDC. Details are given below.

DTDC House,
No. 3, Victoria Road,
Bangalore 560047,
Phone Number: 080-25365032,25365039,
Fax Number: 080-25514461


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