MRF Tyres Franchise Opportunities: Investments, cost efficiency, requirements

MRF Tyres Franchise is quite a good idea and an extremely good option for investment. This article contains all the details one needs to know about the MRFF Tyres franchise from the investment costs to the application process. So now learn how to start a MRF Tyres franchise in India.

MRF Tyres

What makes MRF tyre franchise a profitable business venture?

The trade of cars is India has drastically increased. Almost everyone owns a car these days and it is also a symbol of progress and development in the society. This is the reason why all the car brands now want to expand their business in India and make more and more profit in the business. This sale and purchase of cars has risen from the past ten years. This is what builds a strong background for the tyre business to flourish more and more. With this increasing demand in automobiles there will also be an increase in demand of tyres. This is the reason why opening a MRF Tyres Franchise is a very profitable business in India these days. MRF is the best tyre brand in India and certainly the most reputed. The name is itself a trade mark and people trust the company therefore making this business a very good idea.

Cost and Investment

The total investment required to open a MRF Tyre Franchise is Rs. 23 lakhs. This comprises of the machinery and equipment costs, all of this is clearly stated on the official website and you can get to read more about it from there. The company has also mentioned that 10 lakhs is going to be the initial investment for starting a franchise. They have a strict area requirement of 4000 square feet. So for starting MRF tyres franchise you will need approximately 370 square metres of land.

Training and Support Programmes

There is no detailed information about the training and support system provided by MRF Tyres but they have mentioned in their website that the MRF Tyres Franchise in India will provide proper training and support to start business with a new franchise. Therefore you can stay calm about the support group as you will be assisted in all the things when you start up your franchise. More details will be disclosed and discussed once the person submits his details and registers for the franchise.

Application process and Contact Details

Application process is quite simple. All you have to do is click on the Business Opportunities tab present in the official website of MRF Tyres which is . Here you are asked to fill some of your details like name, email address, employment and contact number. You will also have to provide some details about the business you do and your financial track records. It is up to the company executives to decide whether they want to do business with you or not. You can also contact at the following address for applying for the franchise.

The Franchise Promotion Manager,
MRF Limited
124, Greams Road, Chennai - 600 006
Contact number: 044-28294154 / 28290562


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