How to Start Van Heusen Franchise India: Cost, investment returns, process

Van Heusen is a fabulous choice for all those who want to start a franchise in the fashion world. It provides an exclusive range of formal and informal clothing for men as well as women and has gained a lot of fame in the past couple of years. In this article you will find all the details regarding opening a Van Heusen Franchise in India, from the investment and land requirements to franchise fees and other expenditure.

Van Heusen

Benefits of Van Heusen franchise

The people in India no more depend on buying cloth pieces and getting the stitched. All of them are now moving to readymade stitched clothes. This is the reason why brands are working out so well in India. There is a huge demand of fashion industry in the market as people rely more and more on branded clothes. In these circumstances it is never a bad deal to start a fashion franchise in India. Ever since 1990 Van Heusen has shown remarkable growth in the market and has appeared as a fashion giant with a huge turnover and profit. Therefore if you are planning to start a Van Heusen franchise it is a good way to start in the fashion business in India.

Cost and Investment

For starting a Van Heusen franchise the investment required is about 30 to 50 lakhs. These are rough estimates and not the exact figures as the exact expenditure will depend on the location and city you choose to start your franchise in. The area requirements for a Van Heusen vary accordingly. It is more preferable if you have 1200 to 1500 square feet business area, though even if you have a retail space of 1200 square feet in a commercial area then that will do. Considering everything the investments are not so high and it is a well earning franchise. These are all rough estimates.

For exact values you must contact the offices of Van Heusen. The returns and profit depends on factors like location and the city in which you are planning to open the franchise. Van Heusen is quite popular among all the fashion brands and offers an exquisite range of men’s formal clothing and has earned quite a reputation in the market.

Van Heusen Franchise license

If you are not short on budget and are willing to openly invest then you can also be a part of the Van Heusen growing business. It requires you to fulfil the investment requirements. All you need to do is send an email on their email address and they will contact you back if they find your offer interesting.

Contact Details
The email address where you can contact regarding franchising is Otherwise for all the multi-brand outlets you will have to contact via the following email There is no contact number at which you can call so email is the only mode of communication.


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