How to start a franchise of mahindra first choice: Cost, area requirements, application details

Is Mahindra car Showroom your dream? Well it can surely come true and all you need to know is just a few details. Mahindra’s reputation has taken over the market of India and is a very successful car automobile brand in India. Mahindra First Choice is one of the India’s leading multi-brand used certified car company. This is few of the most profitable franchises in India in the field of automobiles. It is quite simple to apply for Mahindra First Choice franchise and you can easily learn about all the aspects such as the investment needed, land and area required, all about the program with training and support groups, online application forms that can be downloaded. All of this you can find in this one article.

mahindra first choice

How is Mahindra First Choice franchise beneficial?

Mahindra is without a doubt a leading franchise brand of Indian automobiles apart from this Mahindra First Choice is the first Indian multi-brand certified used car company which is now gaining popularity. The most enticing part is that you have such a big brand name to start with and you have no worries to build a reputation in the marked. This is one of the many advantages of getting a franchise under the banner name of Mahindra. Another of the advantages is that the cars that are certified have the certifirst advantage and the customers can take benefit from the Warrantyifirst which is the most preferred car warranty. There are no hidden charges and everything is transparent making the customers more comfortable in the deals and earning their trust. The company makes sure that all the cars are properly checked and have been through a 118 point checklist to ensure the quality. Promotion of business is easy as Mahindra has tie ups with various banks that will help you get started.

Cost and Investments

Mahindra First Choice franchise requires a working capital investment of rupees 20 to 50 lakhs. The area required to build the showroom is 500 to 1000 square feet which includes the parking area for 15 to 20 vehicles. The possession of this much amount of land with the above required working capital will make you eligible for the Mahindra First Choice Franchise car showroom and you can get started with the discussion.

Training and Support Programmes

Mahindra makes sure that it provides a descriptive and fully detailed training programme to ensure the eligibility of the workers and to enhance the quality of service. This training is compulsory for all the staff, workers and franchise owners. The people working for the franchise as well as the owner has to abide by some set of rules and guidelines for aspects like store layout and interiors, payment collection & processing, sale agreement, etc. For more details on training provided by Mahindra First Choice franchise you can surf the official website and learn more.

Application Process

For applying for the franchise you can visit the official website at and from there you can download the PDF of the Mahindra Franchise application form. You can also apply for the franchise online at /apply-online.aspx page by submitting your details.


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