AromaThai Spa Franchise India: Cost, profit on investments, franchise application process

AromaThai Foot Spa is one of the best beauty franchises in India. It is a popular massage parlour and is considered the favourite among all Thai spas in India. AromaThai has a good reputation among the beauty industry ever since it was started in the year 2008. For those of you who want to start Aroma Thai spa franchise in India, beauty parlour or spa all the details regarding the franchise costs, area requirements, return on investments and contact details are given below.

AromaThai Foot Spa

Is spa franchise a successful business idea in India?

Spa business is perfect for those who don’t want to invest crazy crores and yet want to start a profitable franchise. The popularity of spas has grown in India in the past decade even though spas have been a part of the fashion industry from a long time.

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that spa franchises are an extremely profitable business in India. All the spas are doing quite well in India. Both men and women are keen on going to spas for glowing skin and relaxing massages. Everybody knows that spa is a natural way to look younger and brighter. People not only from the rich societies but also from the middle class societies are accepting spas as a beauty treatment now days. In such a scenario spa franchise is has a bright future and scope of flourishing and AromaThai is one of the best and most profitable options to start with is one of the best and most profitable options to start in this field.

Cost and Investment

The investment required to start AromaThai franchise has not been stated anywhere on the official website. AromaThai franchise provides various packages of investment which you can choose from. The investment required to start this franchise will vary roughly from 50 lakh to 1 crore rupees. Nothing has been mentioned about the land requirements either. According to a rough estimate made on the basis of sources the land requirement to start AromaThai franchise is 500 sq ft.

AromaThai has a franchise fee of Rs 15,000 and this has been clearly mentioned in the IFA franchise business guide. Unit franchises will not have exclusive territorial rights. The estimated ROI of AromaThai franchise is 35%, and the expected payback period of the capital is around 1-2 years. The franchise term doesn’t need to be renewed and is for lifetime.

Application Process

Application process is quite easy to follow. All you need to do is go to the official website of AromaThai foot spa, click on franchise and from there select franchise form. Fill up all the details that are asked in the form like your personal details, investment range, preferred location, etc. If the management thinks you are eligible to become a franchisee of AromaThai Foot Spa then they will contact you to discuss further.

Contact Details
Mr. Nakul Kapoor
Phone No: (011) 40793527 / 26


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