Cafe Mocha Franchise India: Investments, Application process, Contact details

Cafe Mocha is a well known coffee house in India which has a lot of scope for business expansion and has a lot of opportunities for those who like investing in the food industry. You can get all the details regarding the investments, application process, land requirements and contact details in easily by reading this article.

Cafe Mocha

About Mocha Cafe Franchise

The very first Cafe Mocha was opened in Churchgate Mumbai in December 2001 and since then the name and fame of this cafe has spread all over India making huge business and great profits as time went. The developing India demands good cafes that can serve coffee in the fast cosmopolitan life. Cafe Mocha has server the expectations of the people well in that regard. With this popularity there is a lot of scope for the expansion of this franchise in India.

You won’t have to worry about the marketing as Cafe Mocha is quite popular among the Indian crowd. With the success of this cafe you can be convinced that the business is quite profitable and you can make good returns out of it. The culture of Cafe Mocha is quite different which is why people admire it. It doesn’t give an office like feel unlike other cafes with their cubicles. Each and every unit can present with different flavours making Cafe Mocha a customizable coffee shop. You can relish in the information that the investments of Cafe Mocha are relatively low and affordable. Following is all the necessary information you would want to know about the franchise.

Cost and Investment

Cafe Mocha has not openly mentioned its investment, area, capital, profit & return and requirement but a rough estimate can be made. The expected investment cost for this coffee shop is around 50 lakhs to 1 crores which will vary according to the location that you have chosen for opening the cafe. This is a rough estimate. You can only get a correct figure by communicating with the company executives.

Application Process

You can easily apply for a Cafe Mocha franchise and the application process is quite simple. All you have to do is open the official website of Cafe Mocha and download the application form which is available on the franchise. Save this form in a word document format. Fill in all the details that are asked in the application and make sure that there are no errors. Save the filled in application form and attach it to an email then send it back to the executives. Someone will definitely get in touch with you regarding your email. It is totally up to them to accept or reject your application under the IEHPL rights. For more details you can get in touch with the corporate office of Mocha and ask your queries.

Contact Details
Mocha Corporate Office
66 A, American Express Bakery House,
1st Floor, Clare Road,
Byculla – West,
Mumbai – 400008,

Phone number: +91 22 2309 9349 (extn-112)


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